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  1. When I got my carts from my parents attic 10 years ago....my Airlock cart had a 1988 NBA finals sticker on the back...I have no idea what its from or how it got there
  2. I have an Excell spreadsheet with game title, game #, description, rating(scale of 1-10), #of times played, high score I'm a tremendous geek
  3. An important and often neglected teaching point for our kids...important to take those opportunities as they present themselves
  4. Good lord.....thats quite a list. I'm going to go ahead and continue playing some of those. Pac Man was a poor effort in terms of mirroring the arcade version....but once you get over that it has great playbility. QuadRun was one I never played until I got my FB2 but is pretty enjoyable. Slot Racer?.....that might be the best of all teh flagship titles. Of course he is spot on with some. I say try em all and decide for yourself
  5. Better than it gets credit for. Love the graphics....play it with the lights off on a 60 inch TV!....thats stellar. Although it was very easy to play for a long time....I remember playing it for HSC back in 05 or so and I could play for over an hour it seemed
  6. Lent, 1981....The video game craze is in full force and my brother and I are relentlessly pummeling my parents to get us an Atari because it's educational, everyone has one and whatever other brainwashing tecniques we could think of....an effort that would pay off at Christmas time. As per usual for us at the time we headed down to my Grandparents house in Lorain, Ohio for Easter weekend....a 3 hour trek from our suburban Detroit home. We arrived on Thursday night at 9:30, my brother and I consumed the usual over teh top sanwich platter my Grandma would prepare for our arrival and headed off to bed. The next evening we all went to the Slovak Home in Lorain....which can best be described as a VFW hall kind of place with the atmosphere which you would expect from a place like this. They had a good fish fry according to the locals. We walked in teh place and immeiately the smell hits you....I love fish fries to this day and I could tell this one was going to be top notch. We went down a worn carpet staircase to reach the basement. From a sensory standpoint it could be described as uber smokey, loud, wood paneled and packed to the gills (pun somewhat intended) with mainly 40+ year old locals getting after it hard as you do when you see the words "all you can eat". We sat down at the checkerboard covered round table for 6 and I was just about to pick up a greasy dirty menu when I noticed it. A Donkey Kong. Holy cow....A Donkey Kong!!! Let me stop right here and mention that allthough we lived a non deprived childhood...my brother and I were yet to play a video game of any kind. Pathetic...I know...but what are you gonna do? I immediately shifted my attention from the glorious batter dipped golden heavenly fish to the electric joy of the light blue stand up arcade machine less than 20 feet from my clutches. I blurted it out without thinking like ralphie going for the Red Ryder..."can I have some quarters?"...before my parents could even look, my Grandma gave my brother and I 6 of them....oh baby it was on like....Donkey Kong! I being the oldest went first....the first video game I ever played! I was just happy to be there...taking it all in....and the game went predictibly. Turn 1 - I watched in amazement as Kong ascended the building with his hostage....the graphics made my jaw drop. I took some steps got stuck on a ladder and got hit by a barrel. Turn 2 - this time I got up to the second floor and a really poorly timed jump caused my demise. Turn 3 - OK...I have the hang of this thing...I made my first successful barrel jum and then my second...got to the middle somewhere when fate dropped one on my head. GAME OVER. But I was hooked. Although my brother...only 7 at the time had no success, I, on my last game of the night, cleared level 1!.....And the fish was great
  7. Running for the exit

  8. Running for the exit

  9. scogey

    Holy cow

    57???????....Congrats.....wait.....did you fly the opposite way of the earth's rotation to lower your time?
  10. This is obviously a representation of the sad but true hypothetical meeting of the chicken from Freeeway and the Frogger frog....and the inevitible taunting that must occur when one is born without the ability to go sideways
  11. Doctor Grant was right!.....Dinousaurs came from birds.....dragons came from ducks.....God creates dinosaurs, God destroys dinosaurs....God creates man....man creates duck dragons!
  12. I feel this way especially with the earlier games...My love for them is more based on nostalgia than gameplay which was mostly clunky in the first year or so of the system. I never had Adventure as a kid but I am sure to heap underserving praise on games like Video Pinball or Golf or Night Driver
  13. Demon Attack Spider Fighter Vangaurd Atlantis Berzerk Venture When I want to shoot stuff I play these....Or Resident Evil 4...but thats not 2600
  14. Ok....this might be kind of a goofy topic but I was playing Activision Ice Hockey the other day....It made me remember when I was a kid I always sort of pretended it was the Rangers vs the North Stars because of the colors the players wore....and Basketball was always Lakers vs Celtics in my mind....Anybody got any others?(from the old days before EA Sports owned the universe)....also 4th and Inches for Commodore was Nebraska vs Penn State
  15. Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Jr Space Invaders Berzerk Venture Phoenix Missile Command
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