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    "All dreams are but another reality. Never forget"
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    Sinnoh's Solaceon Ruins
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    Video games. Wait, you already knew that. Well, specifically my favorite consoles are the SNES, Neo Geo, 3DS, Genesis, and 2600.
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    SNK Neo Geo MVS- Bust-A-Move (high score just above 4 million), Blue's Journey
    SNES- Yoshi's Island, Chrono Trigger, Super Mario World
    Genesis- Sonic 2/3, NBA Jam
    3DS- Pokemon Sun
  • Playing Next
    Same as above and whatever else I find in my game hunts!
    Currently looking for a few items on my wanted thread as well as a some help fixing my PVM to play them on.

About Me

Hi! I'm a gamer and collector who loves to play systems old and new. I own many consoles from various companies over the history of video games, as well as a 90s SNK Big Red Neo Geo MVS arcade cabinet. I only buy systems and games that I am going to play, not just collect. I also love pushing my systems to their limits in picture and audio quality. In addition to playing and collecting, I also enjoy game history and trivia. Outside of video games, I enjoy:


Science- Specifically technology and outer space

Reading- The most recent book I read was The Street Lawyer by John Grisham

Trading cards- MTG and formerly PTCG

Light woodworking- Building things is fun

Sports- I watch baseball, basketball, and football; I also play fantasy football and enjoy (real) tennis and skiing



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