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  1. Thanks! It would be great if anyone else could mention anything else they generally see it called because obviously there are various names for everything.
  2. Hello, I just have a simple question about terminology related to arcade machines. What is the "art" on the flat or slightly slanted part of a typical machine that contains the buttons and joystick(s) called? Not the side art or marquee, but the part with a simple design that fits around the buttons. Thanks!
  3. The thing about Undertale is that not everyone will like it. It's a love it or hate it kind of game, but most will love it! My friends recommended it to me and I was hesitant to try, but as soon as I started I couldn't stop.
  4. Today I just want to ask what everyone's favorite game of 2015 was. It can be a next gen console game, Steam game, homebrew title, or anything else you can think of. My favorite was Undertale (on Steam). It's a retro styled RPG that does it all: it's original, difficult but not too hard, has amazing replay value, hilarious, has a deep story, amazing music (you telling me you haven't seen the million hopes and dreams remixes on youtube), and best of all is only $10! Rant away!
  5. Haha I haven't seen my signature in a while because I was on vacation and viewing this on my phone, which doesn't show signatures. Now seeing in on my computer, it is really long lol.
  6. I just don't see Nintendo leaving unless they make maybe 2 more massive slip-ups. Sony needs a few as well to give up PlayStation. Microsoft, however, could take a little less in losses before giving up, so I voted them. But all three are in a good spot long term right now, with Xbox One selling decently, PS4 setting records, and the 3DS deflecting some of the Wii U's losses.
  7. Found! Hello everyone, I am currently looking for a dedicated Neo Geo MVS arcade cabinet in a good state of repair (as in all functions works as they should and it looks very nice). Any number of slots (1,2,4,6) is fine, preferably not 6. It needs to be in New Jersey or near NJ (such as the NJ side of Pennsylvania or New York) so I can pick it up. I am looking to pay about $500, maybe more if comes with a good amount of good condition cartridges. I look forward to hearing from anyone with one available!
  8. Hello everybody, today I have a simple question: what's your favorite mario party game: 1 through 10? Actually, its more complex than that. It would be cool to hear two answers: what is your favorite game, including biases like your first mario party, a favorite gaming party or experience, etc, as well as which game you believe is all around the best, unbiased. I personally had the most fun with Mario Party 8 because it was my first even though some other entries in the series were way better. I'm exited to hear your answers!
  9. Oregon played like Atari's all time profits last night. Started looking like a dominating force, and then managed to get beat. The only difference is I was happy with this one: I'm a TCU fan ;)

  10. I've been to the Silverball arcade/museum a few times (I live in Jersey). One of my favorite places to go; I usually like to play arcade games but its fun to go there and play some pinball every now and then. If you'd like a more dedicated arcade in New Jersey with a few pinball machines and mostly arcade cabinets, try Yestercades in Red Bank. They've got consoles old and new too.
  11. I like both but had to go with tails
  12. Definitely to both. Hoping for some atari 2600 essentials I'm missing, as well as some NES stuff. I'm giving a boxed missile command (2600) and a NES advantage joystick to family.
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