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  1. Shit, we're already on clone 4!! I hope we're already growing more in the pods. Seems these things aren't built to last.
  2. Been playing Utawaremono Zan for the last week or so. Just finished getting all the trophies tonight. Most characters are nearly maxed out in attributes and they're starting to hit max level. While I liked it, particularly because I like the overall utawarerumono series and Dynasty Warriors. This game is a melting pot of both genres. However due to their DLC BS I won't be buying a Zan 2 if they make and release it. It's painfully clear they axed out content on the disc. I bought one of the DLC characters to see if it would convert dialogue-only entries in the story mode to battle entries, and sure enough it did. I hope they enjoy the 6.99 I spent on the character as it cost them a future 90 dollar purchase on a Zan 2 alone. I'm boycotting NIS as well for another few years with the exception of the original Utawarerumono game they have due out early 2020 so the potential lost revenue for them is even higher than the devs that made this particular game. Assuming I even take the time to remember the devs name, I may just boycott them as well. Boycotting is fun. It saves me lots of money.
  3. Regarding ads, I'm mainly in the same mindset as Thomas. I don't block ads because their ads, but because the way they work in practice is that they're a 3rd party security risk. I've seen several instances for instance where google ads were found to be serving up malicious content. Another website I use to frequent at one point found out their ad partner was serving up malicious ads (Without that ad partner noticing I believe) that didn't even need to be clicked on. As such it's extremely rare I make an exception for scripts and the like or let ads through. It has nothing to do with the site I'm on, it's just a matter of practical security. I have considered subscriptions in the past, although various things limit me at different times. At times I just don't have the money to start a subscription. Other times I'm not sure entirely how they're billed. One thing I'd like clarified: If you go for a year subscription, is it auto-renewed or a one time thing. CAN it be a one time thing, if it isn't. I don't like auto-renewal services at all, but if necessary I can do a one time purchase and then just manually renew or add an extra year as needed when the current one is running out. Typically I refuse to use a credit card online - most of the time it's unnecessary, but I do occasionally buy a prepaid visa/mastercard giftcard to use online for one-time purchases. Those can't really be used for recurring charges most of the time since with most of them you can't add new funds after purchase. So if subscriptions are set up so that they aren't renewed automatically, it'd be more liable to buy in. Regarding issues towards digital purchases in the store, I'm all for that (price pending of course - not paying 50 bucks for a digital download. I typically don't pay that much for a modern game either.) but the pay-to-play model would be DOA for me. Another possibility could be starting a patreon. Everyone does that these days don't they? It hits up against my personal recurring fee idea so it wouldn't be for me, but it would be a potential way for others to donate. Could hook it up so that it helps both the site and developers releasing through atari age at the same time. Set it up so that there's 2 or more tiers. Lowest Tier: The Thank you Tier - a couple of dollars donated per game released, maximum of one game per month to ensure people don't worry about a large charge in one month. Nothing is actually given in return. It's purely a donation. Well, perhaps the digital manual of a game being released like in the mid tier. If they want the game itself they'll have to pick it up from the store (physical or digital) Mid Tier: Digital Tier - for the couple of dollars + royalties normally given to the developer, a digital copy of a game being released is given for free to people of the tier. Again would want to limit this to one per month to avoid larger charges in a short period of time. Digital copy of the manual would also be included. Al would just pass on the royalties received for that month's game to the appropriate developer of the month and the rest would be for the site. A poll could be done to determine which game is being included via patreon if there's a batch of them releasing at once based also on whether or not the developer wants their game to be released that way since royalties would be constant between games or you might have people complaining about it costing more some times than others. Either way, a potential idea to consider.
  4. Tip for fighting the carpenter reliably would be to bring enough healing items to restore yourself. Probably the cheapest way to do that would be to max out your rice balls. They only give back a little hp but having 99 of them certainly works wonders. It's not completely reliable but I noticed using the flying edge to attack from a slight distance while ducking had his butcher knives flying over my head half the time. I tended to rely on various magic skills to do most of the damage though given the weak damage done by the sword. They've nerfed the flying sword AND the particular attack shards I used against the carpenter though to satisfy the whiners though, so it might not be a good strategy anymore.
  5. This is why I only use 1-year prepaid cards instead of giving Sony (or Microsoft, or Nintendo) my credit card number. Although to be honest I haven't been a plus member for years at this point.
  6. I'm not a huge Doom fan myself although this could have been an impulse buy. Their attempt to force you to sign up for their own service as drm pretty much tossed any idle interest out the window. I've gotten well past forgiving a publisher for doing a 180 only after they're bitched out by a mob. They may say it was a "mistake" but I've seen WAY too many devs and publishers claim that only after being dragged across burning coals. Which is what happened here as well. Yeah, I'll just give someone else my money.
  7. Worse case scenario you can zip them all up and upload the zip file I'd assume.
  8. Yeah, they've almost lost sales from me in the past over this but more importantly they most likely ARE losing sales from me today. I gave up bothering to ask them if they have niche title A or B in. Half of the time the answer would be no, and most of the other times it'd be like a gutted copy which I don't want. It's been years since I've even bothered bringing a gutted copy up to the counter and ask if they have any sealed copies left. (Something that has happened in the past.) Sucks to be them I guess. Perhaps they shouldn't mutilate the merch.
  9. With esports as big as it is (For what it's worth. Never did care for the term.) getting involved in that directly with their own tournaments, etc, is something that would probably make a lot of sense. I'm sure they'd be able to add this kind of thing to their business model right now. They could even have special tournaments with new games being released meaning nobody would be an expert either way but it'd be potentially great exposure and drive some sales.
  10. No, Ian works at Luna Games, but Pat doesn't. That's why it's always Ian's "tales from the video game store" segments. As for Gamestop going the publisher type route, that would at least save them in name but there's no way they'd be able to keep all the stores open that way. They should have also dabbled in getting their own dev groups working under them so they'd be creating new games in addition to porting/etc games already made in other markets. I doubt their meager finances would enable them to attempt that now or any time soon though.
  11. I see that video cuts off the PS2 portion at the end.
  12. Certainly the lack of software was an issue, plus their massive push to be an all-in-one-entertainment-device. (You know, the thing Sony tried to make the PS3 at the start of that generation but finally abandoned and concentrated on games.) But the slow start and sharing a lot of their library with the PC market pretty much caused the shortage of games to intensify. With the PS4 having double the install base developers were much more likely to develop on the PS4 if they had to choose just one platform. The PS4 also gets a lot of titles from Japan which avoids Microsoft like the plague so the titles end up being exclusive there too. As time drags on the shortage of games is going to continue unless Microsoft tries to pull an Epic Store and outright buy exclusives left right and center. I was late to the 360 for the exact same reason. Never could understand why people were jumping on the platform just because it would be easy to replace the console under the extremely generous return program given it meant you had to keep getting interrupted every so often to get a new console. My own 360 hasn't RRODed, but to be honest I wouldn't expect it to when I've probably played it for perhaps 24 hours since I purchased it... a LONG time ago. It hasn't even been switched on in years although I suppose it's still hooked up technically.
  13. Sounds like the best he'll be able to do is have someone forward his questions for him or do some extensive searches in the forum to see if the question has already been answered. At the very least there's been a lot of odd issues we've already resolved. At the very least they should re-read this thread entirely if needed. They should also keep Random Terrain's 7800Basic page bookmarked as it's excellent for looking stuff up.
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