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  1. Hi, I've been a club member since 2019. On the new homepage there are icons for the various clubs. However, a code is required. Where can I get my codes?
  2. The cartridge Version works without problems on the Phoenix 😉🎅
  3. 120 is the new 200 🎅🎅🥳🤣 However, that would be great. Maybe we can persuade you 😎🤩
  4. I asked before ordering and the $ 10 was deducted.
  5. I looked at the Atari version. It is an ambitious attempt. Unfortunately, I don't think it worked out in this game.
  6. Great News. I hope the packed is quickly in Germany 😃
  7. I can't hear speech too. Only wired sounds
  8. I can confirm I have yet to receive the rom file, sadly
  9. Hi, I have an issue with sky jinks (PAL and NTSC) for the AtariCore. With my Harmony cart and Retron77 it works correctly. But with the phoenix there is a lot of garbage on the screen. No trees, no ballons Maybe someone could test this game.
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