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  1. NOW brackets are busted! MSU just lost to Middle Tennessee!

    1. atarian63


      whats a bracket?


    2. KreatorKat


      Roadrunner well except two years ago when 7 seeded UCONN won...

    3. NE146


      Where can we choose our brackets if we want to play?

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  2. Just a guess: this may be because of flat screen CRTs problems with imperfect screen geometry. With enough time you can fix it in service menus. If you try doing this just make sure you do your research first because too drastic changes of screen geometry can damage your screen forever.
  3. Anyone's NCAA bracket busted yet? A friend of mine had Baylor in the Final Four.

    1. Atarian7


      Just looked it up and it's actually in the trillions or more. You have a much better chance of winning the lottery.

    2. KreatorKat


      No one has ever had a perfect bracket

    3. AtariBrian


      I originally picked Yale but then changed my mind and picked Baylor !!

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  4. Hahaha I'm sure anyone who's played Neo Turf Masters remembers both of those being said many times . Thanks for a good laugh!
  5. Nice game pics there. My MVS came with Turf Masters and at the start I didn't think too much of it but now I really like it. It has so much depth but is also pick up and play for beginners and easy to learn .
  6. Congrats Bixler! It looks great and I'm sure you'll have tons of fun with it . I like how that particular CMVS matches the Neo Geo color scheme well. I actually like cleaning consoles and games just for the good feeling you get when you put them back on the shelf and they look twice as good . Just one question (sorry if its kinda dumb ): What's the single black port next to the controller ports for? Is it a video port (i.e. RGB or Component) or something else. Just wondering . Also, I just wanted to mention to you that if you pick up a 99 cent S Video cable, you can use it with your CMVS and improve the picture quality. Obviously I don't know for sure, but your CRT looks pretty nice and probably has S Video ports you could use. Hope this helps! Cheers to great gaming and I hope you enjoy your CMVS!
  7. Where I'm at there's not really any amazing prices to speak of. Craigslist listings generally stink and there are no good game stores around. There is a good flea market I visit a lot though. It's tough going through the entire place for games but I've found a few nice deals there. No Atari love at all though: in all the time I've been there I've only bought one Atari game, Space Invaders for the 2600. Mostly Nintendo stuff I've found there but you never know.
  8. I was exaggerating a bit but still sometimes game prices for systems like this can get really big...
  9. I don't have an AES so unfortunately not. Just wondering, about how much is that worth? With the price of a loose mvs being 200, I wouldn't be surprised to see it hit 4 digits.
  10. Today I found a Genesis 1 power adapter I needed for my AV famicom for $6 and a gameboy player startup disk for $7 (really happy about those two). As more of a sidenote, I also got Sonic Spinball CiB for the Genesis for $6.
  11. If you haven't seen the UCONN shot from earlier today- basketball fan or not- look it up. Triple overtime insane buzzer beater.

  12. Wow really? Haha guess I'm gonna have to live without it then. May change this to a trade sometime but 200 is a lot... I don't really have a 200 dollar trade item ATM.
  13. Since "What's your favorite game" is always the first question I'm asked when I tell someone I collect games, I decided on an answer even though I hate to pick just one. Chrono Trigger is what I consider my favorite game of all time. The game is amazing for the gameplay, story, music, impact, everything. The story is funny, yet serious and engaging. It never misses a beat, every side quest matters, and there is no fluff. The gameplay is simple but incredibly deep. Chrono Trigger even impacted the gaming scene as a whole, being the first game with a new game plus and having a (perfectly executed) morality system before every game ever had one. The soundtrack is beautiful: there are amazing battle songs, peaceful overworold tunes, great character themes, and so much more! I could go on for hours about the memorable bosses, moments, just everything. I'm proud to say I own an original copy (well over 100 dollars many times now) and anything wrong with the game is just a nitpick at best. If anyone is interested, there is a great ProJared video on the subject of Chrono Trigger that describes just how great it is (with a spoiler warning before the spoilers start too). Oh yea, and the game has 13 endings. Every choice you make matters. Your decisions can save lives or let people die, get more or less party members, extra boss fights, cool items, or change the ending. So there's my rant. I enjoyed reading everyone else's favorites too! Thanks guys! KreatorKat
  14. Hi! I'm looking for a copy of Windjammers or its Japanese version Flying Power Disk for the Neo Geo MVS (cart only). According to the Neo-Geo.com price guide, it's worth $30-60, in the Neokult.com guide it's $55.77 (when euros are converted to US dollars), and in the jamma-nation-x.com guide it's $30-65, so I'm willing to pay near the top end of that range, maybe 60 or 65 dollars. If you have one just message me . Thanks all, KreatorKat
  15. Bump! MGS traded, adapter pending. Don't be afraid to make an offer on remaining items! Looking for trades too!
  16. The top one appears to have ended, but if the shipping for you was the same as it appears to me, probably not worth it. Not hugely overpriced, but I've seen better. The bottom looks like a decent deal to me.
  17. Bump, updated and took out sold items! Now accepting trades too!
  18. Yes ! Japanese mvs games play 100 percent on any mvs motherboard, due to the fact that the mvs has no region lock. It's a great way to save money on certain games
  19. Hi everyone! Yesterday, I finally received my MVS machine ! Friday was mostly spent testing all of the games and cleaning them. It's insane how dirty the contacts on some of them were. Testing and working where, Mars ? Some turned 10+ q-tips (both ends) completely black. Once that was sorted out, I finally got to play some games ! Predictably, my favorite was Bust-A-Move since I love puzzle games and I'm not quite as bad at them as I am at some other games . I also really enjoyed Metal Slug (duh) and a surprise favorite of mine was Aero Fighters 2, which came with the machine. It's a neat (and pretty tough) little shooter. I can't wait to see what the future holds for what other great games I find on the system. Happy gaming everyone! KreatorKat
  20. I actually found one recently. I had a thread in wanted I edited to reflect that fact, but I forgot about this. Thanks for the heads up though!
  21. Yes! When your cart arrives, open up the four Phillips screws on the back and gently open the cartridge. Slide out the boards and check them against the ones on mvs-scans.com. If they're a match, you're good to go! If not, simply open an eBay case or message the seller about their fake goods. Hope this helps .
  22. My 2600 is modded for RGB; needless to say the video quality is beautiful. I could never go back to RF lol.
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