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  1. Bump. Changed the Switch listing, lowered prices all around.
  2. Give it another day, and if you still hate it after that day, you give it another day. And you keep going like that, forever. That's what working is.

    1. MrMaddog


      And also watching a "geek favorite" show with constant bad writting...

    2. MotoRacer


      I like it because it doesn't go political like Family Guy, and is stupid fun.

      The quote still rings true, and helped me, so I figured I'd share.

  3. For sale: Xbox One X console in Great shape. Comes with Xbox brand rechargeable battery pack, controller, hdmi and power cable. $325 Nintendo Switch w/ neon yellow joycons, Tomtoc brand grey demin/neon yellow highlight case, glass screen protector, original box and mini dock (stock Nintendo dock in a smaller shell), shell controller, third party "pro" style wireless controller, and an extra AC adapter for travel in like new condition. $300
  4. I have to politely disagree. Cirka makes some of the WORST pads out there. They simply don't last. Their SNES pads have membranes that go flat in a matter of hours, and their N64 pads don't have the same accuracy in their joysticks. That's the biggest problem I've seen with 3rd party "new" N64 pads. Their joystick designs, while affordable, aren't the same in range and sensitivity. Nintendo might change the tech inside, but they'd definitely want to ensure it "felt" the same. There's nothing more frustrating for a gamer than to rely on muscle memory and it fails you, and mid-game, you have to adjust for a new input device.
  5. Atariboy is very right in terms of probability of release of this product due to manufacturing costs of the controller and the likelihood of ANYTHING other than the original design being used. I liken the later to those who think the PS Classic will be filled with 90% obscure Japanese RPGs. It won't be. This product isn't for you or your odd tastes. It's for the masses. Be they "flawed" games or controllers, these systems will be made to tug at the heart strings of the gamers and former gamers of that era by providing the most popular games the everyday man will likely remember/have heard of, with the controller he spent holding during his formative years. While there may be better games, and while there may be better controllers, to think they will deviate from the obvious market friendly course is honestly absurd. I mean, if we're talking preference here, I hope the N64 Classic (if it's ever released) would come with mini Hori pads. I can wish. But I know that's NOT going to happen. Much like how the SNES Classic's pads feel similar, but not the same (in feel), I suspect they'll do EVERYTHING to keep the form factor of the N64 pad because that's what sells, but the joystick will likely feel "off" as the mechanism will be slightly different / cheaper.
  6. Found a white Hori N64 pad, looks like new. Going to get one of those N64 to USB adapters for emulation. Will be perfect for F-Zero X.

  7. Thanks. I figured that as well. Kinda surprised no one's snapped it up yet, tbh.
  8. Lowered the prices. I'll post pictures later.
  9. Up for sale: Complete NeoSD (cart, case, ect) AES model with SD card large enough to hold the MVS and AES library. $450 shipped. Neo Geo AES, PSU, AV cords, and large AES style joystick. Heavily scratched. Plays fine on most games. PCM games will have static in audio for the first 30 seconds on a cold boot. It's fine when warm. Other than this, plays fine. Has new caps throughout, and bridges have been repaired (they go bad constantly on these systems). But due to the weird initial static, the system is priced accordingly: $225 shipped. SOLD
  10. I pre-ordered it. You can predict the line up if you have common sense and aren't deluded into thinking it'll be full of a dozen rare RPGs. Plus, I'm a sucker for digital PS controllers. Joysticks always felt tacked on, in a bad way.
  11. Two Circle K hotdogs and a Monster. Lunch of champions.

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. GoldLeader


      Oh! We have a King Sooper's grocery store (which is owned by Kroger's)..HMMmmm Something strange is afoot at the circle K

    3. MotoRacer


      Reminds me of Mars, where they not only own M&M's competition (skittles), but then make stuff like dog food (multiple brands all pretending to be competitors) that you'd never suspect where owned by the M&Ms company.

    4. DZ-Jay


      @GoldLeader: Excellent!

  12. My thoughts on a fair representation of multiple genres for PS1 Classic: Final Fantasy 7, Jumping Flash, R4: Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3 and Wild Arms, Tomb Raider, Ace Combat 2 or 3, Armored Core, Crash Team Racing (Activision owns the platformers for Crash and Spryo, but they don't seem too concerned about this game, and it puts up competition for Super Mario Kart on the SNES Classic), Castlevania Symphony of the Night, Bloody Roar 2, Gran Tourismo 2, FF Tactics, Twisted Metal 2, Wipe...

    1. Flojomojo


      I think it's weird and dumb that the Colony Wars games have never been revisited. They really need analog controls to be enjoyed, though.

    2. MotoRacer


      Agreed, I liked that series a lot. When making this, though, as you said, I was trying to focus on early to mid era games that would work better with the digital pads.

    3. MotoRacer


      Wipeout 1 2 or 3, Metal Gear Solid, Resident evil 2, Megaman X4, Klonoa


      Not sure why it didn't post the rest.

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