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  1. It is going to be the end of the year...end of the “membership”
  2. We are still patiently awaiting for the extras, additions to the vault and secret game from both memberships (intv and cv) .........while other new games are coming out for sale constantly ......the secret game remains “secret” .....
  3. Any word on the specials and exclusive games for members? Intv and colecovision. Thanks
  4. Hi, great work. what do mean by “backwards”? In the picture the look both aligned to the direction of diode symbols. Thanks ‘ Al
  5. Count me in. I have a friend that wants one. If possible. Thanks! Al
  6. What extras have you gotten from the club? I might have missed them.... thanks
  7. What about special promotions or benefits exclusive for members? Any word? Maybe free shipping or a discount code or something........ Or it is not going to happen?
  8. Hi, any word on update the vault, release of the exclusive game or special benefits for cv club members? I heard Bezerk is the works, will this be the game? it is Q3........getting late in the year. Thanks
  9. Any word on this solution, 2 months to thing of something appear to be ample time, imho. I am supporter of your projects, and buy from you all the time, I just honestly feel this was an error that requires a fair final resolution. Thanks, Al Thanks!
  10. Hi, any word of more roms added to the vault, the release of the game or any of the promised special deals for members only? It is now Q3 in the year..... Thanks, Al
  11. Happy to report my new 600xl has been fully repaired. I used the logic probe with the 800xl/600xl charts and aided my troubleshooting with an atari 5200. I ruled out gti, 14806 and pokey with the 5200. 14806 was bad. After replacing it, I was still getting black screen. I had an extra Rom and basic chips, which I tested. Both ok. Then I checked most of the small ic’s, all ok. I finally got to the pia Ic, it was bad. Machine boot up and is working great. I cleaned it. Cleaned the keyboard and recap it. Thanks all and good luck! Al
  12. Hi, thanks for your response. I do not think there is a SAM’s for the 600xl. It is definitely not in Atarimania. I think can correctly identify each ic based on schematics on both models. Map them correctly. I would like to know if I should expect to see the same readings on the logic probe if I follow the logic chart for the 800xl in the 600xl. The atari 600xl field manual is not very good to troubleshoot. So I am trying to find the best way to find what is wrong with this machine without doing the Swapping dance.... I do not have a scope in my tool box. thanks a lot!!! Al
  13. Question: I also have a 600xl with black screen. Would the Sam’s logic chart for the 800xl be valid for the 600xl? I want to check all the main IC’s with my logic probe to determine the issue. Thanks a lot! AL
  14. I think I am going to be right behind you. Only 8 intv roms no vault updates yet, zero extras so far (6 months into the membership), no news on the secret games........$125.00
  15. Hi, has there even been confirmed tan SIO2SD works in a 400 48k? I have tried all possible settings, including no turbo and no top drive. I am able to get it to load to the menu, then it freezes. This SIO2SD works perfectly in my 800XL. thanks!
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