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  1. Edit: just saw mumbai's FS thread. I will be looking for Nova Blast and Wing War.
  2. Now, does anyone know what the best approach to make Gyruss for the 7800 would be? It appears as though I have to find a different way to make it happen.
  3. Yet, nobody has answered my second question, "Are their any companies that I should outright avoid?"
  4. They didn't appear in the store, so I assumed he didn't have any. I'll check and see if he does.
  5. It looks like the Parker Brothers and Atari games are the most liked from what I see so far. Hopefully my new Centipede doesn't get lost in transit! Sadly, all the Activision and Imagic games for the Coleco are EXPENSIVE! Now my next question would have to be: How much would a Parker Brothers game without a label, that is unknown what game it is, be worth?
  6. I'm looking for some homebrews CIB for the holidays, and since there not on the AtariAge store, (at least, with a box) I figured taking to the forums would be the 2nd best thing. Pac-Man Collection - Atari 7800 Crazy Brix - Atari 7800 Medieval Mayhem - Atari 2600
  7. I just recently got a Colecovision and I only have 1st party games, (and Moonsweeper Color variant!) so I figured that the best place to learn what the best 3rd party games are is to ask the experts. Also, are their any companies that I should outright avoid?
  8. Defender and Battlezone for the 7800 sound great, although i'd prefer Gyruss myself. I'm looking forward to seeing what Battlezone looks like as it sounds as if it's in the finishing stages. On the topic of Gyruss, there are a couple other people that have programmed 7800 games (at least from what I can find in the AtariAge store) to completion. Maybe one of them would enjoy making a Gyruss port.
  9. Isn't that how the joystick works in the arcade?
  10. Two thumbs up for you! :thumbsup:
  11. Great work! The label looks professional, although it's missing some of the copyright messages that would have been on it back in the day. Where'd you get the screenshots from?
  12. I think using a joystick was a great idea, as it brings more precision. I generally would do a slow sweeping motion while firing to clear out some of the enemies, which would feel awkward with a spinner. As for the NES version, I have nothing to tell, as I haven't played it yet. I will agree with Lynxpro on the Xbox Live Arcade version though, it's by far the worst Gyruss version.
  13. From what i've read it's 4 at least. Two for the sound effects, one for purcussion, and one for Tocatta and Fugue in D minor.
  14. At the moment it's hard to pay $50 for a new homebrew release.
  15. Gyruss is my favorite game for the 2600, and I didn't see anyone that has made a version for the 7800. So I was wondering, is it possible to make Gyruss for the 7800? I'm not a programmer so I don't know what it would take to make it happen.
  16. I've been playing Death Trap and London Blitz lately, as well as the usual Gyruss.
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