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  1. Got the game this afternoon in Boston. nah.....mmmm....not sure yet. I will play some this week.... Thanks a lot!
  2. Nothing yet here for me either. Massachusetts, USA.
  3. Maybe you are missing the part where they said it will be “optional”..... Optional means “available to be chosen but not obligatory” Let us keep on beating this dead horse to death...... I may get my game by the time we are through debating “tracking or no tracking”
  4. Romanticizing Collectorvision as a hand that feeds?? Stop being so dramatic... Asking for an additional shipping option is totally reasonable request. It will be an option.....you can always NOT check the box. We all appreciate them for selling us nice games and consoles, they appreciate us for supporting them too. Win-Win-Win
  5. They are a business, not a group. This is not personal, it’s business. You can disagree all you want and do not bother lightening tone, I truly do not care about you. I received a reasonable response from @retroillucid They will consider adding an option to request tracking at ordering. It is a not too much, and it can prevent future unnecessary wasteful inquiries, or losses to the business or customer dissatisfaction. Many successful businesses, actually reward their customers for sharing their ideas for improvement.
  6. Thought The membership included shipping for the game. Honestly, on this date and age, even the cheapest service (first class) includes tracking. Why would you want to charge more for a normal service?; And, why would I need to contact you to ask for it? what if my game gets lost? Or why if it was never shipped by mistake? Do you really want to receive mails with questions about status on shipments???? On the other hand, if tracking is a special service, then you should specify it up front, not after the fact. I am sure many will be happy to pay a reasonable cost for this service. Suggestions for improvement should not be taken as negative comments.
  7. Why couldn’t we get a normal tracking # with our shipment? I have no idea if my game is coming or not.
  8. I think a wiser move is to concentrate on fixing any issues on the Phoenix CV core - . Just making it perfect as a modern CV replacement with no issues of any kind. I do not feel going for additional emulation cores is really a good value proposition, perhaps only for real cores coming with expansion hardware.....such as 2600
  9. I think a "Maybe TI-99 core in the future also. " would be a nice to have core. Mainstream cores are certainly Atari and Intellivision. But the original idea, as I understand it, is not only to be able to run the roms from a SD card, but to build cart adapters (like expansion modules)....is this correct?
  10. CoolCV works perfectly on a raspberry pi. Even the trackball controller works with USB adapter. Just in case you did not know and looking for robust emulators for the PI. SGM with original Colecovision also works great, no issues at all. I have 2 CV original, both work great still to this date with a CRT Trinitron tv.
  11. Mail call. thanks so much. “Lock ON” works as described, really nice fit. Tested it with Imagic carts, perfect!
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