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  1. Man that's awesome. I was just contemplating starting a collection. Like start from Atari (My first video game console), commodore, Sega mega drive / genesis and even that amazing Terminator game I played on a console called 'Pegasus'. I believe it was 8 bit or 16. This is more motivation then anything so thanks for sharing.
  2. Wow, thanks for the wonderful information bud. Yeah If I were in your shoes, I would go for more then $3500. I hope you get a good offer and try to meet this person instead of sending them a mobile payment. I might have even pushed it to $4000. Why not try to take it all to those auction houses? Even after they get a cut, I"m sure you can make a killing. Dude these are some serious classic games here. Work a little harder on selling them. I still love the music they had in these. Classic 80s and travel guitar music. Good stuff. Lots of collectors out there.
  3. That's awesome dude. If you can't find the original then try looking into 3d printing. It's fn insane! You can make your own prototypes. Like this Retro gamepads. https://pinshape.com/items/27218-3d-printed-gaming-console-prototyping-connectors-retro-gamepads I'm sure you can re-create like a Neo Geo or something. My favorite
  4. Awesome. Can't wait to see what you've printed. I'm new to this but totally digging it. I'm just printing off small things at the moment but some of the designs out there are insane. Love to experiment with different filaments as well.
  5. Oooooh printing off Atari parts would be awesome! I got an Ultimaker 2 and printed off an Atari Logo. https://pinshape.com/items/5972-3d-printed-atari-logo I felt like I discovered fire or something - ha! Love to see this thread get updated with what happened with your quest to find Atari parts.
  6. sonicboom


    Dayuuuum! No worries man, you'll get it next time
  7. Hey man, any updates on this? Love to see how it all turned out . . . thx!
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