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  1. The cartridge Version works without problems on the Phoenix 😉🎅
  2. 120 is the new 200 🎅🎅🥳🤣 However, that would be great. Maybe we can persuade you 😎🤩
  3. I asked before ordering and the $ 10 was deducted.
  4. I looked at the Atari version. It is an ambitious attempt. Unfortunately, I don't think it worked out in this game.
  5. Great News. I hope the packed is quickly in Germany 😃
  6. I can't hear speech too. Only wired sounds
  7. I can confirm I have yet to receive the rom file, sadly
  8. Hi, I have an issue with sky jinks (PAL and NTSC) for the AtariCore. With my Harmony cart and Retron77 it works correctly. But with the phoenix there is a lot of garbage on the screen. No trees, no ballons Maybe someone could test this game.
  9. The secreeeeeet gaaaaaammee iiiiis ..... Damned. It was, äähh, it was Hmmm I've forgotten it 😉
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