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  1. Do you also think about testing jaguar roms on mame?
  2. This project is interesting ... good luck with it Maybe this might help you: Old versions of VJ... http://outrage.the-crow.co.uk/builds/?C=D;O=A others emulators: https://www.zophar.net/jaguar.html
  3. hi Clint... Please, can you post this image without scanlines? Or, send me by FB Thx in advanced
  4. Yes, You were right .... the problem was the configuration Man ... I've been trying for two days .... and nothing Finally, you helped me .... now, working 100% thank you so much
  5. hi, guys well, i need help... I tried several emulators to read this game, but all were in vain. I downloaded the 3 disks, and also downloaded the TOS files. With the emulator Steem 3.9, I have the game opening ... but then the screen goes black ... and nothing else Can someone please help me?
  6. And when that happens in an emulator, what's the problem?
  7. Well, I'll say here, the same as I said on facebook: Since the sprites and sounds of Mortal Kombat games are free on the internet, anyone ever thought in programming this for jaguar?
  8. relax... is joke well, i want only a contact.... an email, a site..... just this
  9. oh, ok..... he disappeared .... then, he must be in some madhouse
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