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  1. Ok, I do not have ROM dumps from 8049 and 8041. Can someone send me a copy of 8049/8041 dumps? I need them to complete MX80 emulation.
  2. Just my assumption. Some data and some small code for switching banks. I think so. No one response my requests about additional ROM dumps from 8049 and 8041 chips.
  3. Thanks for info but I want to emulate different printer and plotter with PDF printouts with socket link or COM device from emulators. For example, take a look on screenshots from HercPrt. http://www.softdevlabs.com/hercprt.html
  4. Thanks I now found printer emulation files (EX800, LQ800 and LQ810) in MAME/MESS but they were recently created as skeleton files for printer emulation development. Also I analyzed schematics and some documents in MX80 technical manual, 8155 PIC manual, MCS-48 processor manual and UPI-41 manual. 8039/8049 processor does not use internal ROM but only uses external ROM chips to run. There are two options of ROM chips - 4K 2332 ROM chip or 6K 2716 EPROM chips (for Graftrax-80 and Graftrax Plus). It uses UPI-41 (Intel 8041) slave processor to control stepper motors for printer head movement and paper feed advancing and 8155 PIC to listen pulses from stepper motors (8155 PA register) and sent data to printer head to impact on papers. Write PB register and PC4 register on 8155 to impact dots on paper. That is easy to implement printer emulation. MCS 48 series can only access up to 4K space. FX80/FX100 models and later now uses uPD7810 processor and UPI-42 slave processor for larger firmware beyond 4K space limitation. Star Gemini 10X/15X printers use same processor as well because I had Gemini 10X printer and had seen alien-looking processor. That must be 7810 processor. Does anyone have a copy of Graftrax Plus ROM images for MX80/MX100? Does anyone have a copy of 2332 firmware image for MX100 printer? There are three options of firmware images - regular, Graftrax-80 (for TRS-80 computers) and Graftrax Plus. Also I am still looking for FX80/FX100, JX80 (color dot matrix printer) and LQ500/LQ1500 ROM images to implement printer emulation on my own emulator. I am talking about writing characters and graphics data into PDF files and display activity on rendering display as well. Some time ago, I made modifies on plotting library (from 99er magazine) to print graphics image on my Gemini 10X printer instead of display without interrupting BASIC program. Tim
  5. Does anyone plan to implement PHP1900 thermal printer emulation into MAME/MESS or so similar TI-99 emulator and would generate PDF files as printouts? Also I learned that HX1000 plotter is based on ALPS DPG1302 plotter like Commodore 1520 and Atari 1020. Does anyone implement HX1000 plotter emulation for Hexbus interface? I am researching about printer emulators for several hours but was unable find many printer emulators like in MAME/MESS, etc so far. However, I found some technical manuals for Epson MX80, FX80 and LQ500 series and that is possible to implement printer emulation with firmware ROM images. TI-99/4A Impact dot matrix printer is based on MX80 printer. Also I noticed that someone was working in MX80 emulator with firmware images but never finished it... I downloaded some MX80, FX80 and LQ500 technical manual PDF files and MX80 firmware images. Does anyone have FX80, FX85, FX100, FX105 and LQ500/1000 firmware images? Does anyone have JX80/JX100 technical manual and firmware images? Thanks, Tim
  6. All adventure games plus: Claymorgue, Buckaroo Banzai Spiderman, Hulk, Loose, and June Lake. I recently downloaded Adventure Module Games 2 package but they already have all Adventure Series 13+ plus more some. Thanks again!
  7. Something showed up in my mind. TexComp's Adventures Series 13+ package that includes all 12 adventures with Ironheart and other extras. I was looking for it through the Internet but I found only one source - Museum of Computer Game Adventure History but no software available to download. I have only one copy of Adventure 12 series from TexComp but they are in physical media. I successfully made a dump into DSK images with my KryoFlux. Does anyone have a copy of Adventure 13+ series? Thanks, Tim
  8. I tried to read that PDF file but they looks like page misalignment to me.
  9. Also I use lftp command on MSYS2 system to mirror it. I now installed FileZilla client. I had CuteFTP 9 but Windows 10 brought bugs into it! I had to uninstall it and use FileZilla client or LFTP command instead.
  10. Finally! I now found Adventure Editor on this forum! I was looking for it very long time! I downloaded them into my system. Thanks!
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