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  1. Assuming the quoted code is what you're working with, did you intend to "rem" out your characterset command? I don't know if that would cause the actual problem you're having but I suspect it'd cause other problems later if not. I remember having the error you're mentioning about the palette when I was working on the little screen switching engine but I can't remember how I fixed it in the end.
  2. Yeah, I'm probably in the same boat although I don't know if I'll be buying much more on PC than I already do (which is mostly things that hit critical sales levels which still happens on PC from time to time compared to consoles) I'm probably more likely to regress into older consoles more and buy up things from PS2 and earlier - before the DLC plague began. I looked at the PS5 and I really don't see any desire to get it. Kind of the same feeling I had for the PS4 although still gave that one a chance to prove itself. While there were some good games on it I still don't feel like it's justified it's purchase. (And Xbox is dead to me already, so getting their new console isn't even on the table.) The general unavailability of buying either of the consoles at present, even now due to scalpers, is also a consideration but a far second to the fact that I'm just not interested in either of them nor the games available on them. I do have interest currently in the Switch, but given that I play that rarely as well means it might be my last handheld/console as well except potentially a backwards compatible HD upgrade Switch.
  3. I think I have most of my stuff downloaded anyway given that I download everything when I buy it, but I do have a second PS3 that doesn't have everything redownloaded to it. I may have to turn that one on to see what I can redownload. As mentioned above the way to do that is to go to your downloads list which will show all your digital purchases and let you download them from there rather than going through the store. Just because the store is closing it's not explicitly said that being able to re-download from the download list will be axed as well, but it's probably better to be safe than sorry. I think the only downside for me on this is that my Vita and PSP doesn't have everything purchased downloaded simply because of the crazy small sizes of their prop. memory cards. I might take a look on amazon to see if it's possible to find a 64gig cart still... although they were hard to find even back in the day. If I find one that's affordable I might redownload everything onto it, and depending on available space might try to add some more stuff from the shop before it goes away. (I'm not holding my breath though.)
  4. At a glance you might want to look at the enemy shot code - the code was originally developed to allow up to 15 shots to be fired at the same time - enemyShotX and enemyShotY for instance are suppose to be arrays. However it's only declared as one variable/byte so when you run through the aiming code it's looking at and rewriting the variables next to it and likely causing a lot of havoc. That might be why things are running all over the place. If there's only going to be one enemy shot at a time ever and it's always going to use those same variables, you can rewrite the aim code to get rid of the Z loop and change all the references of enemyShotX[Z] into just enemyShotX, for example. (As well as any other references to [Z] of course!) If Z is also declared as an actual variable in your code elsewhere, then that code is definitely overwriting that as it uses the Z variable for it's own countdown. Typically when I code I end up leaving the last few variables of the alphabet (w, x, y, and z) to be used in localized loops like this.
  5. Yes, the general procedure will be the same but you may need to make a few modifications based on if you use 320A or 320B as RevEng mentions above. The original example assumes 160A with double-wide turned on to get 8 pixels per tile. 320A would have 8 pixel tiles without double-wide, or 16 pixel tiles with it. 320B would have 4 pixel tiles without double-wide, or 8 pixel tiles with it. I think 320C would be the same as A, and 320D the same as B but I haven't looked at either very closely.
  6. Yeah, newblock was what I meant - been so long since I've used it myself. Last time I used it for debugging I remember making the newbank typo myself. Regardless it's best to try to avoid using newblock unless you have nothing new to add to the existing block. Using it for debugging odd errors like this can be helpful however! If you use it to sort graphics to different blocks, just remember to remove it when the bank it's trying to closed is completely full of graphics or it'll close off a different block instead and result in odd out of space errors despite having a completely empty block of graphics.
  7. As a test, before the first bolt graphic, try adding a "newbank". This will end the graphics bank prematurely and move those two bolts into the same bank that contains the other bolts. See if the corruption stops with that.
  8. Your title screen loop doesn't have a gosub ReadController, which prevents it from actually checking to see if the player presses a button to start the game. After adding that (To the Rewrite source) the game would at least advance and start - but then it immediately freezes after making a sound. Not entirely sure where it's freezing although you'll probably recognize the sound that's played - use that as a hint to which lines the code is reaching and freezing at some point after it. Could help you trace the code's logic. :)
  9. On line 150 of the source you have "playerY" typoed as "player". That might be causing both of the unreserved keyword errors.
  10. Mord

    Rikki & Vikki

    Essentially you could start up a kickstarter for a homebrew, setting the target fundraising goal to equal the number of copies you want to produce as your minimum number. If you don't get enough people pledging to meet that minimum order then the entire thing fails and nobody gets a copy - at least not directly from the kickstarter. If the number of people who pledged is close enough to what you originally wanted as a minimum then it would be possible to set up a normal pre-order with those people anyway. In effect, you'd know how much interest is actually there for how many copies you would need to produce. If you received a lot more than the minimum number of orders you wanted to do to make it worth the effort you'll at least know how many extra copies you need to produce to satisfy demand. Just because a non-7800 game was used as an example it doesn't mean you can't use it the same way for a 7800 release.
  11. Looks like the source started behaving like the above video as far back as compiled on win64-0.11. When I compile it on 0.10 it works properly, but compiled on 0.11, 0.13, 0.14 and 0.16 you get the glitchy sprites. (didn't try 0.12 or 0.15, but would expect them to behave similarly) 0.11 is where the canary was added and some minor efficiency changes were done for plotsprite, among a few other things.
  12. Keep in mind you can still release games to play on JS7800 or play them normally on Prosystem in general. I just wouldn't use them to playtest code as you're making it or you might end up with a game that won't work on real hardware.
  13. If that's how it looks, then no. It doesn't properly display 320B sprites. Looks like it's displaying similar to prosystem. In that I mean it doesn't follow the rules for the C1 palette entries and gives way too much time for plotting DLs. What version of bupsystem were you using - I'm using and it doesn't show the timer or wave sections at all. You should also see missing bits here and there in the letters, not many but some.
  14. I haven't used JS7800 myself so not sure but if you want to test yourself try running the attached copy of the earliest demo of graze suit alpha from waaaaaay back. In this version the graphics would look corrupted, particularly the player and letters, and you won't see the timer counting down if the rom is being run accurately to hardware. (like A7800/Bupsystem) Back then I use to do all my testing/playing in prosystem so I didn't know about the graphic issues until people pointed it out to me. 2015-05-18-graze.bas.a78
  15. I suppose one way to describe it is that a 320 mode is basically a 160 mode as far as placing sprites are concerned, but each sprite has the fat pixels broken up into two halves with regards to their color. (ie: "pixel pair") In 320B in particular both halves of the pair have conditions for being displayed. Specifically in order for the C1 palette entry to display, it must be paired with a C2 or C3 for the other half of the pair. If you try to have a pair C1's or a C1 + BG, both halves end up being the background color. C2 and C3 can be displayed freely. Also, if you're playing with 320B, make sure you aren't testing in ProSystem. It doesn't understand the palette condition above and will display C1 freely like C2 and C3. Real hardware, A7800, and BupSystem (fairly certain about Bup but haven't tested personally) will display with the rule above.
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