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  1. So your computer appears to having normal booting and keyboard clicks….right? Insert a game and see if you can confirm the sound is there. If all appears to be normal. your problem may be your vedeo cable or your tv, I would try connecting through RF or a different video cable -Tv combination
  2. If you would like to try this, it worked for me on a C64 that was having intermittent issues like your machine…….…I used my IC straightener tool (or very flat pair of pliers) to get the pins well aligned and straighten out. Then I bent the pins a bit inwards to make them go really tight into the socket. I did one at a time and then test. Make sure all pins go into the socket….a misplaced IC can cause issues too.
  3. Almost sure the problem was the bad ram. The rest of the issues are probably just due to moving things around, pulling chips, etc. It only takes one pin on one of the sockets to cause all the strange behavior. it can be also be a cold joint somewhere. Happy it is working now, as suggested above, you can spray deoxit on the sockets. You may not want to remove the chips again, but spray it with them on and let it dry. @ _The Doctor_ is the real expert here, he has helped me several times and I learned a lot from him….hats off! Good job! Enjoy your machines! btw, are you still having the issue of the blue color on the 130xe?
  4. https://www.8bitclassics.com/product/atari-xlxe-5-pin-din-to-s-video-composite-av-cable/ This is a reputable seller. Good quality cables. Above link to cable with S-Video For your 130Xe. You need to have a monitor or tv with S-video input. https://www.8bitclassics.com/product/5-pin-din-to-composite-av-cable/ This other cable is good for your 800xl. Composite input in your tv or monitor. Your 130xe will also work with this cable, composite only. Have you tried testing your computer with the rf cable? If your screen display correctly, then you know it is something wrong with the cable or composite circuit (socket, cold joint or a capacitor)
  5. According to the link, appeared to have ordered 4164’s. They are exactly what you need.
  6. I would Just buy a set of new ram chips from the website I shared (reputable seller). It is worth the gamble. I wouldn’t mess with the 130xe. Most XE boards aren’t socketed. De-soldering good IC’s for testing sake is unnecessary and risky. It may cost you much more in the end.
  7. I would not recommend disoldering the good chips in the 130xe. It is tricky and you may unintentionally lift traces. It can become quite a can of worms. Too much heat can also damage your good working chips. Yes, bad caps can become open or short. Or simply don’t work as intended anymore, but not always preventing the computer from starting. Check them with multimeter in continuity mode. You shouldn’t get a solid beep if it is not short. Also, you would notice voltage dropping in the circuit. A shorted diode can also cause black screen. You can check them with your multimeter too. In general, I would start by checking voltages, all IC’s at 5v on the vcc leg. If you have extra ram chips, I would just replace them. Ram is very prone to failure as someone else already mentioned. 4164 ics are the correct ram. https://twistywristarcade.com/
  8. Attached 130xe and 800xl. sams. Check the parts list and compare them. Main chips are the same, and that you can test. capacitors may look ok visually, but may be shorted (dryed) or with high esr. Not all leak before failing. Look for shorts with your multimeter in continuity mode. 130XE - Sams ComputerFacts.pdf Atari_800XL_Sams_Computerfacts_Technical_Service.pdf
  9. Star Raiders bypasses System’s rom. Therefore, it is a good cart for ruling that out. I would think a Epprom based cart would work as an original, but a multicart with menu, like UNO, will not.
  10. Check your av cable, test the computer with an rf cable and in a different tv. Rule out any connections issue. Testing your power supply. It should +5v. Electrolytic capacitors are old now, maybe dry or shorted. If all good, now it is time for measuring voltages. Check for 5v. Start with The on/off switch. Check all electrolytic capacitors, one could be shorted. if all ok, Then “re-seat” all the chips in their socket. Push them down gently but firmly in place. Then let it run for some time, “feel” the chips, check if any is really hot, specially RAM chips. if you still haven’t found any issues, it is time to pull your logic probe, voltmeter and sam’s. Black screen is a common failure, but can be caused by many things. Sometimes, multiple things. it would help if you have another 800xl, testing one chip at time in a known working machine. Some of the chips in the 130xl are compatible, but they may not all be socketed. it is important only doing one thing at the time and observe any changes. Hopefully, this is helpful. I have now fixed 30 or 40 machines, they are all repairable, don’t give up. If you would like me to repair it for you at no charge only parts, Send me a pm. Best! Al
  11. Noticed your post if any interest in selling your Phoenix let me know I would be very interestes



    1. alortegac


      Hi, thanks for reaching out. I have no immediate plans of selling but if I do, I will keep you in mind. I had 2, sold one already at face value. I am not impressed with them, to be honest, they are still very much work in process, so I wish they wouldn’t make exclusive games for it.




    2. bwestdpm


      Oh really?? Why not impressed ? If you don’t mind let me know the pros and cons before I really commit to buying one. I’d appreciate your feedback. 

    3. alortegac


      suggestion:  Go to the CollectorVision GitHub issues list. You will be able to determine this is a finish product or still a work in progress, and if it will work for your gaming needs. 


  12. X2. My Phoenix is in its box, I play original CV with SGM on CRt. I wish the games were compatible, sound to be fun.
  13. I tried all the cables in my box. Good quality. I only get the jailbars with this machine. may there be another possibility reason? Thanks a lot!
  14. Hi! in related topic, I recently picked up a 600xl in bad shape which I restored to working condition. I installed an UAV but I am getting vertical jail bars only on 1/2 the screen. any thoughts? thanks in advance.
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