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  1. Whoa... this is depressingly un-active... is this guy OK?

  2. Post this in the BB forum,someone will offer to code.
  3. Not trying to derail the thread but...what's Lemon Drop about?
  4. The funding was unsuccessful,maybe for their next kickstarter they don't ask for such an insane amount.
  5. That sums up how I feel also,this is a big skip for me.
  6. If your not comfortable with adding the code above that's fair,will give it a play a little later today..good job on the fix.
  7. Nowadays 99% of programming is done with cross assemblers.I would assume most all code was done on a c64 unless you worked for a company,feel free to correct me though.
  8. The whale stage looks neat,It plays pretty good although I'm not crazy about the jump physics.If your using states for player,enemies you could have this in the Mr.Ultra Jumping State.Take a look at alex kidd in shinobi world,this code is the function it uses. ld hl,(_MrUltraYVelocityPtr) ld de,68 ;Gravity ld a,(_JoyPad) and Button1 jr z,+ bit 7,h jr z,+ ld a,(_MrUltraJumpAccent) inc a cp 16 jr z,+ ld (_MrUltraJumpAccent),a ld de,20 ;Gravity +: add hl,de ld a,h cp 4 jr c,+ ld hl,$3ff +: ld (_MrUltraYVelocityPtr),hl ret
  9. Thanks for the reply LS_Dracon it's encouraging to hear you attained authorization for your homebrew.
  10. I like this game so much that I'd love to see it on the c64,I've messaged the author about permission to recode the game..fingers crossed he's ok with it.Anyway I've only done alittle so far as I didn't want to start putting hours into this if it's not going to happen.
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