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  1. I received my RGB modded Atari 2600 back from Zeke today, and it works great! Very professional looking modification, awesome prices, and great communication during the modding process. I highly recommended Zeke's services for anyone looking for modification or repairs!
  2. NEW: Atari 2600 Bumper Bash! Rare 9 out of 10 on AtariAge rating scale!
  3. I purchased a few 2600 games. They were shipped extremely quickly! There was a small issue, but Guitarmas was extremely helpful and resolved it quickly. A+ seller and a great person to work with!
  4. Hello everyone. I recently received a 2600 game (warlords) I had a strange issue with. When I turned on my system, the game appeared on screen for about a second and then disappeared. I tried cleaning the contacts and nothing changed. Does anyone know what the issue is here? Please help! Thanks, KreatorKat
  5. Defiantly vintage for me, but I do like modern too. Its kinda complicated since I don't technically own a next gen console but I do still buy sometimes for consoles like the 360 and Wii, which certainly aren't vintage, but also aren't the newest. However I do own a 3DS and love its library.
  6. I'm gonna cheat a little and use this as 1-10: You can use any number of awesome looking mini marquees (metal slug, baseball stars, etc.) in the slot
  7. The 7800 doesn't appear to be getting an RGB mod anytime soon due to lack of interest from the community .... So this is why the 2600 is a necessity to RGB enthusiests.
  8. Awesome looking game room! Love the signed Pac-Man
  9. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Vectrex_games According to Wikipedia, there are a grand total of 28 official Vectrex games. Its a great system and I love vector graphics, but how is this a large library? Its only 6 more games than the VIRTUAL BOY. Is there something I'm missing? Just trying to clarify because if there is something else I'm looking right past, I'd love to know in for any purchase considerations. Thanks!
  10. The SNES mini does indeed have a RGB mod, but I have never seen it directly outputting YPbPr component. However, if I am correct you still have two options: first, the normal SNES model 1, which does have a component mod, as well as modding your system for RGB and using an RGB SCART to component transcoder like this one: Hope I could help, KreatorKat
  11. Just wondering, what is the game in the bottom middle picture all the way in the bottom right? Thanks!
  12. Um... Isn't the vectrex library extremely tiny, or am I misinformed?
  13. I wish the Vertex, its games, and controllers were cheaper. I'd love to have one but its just too much. Do you think the price of the system and its games is justified if someone doesn't even own any of it yet?
  14. I will have extremely limited access to AtariAge from July 11 to August 7. If you direct a question at me on the forms or PM me, it is highly unlikely I will be able to reply. Hello everyone! I've got a few things for sale. I can accept trades too! Make me an offer: I'm looking for Neo Geo MVS games and SNES essentials especially. See my signature for wanted thread link! Buyer pays all shipping costs. If you want I can ship at any USPS shipping speed (Priority, 2 Day, Overnight, etc.) if you want to pay for it. All prices are negotiable a bit, or buy a bunch to save on shipping and get a bundle deal! Pics upon request. Here is my AtariAge feedback. I'm relatively new here, so only a bit: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/248558-kreatorkat/ I've currently got some games and cables for sale, highlighted by an N64 Console. 2600: Warlords cart only- $4. Cart great condition. Front label great, a small amount of fading on end label. NES: Silent Service- $4. Cart in great condition! Jordan vs. Bird 1 on 1- $2. This one is in pretty bad condition. There is wear on the label, but it is not ripped. The cartridge itself is a little dirty, could use a cleaning. The game does work, but if you're using a toaster NES that doesn't have its lockout chip disabled, as with many NES carts, you need to try a few times. N64: California Speed- $6. Nice condition, label slightly worn, but just barely. Looks fine really, just mentioning it. Top Gear Overdrive- $5. Front label is ever so slightly worn, but back label is slightly torn at the top. Black Console- $28 Sale This Week (till next Sunday) Only! Console works perfectly, decent condition but could use a small cleaning. Comes with Jumper Pack! No cords or controllers, but if you would like I do have N64 composite cables for sale below and a couple of controllers in bad condition I might be willing to part with. No expansion slot lid, but to be honest I prefer the look of no lid if you purchase an expansion pack, which is a necessary accessory IMHO. SNES: Family Feud- $5. Label has some wear in a few places. PS2: Breakin' Da Rules (CiB)- $5. Box has a bit of wear all around but very nice. Disk and manual are great. Wii: The Amazing Race (original disk, manual, and art, fake case)- $4. Manual and disk perfect, box not perfect. NBA 2K11 (CiB)- $6- Manual and disk perfect, box great with some residue on spine. Accessories: Adapter to replace your RF switch box! Similar to the ones in the Atariage store, provides convince and a slightly better picture- $2. Works, nothing else to it lol. Radioshack RF switch box- $3. Works, nothing else to it lol. All AV cables and Nintendo switchboxes $3 (all official)- -XBox 360 AV -SNES/N64/GC AV -NES/SNES RF box (also works with Genesis) -Genesis RF box (also works with NES/SNES) Thats all for now, Thanks! KreatorKat
  15. Are the games I wanted still available? They're not crossed out in the OP so I thought that they might be.
  16. PM sent about games from here and your personal collection sales thread!
  17. There is a reason to own a 2600 over a 7800 for us pixel perfectionists. The 2600 has an RGB mod, and the 7800 doesn't (only S video).
  18. "What's that, one of those Game Boys?" "No, it's a PSP. Duh" [opens a box an pulls out a yoyo] "This was your Dad's PSP"

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