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  1. What Jinks said, but I'd also recommend grabbing a 7800 emulator and playtest all the roms of homebrews that are available freely on the forums here. I gained a lot of my appreciation for the system while playing through homebrews and the like and seeing what it did and reading up on the hardware itself to see what sorts of things it was capable of that weren't even tapped yet.
  2. IIRC the PS3 doesn't lock online multiplayer behind the PS+ subscription. I remember that being my gripe with the xbox live on the 360 (For me) and further annoyance when the PS4 followed suit and locked online multiplayer behind PS+. Which resulted in me never playing multiplayer on the PS4.
  3. Not quite. The bits/pixel and palettes (P0 and P4) are correct but there's the extra limitation on the the C1 palette entry. Since the pixels are defined as "pixel pairs", in order for C1 to be displayed properly it must be paired with a C2 or C3 pixel. If it's paired with itself (C1-C1) or the background (C1-BG or BG-C1), both pixels will be transparent. So unless you're being extremely careful with how you mingle some C1 into your sprites, you'll find each palette will mostly be using two colors + background. Note that the Prosystem emulator does not properly show this limitation, but mame/A7800 emulators will.
  4. Also, I actually do use double buffering in Graze Suit Alpha as well while tweaking the DLs. It complicates things since you have two different sets of DLLs to maintain, but it is doable.
  5. Yeah going under the hood to fiddle with the DLs themselves can really save some cycles. I do it in several places in Graze Suit Alpha like for moving the walls in the snapshots I released that use them. I basically have the walls, as well as all the status bar info at top and the indicators at the bottom baked in and adjust them in various ways to avoid replotting them. Really need to know the formatting of the DLs and DLLs and be able to keep track of the order you're plotting though or it causes more headaches than anything else!
  6. I'm assuming the code doesn't compile right now since you don't have all of the variables declared with dim - in particular you'll need to change the scroll related variables used near the bottom from what they were in the original code to the variables used in your new code. IIRC the scroll variables are using fixed point variables as well. So PlayerX I think was originally PlayX.PlayXf or something similar for example. Similar for the speed variables.
  7. I always hesitate as well, but GOG didn't really seem to care for my contentment with the previous version and force upgraded to 2.0 after a reboot on it's own. Personally a strike against them in my books. If I actually bought games on there instead of having primarily freebies from various sales, they'd actually see me start to spend less on them over this. Of course the main reason they don't get a sale out of me directly is because they refuse to make prepaid cards available the way steam does - because no gaming company anywhere will ever be getting a credit card out of me.
  8. Not sure if it would help, but perhaps for any color starting with an intensity higher than 7 to drop in intensity by 2 instead of 1 per frame? You won't achieve a perfect fadeout that way either (hard to do that with the limitations) but it might look a bit nicer? You'd need to keep track of which palette color -started- greater than 7 of course. eventually they'll all be under 7. Then again doing it such that so long as the current color is > 7, decrement it by 2, it might still work out well. The bright white would certainly fade a little faster and reach 0 a little sooner. To get as good as possible for a nice fade, you'd probably have to do up a table of predetermined values that you could step through. It'd probably be a big waste of rom to do it that way though.
  9. As a suggestion perhaps check to make sure you're actually returning properly from all routines. If moving code around makes it go away this might be the cause. Essentially look for places where a return isn't being done as intended so extra code gets done that might not actually do anything useful beyond waste time until it eventually hits a completely unrelated return. I'd take a close look at where you're plotting the sprites though. The errors seem to pop up regularly based on the Y coordinate so might have a zone issue? Do you mess with lockzone/unlockzone while plotting?
  10. With regards to the first point, it would probably be best done by allowing the programmer to specify the sprite name for the extra copies (or any sprite image) instead of taking the name of the filename directly - if the name/alias isn't specified by the programmer then have it take the filename as it does now. Not sure if it would be easier/better to try to add to the current incgraphic command or create a separate command for it. Another useful function this would allow is to load up multiple copies of the same image but rearranging the sprite colors.
  11. Uh huh. "Your" not fooling anyone. ;)
  12. Something's wrong. I keep throwing money at the monitor but nothing's happening. :/
  13. For one, you haven't set your characterset. After I just added "characterset taxi" I got the taxi being drawn along with a horribly corrupted map that's obviously not correct. However you're also using plotmap instead of plotmapfile - plotmapfile is the command that generally displays imported tmx maps from tiled.
  14. Ruff Trigger: The Vanocore Conspiracy? Seems to hit on all the points although the description is fairly vague.
  15. Shit, we're already on clone 4!! I hope we're already growing more in the pods. Seems these things aren't built to last.
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