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  1. Ok, thanks so much. It is clear. I tried it but no luck on my 7800 with BIOS upgraded. The other unit without the bios appears to be working with the same issues with few games noted by others above. POKeY sound is a bit softer but maybe it is the UAV mod. Or the TV. thanks a lot!
  2. I am now just to be sure, why is this relevant? thanks!
  3. Hi, thanks! No pokey installed. I am going to try using a 32GB SanDisk Extreme PRO microSDHC Memory Card and POKEY chip, as suggested ^
  4. No in my unit. I tested the concerto in a different 7800 and works fine.....so all being equal, I am guessing the OS is the problem
  5. Will Concerto work on a unit with the OS Upgrade?My unit has it. Starts up to flashing color screens and then loads the CONCERTO menu. I cannot seem to be able to load any games, all freeze at different %. I tried 3 different SD cards so far. Firmware 0.95 updated properly. Any thoughts? thanks!
  6. Latest official production status, general information, downloads and manuals should be available on the website by “Collectorvision” for the public. Like any other product in market. Anyone could have access to it. Single point, easier to update. Hopefully, this happens in the future. Thanks
  7. Not on FB either. This is my only source of updates
  8. Yes, saw it and edited my question quickly.....you are too fast. Thanks!
  9. Hi, I was lucky to be able to order 1 unit on 12-9.
  10. Oscar, Siento mucho tu perdida, mi más sinceras condolencias. QDEP.
  11. Super! then I go it! I thought I had one in my spare part drawer.....thanks!
  12. Apologies for my ignorance, what could you achieve by adding the pokey to the concerto? Would it be able to replicate Commando, Ball Blazer or such games sounds? Thanks!
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