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  1. I think it's a good idea to continue now - while you are warm and still in rhythm.
  2. Meh, I'm done now. Brain hurts too much for any more tonight.
  3. Gee I forgot to post some pics of the game all along, in case anybody wanted to see it.
  4. Contest over a minute ago I presume?
  5. Hello Friends, I did submit after all! This is now v.450. Updated the game a bit, and the instructions, mostly as per DZ-Jay. (Thanks again.) You can now get hit 6 times, not 4, making the game a bit easier. But you still slow down, your movement and ball speed, when you're down to 2, and you'll know this as a warning when flashing red. (But you can recover from all hits, described in the instructions). Tighter collision detection of enemy weapon hitting you. It will have to be closer to you now. On GAME OVER you don't have to hard-reset to play again. A restart feature is there now, as well as a high score. One level, and very much a WIP is all I had time for. I've been ordered by friends and family to do more - so look for updates in the future! Attached is the ROM, Source, constants file and latest instructions. Enjoy! Deadly Balls HB 0.450 Beta Source.bas Deadly Balls HB 0.450 Beta Instructions Brief.txt Deadly Balls HB 0.450 Beta.rom constants.bas
  6. Hi DZ-Jay! Thanks for playing, and thanks for your feedback! You're an awesome reviewer. Pretty much all of what you say has merit, and I knew it with a game that has only one level. I totally ran out of time! Ha ha. Sorry about that. Tried a mix in one level. It was meant to be "Tron-like" and needs cinema to justify it. Hopefully you liked the game play tune. I should've also included in the instructions that (just like Deadly Discs - my beloved inspiration for this game!) hits slow down your walking and shooting speed, which is what may have happened to you. Currently, you have 4 hits, 2 seconds or a green gate warp to recover one. But I surely can do something about this to make it more player-friendly. Thanks! Yes, and it's to make the bounce physics work, and ran out of time to smooth this. But, if you run a little bit in one direction you should have the desired next shooting direction. (Didn't want to use the keypad for this. I liked what the arcade game Frenzy did instead.) Also, when your ball is in flight, and you press one of the action buttons, your ball is supposed to happily return to you (again, similar to a feature in Deadly Discs), which may also cause some confusion here too. What is also causing a bug in this is the fact that I've implemented some buffers that make sure you don't run into your thrown ball as you're walking, or it doesn't come back too fast which confuses other aspects of the game. I'm not sure what I can do about this in a few hours, but will look into it. I'm using bounding boxes for collision detection, and it's a tad too enemy-friendly, and I agree with you. Again, sorry you got nailed there. The (side) gates start out red. When an enemy comes out of them, they turn yellow. (Like the blue in Deadly Discs, but I chose yellow.) When you touch a yellow gate, it turns green. When you have two matching green gates, you can warp though. The corner gates are green from the start. This is because I ran out of time to implement a red-yellow-green scheme here yet. Hey, I may have time for this! A dandy request! Hey, thanks! I'm not saying this to influence the judges, but this game was meant to be for that teenager that just wants to smash things. Really! Those that have tried it have been totally been immersed in the action and are asking me to add more and more, and that is my Real Audience no matter what happens in this contest. Yes Sir! Thanks again!
  7. Hi Steve, I really wasn't ready - this is much more work than I thought! (But very much enjoyed despite the fact that 2018 was one rough year for me.) But you got me to post it. I do believe it has some potential in the future. Thanks for some encouragement.
  8. Hello Friends, Blame it on Dave Warhol for Deadly Dogs! Mixing Deadly Discs with Burger Time was a Deadly Mix! And this is just a continuation of the abomination. As I've mentioned in another post, I am not ready, but still post a ROM. The game still has some bugs, and is currently only one level. However, any feedback would be appreciated. I do believe this one has potential in the future to be a legitimate homebrew. Thanks! Ha ha. Now you know why.
  9. Long ago, trapped in a video game was a great disc war. People were happy to slit each other. One day, some nasty hot dogs invaded - and turned it into a sausage-fest! And over the next few decades, things continued to change - no more discs that slit. It's now all about balls! As well, the hot dogs have brought along some of their other nasty thugs. Balls, balls, balls! They attack you. They richochet. They sting. They kill. Watch as our hero, or villain/troll/joker, and his pet bowling ball, is summoned, and zapped in, to this place. Why? Because. He doesn't care. He just wants to bowl down this sausage party! EDIT: Just to upload instructions. Deadly Balls HB 0.400 Beta.rom Deadly Balls HB 0.400 Beta Instructions Brief.txt
  10. Down to 2 days now. I do want to say that the 30 day extension was wonderful, and it truly upgraded my game, and I thank the judges immensely for this, and did get to work on my game immediately after the announcement. But, alas, at this point, the 30 days was not enough for me to be satisfied with my entry. I did try, even made concessions with Real Life, but I find myself debating about submitting at this point. It's still a quality and complete game, and friends and family had fun with it, but it still does not complete my vision. There's a few more things that need to be done on it, and I've run out of time. Anyway, if I decide to not submit, I will have something very nice for the near future regardless. And I am appreciative of the extension regardless as it was productive to the development of my game. As well, with or without Humble Me, I do see that this contest was great for the Intellivision community, and I smile.
  11. I like new Intellivision games and ideas that bring back some of the console's past.
  12. @boardgamebrewer: Cool work - especially since you only really started a few weeks ago. I figure a board game type of video game and your namesake are not a coincidence. @nanochess: Wow. If only you released the book a few months earlier we would've had some more quality entries by now!
  13. Interesting and original. I too, like mthompson, have never heard of this game. But I too really like the name. If I'm correct, "Ouranos" is the Greek word for "sky". Quite beautiful. Nice work. Looking for a partner now to play this with.
  14. There is apparently something available from Brazil - an IDE dedicated to IntyBASIC, including IntyColor, and it's been mentioned here, but I have not used it. I'm personally fine with Notepad++.
  15. It wasn't my problem, but you bring up an interesting point. Changing the music upon game level, screen, mode, etc, is easy. Changing the music during, say during an in-level action such as a power up received, etc, is an adventure.
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