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  1. Thanks for all of the replies! I actually got it working using my Pi 3 and tcpser along with MODEM.MGR.
  2. So, I got a copy of the ProTERM 3.1 SHK file here, but I'm having trouble preparing it to transfer with ADTPro to my Apple //e. First, the file size is too large to transfer to one floppy with ADTPro (162 KB). Secondly, when using CiderPress to turn the file into a disk image, it aborts in the middle of the transfer, because it's run out of space. Now, I believe I could fix this my separating them into two disks, but I'm not sure which files need to go into which disk. If anybody knows how to fix this, or has a copy of ProTERM 3.1, any help would be much appreciated!
  3. Hello, I'd like to figure out what the best way to dial a BBS from my Enhanced Apple //e would be. This is what I currently have: * A Lantronix UDS-10 * An Uthernet II card * A DB-25M to DB-25M * A DB-25 to RS-232 * (Obviously) A few working Ethernet cords * A Super Serial Card in my Apple //e * A Raspberry Pi 2 and Raspberry Pi 3 Thanks!
  4. Interesting, but with ADTPro and online disk images, you can basically get the actual game for free if you want. (I get that it's more of a collector's item, but man, that's pretty expensive.)
  5. I've found some good stuff by option8 on Etsy and Thingiverse.
  6. Another thing: I am using a DB25M to DB9M to connect the Apple II to the UDS-10.
  7. https://streamable.com/vzfn Thought you guys might enjoy. I used a VGA to composite converter and just plugged the wires in. It's actually a super easy setup if you want to try it out yourself! Recommendations for games I should try welcome!
  8. When I press reset, nothing changes. The Link LED stays on while the Status LED remains off. What should I be seeing? Also, it may be important to note that the PC I'm connecting the UDS-10 to does not have a serial port. I am using the Apple II's serial port to try to get it connected to the Internet. Oh, and my Ethernet port on my PC lights up when it has a good connection (like with my router), but when I connect it to the UDS, nothing happens. Thanks.
  9. Thanks for the reply, Mark. Now, when I connect my Ethernet cord to the UDS-10, the "Link" LED stays green, but nothing else happens. Every other LED stays off. My computer also apparently doesn't recognize a connection, as when I type ipconfig/all into the terminal, the media shows up as disconnected for all of the Ethernet ports. However, when I try to connect the Ethernet to my router, it immediately recognizes it. I'm somewhat at a loss here. Do you think my Ethernet port on my UDS-10 is bust? Is there something else I should try before buying a new one off of Ebay? Thanks.
  10. Thanks for sharing! I've been looking for one of these for a while.
  11. I'm trying to get my Apple II to connect to the Internet via this UDS-10 I bought off of ebay. [(More info on that here)] ( So, I plug it in, the "Link" light turns green meaning that power has been correctly applied. I plug in the Ethernet cord and... nothing. Whenever the Ethernet cord I use on my PC has been correctly plugged into something, an LED lights up. This doesn't happen here. And the "Status" light doesn't turn green, either. It just stays blank. Any ideas? Do you guys think the Ethernet port on my UDS is just broken? Thanks!
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