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  1. Yeah, they've almost lost sales from me in the past over this but more importantly they most likely ARE losing sales from me today. I gave up bothering to ask them if they have niche title A or B in. Half of the time the answer would be no, and most of the other times it'd be like a gutted copy which I don't want. It's been years since I've even bothered bringing a gutted copy up to the counter and ask if they have any sealed copies left. (Something that has happened in the past.) Sucks to be them I guess. Perhaps they shouldn't mutilate the merch.
  2. With esports as big as it is (For what it's worth. Never did care for the term.) getting involved in that directly with their own tournaments, etc, is something that would probably make a lot of sense. I'm sure they'd be able to add this kind of thing to their business model right now. They could even have special tournaments with new games being released meaning nobody would be an expert either way but it'd be potentially great exposure and drive some sales.
  3. No, Ian works at Luna Games, but Pat doesn't. That's why it's always Ian's "tales from the video game store" segments. As for Gamestop going the publisher type route, that would at least save them in name but there's no way they'd be able to keep all the stores open that way. They should have also dabbled in getting their own dev groups working under them so they'd be creating new games in addition to porting/etc games already made in other markets. I doubt their meager finances would enable them to attempt that now or any time soon though.
  4. I see that video cuts off the PS2 portion at the end.
  5. Certainly the lack of software was an issue, plus their massive push to be an all-in-one-entertainment-device. (You know, the thing Sony tried to make the PS3 at the start of that generation but finally abandoned and concentrated on games.) But the slow start and sharing a lot of their library with the PC market pretty much caused the shortage of games to intensify. With the PS4 having double the install base developers were much more likely to develop on the PS4 if they had to choose just one platform. The PS4 also gets a lot of titles from Japan which avoids Microsoft like the plague so the titles end up being exclusive there too. As time drags on the shortage of games is going to continue unless Microsoft tries to pull an Epic Store and outright buy exclusives left right and center. I was late to the 360 for the exact same reason. Never could understand why people were jumping on the platform just because it would be easy to replace the console under the extremely generous return program given it meant you had to keep getting interrupted every so often to get a new console. My own 360 hasn't RRODed, but to be honest I wouldn't expect it to when I've probably played it for perhaps 24 hours since I purchased it... a LONG time ago. It hasn't even been switched on in years although I suppose it's still hooked up technically.
  6. Sounds like the best he'll be able to do is have someone forward his questions for him or do some extensive searches in the forum to see if the question has already been answered. At the very least there's been a lot of odd issues we've already resolved. At the very least they should re-read this thread entirely if needed. They should also keep Random Terrain's 7800Basic page bookmarked as it's excellent for looking stuff up.
  7. Eh, I'm still assuming it didn't do particularly well this generation due to all the BS they tried to pull originally that turned off a lot of gamers that were previously loyal to them as shown by them losing a large number of their preorders for the system that they never did recover from. There's also the elitist attitude of their staff at the time that insulted a lot of people who were complaining about the 24-hr login requirement initially planned by saying "You want an offline console? We got you covered, it's called a 360." The fact that a bulk of the microsoft console library is often a PC port certainly helped people walk away from it however (If they had good PCs at least) - they would miss virtually nothing by boycotting the system. But remember that PS4 preorders and demand surged at the same time, so not everybody walked away from xbones to the PC. Plenty went to the PS4 as well.
  8. Rather hard to decide myself. I'm normally Physical Only but the console makers have seen to it that most physical releases are made of utter crap. Can't really get behind Digital when it's as expensive or at times more expensive than the physical option. (One of the big promises of digital was that it was going to make it cheaper - I guess the companies forgot to mention that it was going to make it cheaper for them and they weren't planning on passing on the savings.) In the end I do tend to buy physical anyway although hearing about a game with massive bugs prior to me picking it up will certainly make me ignore the game entirely. If I buy digital, it's only because of a flash sale where it actually became cheap enough to justify. (under 20 bucks usually.) And I see that happen a LOT less than it use to, much like I predicted it would. Streaming however is something I don't think I'll ever get behind. Even forgetting the likely way and amount they'll try to charge you for it, bandwidth is most certainly a BIG issue that needs to be dealt with before this becomes a viable alternative for the masses.
  9. The only freezing I've noticed myself on the PS4 version occur if you quickly kill enemies and they drop loot right after entering a new area. Usually after the first freeze due to this you won't see it again until you switch areas- and again it's just if you manage to rush in and kill things quickly after entering an area. Only other common glitch occurs when an enemy dies in a ledge and tries to drop a bag. The bag can get stuck in it's animation and sit there. And even if you can touch it, it won't open for you. They seemed to address this issue by auto-opening any bags on the screen if they haven't been picked up after 10 seconds or so. Not an ideal solution given you have to sit and wait, but if it's something you're trying to farm for it's better than nothing I guess. Only glitch I've seen beyond that happened to me one time when I got hit by an enemy and thrown out an exit into a new map. When the new map showed up it seemed to detect me somewhere in the floor - I couldn't see myself although I could hear me walking/running/attacking somewhat. Couldn't leave the screen more even get the screen to scroll anywhere so I was certainly stuck somewhere. I tried using a waystone to teleport back to base - figured that would at least reset my position, etc. But unfortunately when I got back to base I was again stuck under the floor somewhere between the two shops. Ended up having to reload a save. Given that only happened once and the loot issue is a bit benign, I can't say the bugs have been a big issue for me on the PS4. Would have preferred if they finished the game prior to release all the same. "Free DLC after launch" is just codespeak for "We'll finish it later." as far as I'm concerned.
  10. I didn't back the kickstarter but I still got a physical disc for PS4 thanks to ebgames/gamestop having copies available. About 60% map completion at present, had various stupid moments that had me running all over the explored map looking for ways to continue only to come back to a particular place and go "oh... shit.. yeah, that."
  11. I'm told games that are released in one week continue to exist the following week. Perhaps pick it up then when the must-haves are obtained? There's a chance I might pick it up for Switch despite already having completed it on the PS3. I guess it'll depend on the price tag as it isn't a must-buy-again title. I really should try to get back to Ni no Kuni 2 to be honest. Or start it over from scratch since it's been so long I've pretty much forgotten what was going on.
  12. Are you finding that the garbled scores are generally the last things in the code that get plotted? Does it only garble during specific cases, such as during specific difficulty levels/etc? Haven't worked with highscore cart stuff in 7800basic yet so I'm not entirely sure what can be changed with it. I'm assuming it's essentially doing plotchars in the background for everything though which can cause some issues if you have too many on the go.
  13. Not sure if I'll ever get an actual game made out of this, although I'm still picking at it here and there. The purpose of releasing the code is in case it helps anyone else trying to do similar things.
  14. Most people generally feel that way during the Embrace stage.
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