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    Video games. Wait, you already knew that. Well, specifically my favorite consoles are the SNES, Neo Geo, 3DS, Genesis, and 2600.
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    SNK Neo Geo MVS- Bust-A-Move (high score just above 4 million), Blue's Journey
    SNES- Yoshi's Island, Chrono Trigger, Super Mario World
    Genesis- Sonic 2/3, NBA Jam
    3DS- Pokemon Sun
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    Same as above and whatever else I find in my game hunts!
    Currently looking for a few items on my wanted thread as well as a some help fixing my PVM to play them on.
  1. Bumping this again because I forgot to add a few controllers I need. Would be especially nice to get a great SNES or Super Famicom controller or a set of jitter-less 2600 paddles.
  2. Bump! Still looking for lots of boxes and Time Crisis with Guncon 2 added to games want list. Also looking for a BKM 129x expansion card for RGB/component on a PVM.
  3. The NGPC has a front light mod but sadly no backlight mod. There's a page about it on RetroRGB.com
  4. Got a friend to help me with my broken PVM today and we were able to fix it! Can't wait to play some games on it!

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    2. GoldLeader


      Lemmee get this straight, you had a broken Presbyterian Villages of Michigan? Now how in the world do those break? LOL

    3. KreatorKat


      @Save2600 yup, the fix itself wasn't difficult, just bypassed the switch, but getting to it through the wires was tough.

    4. KreatorKat


      Also replaced a light panel in the marquee of my arcade cab. A productive day!

  5. Anthony, great pickups as always . My recent Neo Geo pickups are a bit less interesting: some parts for MVS cab to get it to look a bit nicer and run a bit better. Some nice sticks, cleaner buttons, new coin reject lights (mine were dead previously) and a new light panel for the rightmost mini marquee. Have to solder that one on but it seems like it should be quite easy. Still hesitating on buying a new CPO though: $70 isn't cheap for a piece of plastic that doesn't change playability.
  6. Congratulations to Clemson for defeating Alabama in the CFP championship game. Instant classic.

    1. Tombstone
    2. cvga


      Watson was pretty incredible

  7. That's quite an interesting item! I like how it refers to the CPU as a "robot" as opposed to there being a player 2. How does that difficulty spinner adjust? Is it "clicky" with a definite number of stops, like 3, which would represent 3 difficulty levels?
  8. All the Gamestops near me stopped selling GBA games years ago. Nice little find
  9. Scams? Just watch out for bootleg cartridges. When you buy a cart, just open it up and check the boards against verified authentic ones. Boots are usually quite obvious. Sometimes they play just fine, but you don't want to drop 100+ on a cartrige and find out it's a boot after a few months.
  10. I'd never heard of Ironclad before watching that short review. It looks very interesting, but its too bad there never was a real release on the MVS. Maybe someday I'll get a conversion cart.
  11. They are indeed very cheap. The expensive cables do look slightly better and most importantly can be used with the Gameboy Player, but I for one will not be buying them anytime soon
  12. This is pretty much it. I don't know all of the specifications, but I have heard that trying to "crack the code" of the GC component cables is like searching for needle in a haystack; essentially a game of guess and check. There is a company who has made an internal FPGA based solution that uses this digital video however.
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