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  1. I thought you wanted a screenshot demo of Mortal Kombat 2!
  2. When are you guys going to do Tempest?!?!?! Champ Games does an incredible job on all software!
  3. The sale of the Ultimate Flashback is over.
  4. Would like to purchase. Please message me.
  5. Haaa looks cool. Will try this eve.
  6. Also a loaded question. Def post pics and list. Some people's 'collection' consists of a lynx and 12 games others have every game ever collected including hardware and homebrews. You see the difference...
  7. Ballpark on this one to... maybe a deal on both this and the cdx?
  8. Still nice to see groups communicating instead of doing nothing. Step in the right direction. Can't fix something unless it's known to be broke, on both sides. My gripe, as with most people, wish they could bring the re release prices down. I know it's more a collectable than a practical, and costs etc but 50.00 ouch. I could only order one due to this and Adventure, don't even get me started. One thing I would ask the OP, do we have a solid date on these shipping? Did I miss it somewhere in the thread? Thank you for the lengthy post, means alot.
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