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  1. Arrrg matey! Cannot wait for this to be finished! Going to test demo 11 tonight! Thanks for all your hard work!
  2. Does this help? https://web.archive.org/web/19970418142603/http://www.oshealtd.com/ It's from 1999.
  3. Could try the internet way back machine if you have their old website addy...
  4. I remember paying for this back in like 2010 when things first got started. Do we think sometime in 2020 we may actually get this? 10 is a nice round number...
  5. I have to say I disagree with Kevin on this. I hope the guy makes 10x his investment on these. Although i would have been happy to get the rom emailed to me after purchase so i can play via emulators, I totally understand why he doesn't release the roms at least until his money is made back. I don't see it as dirty, I see it as smart. Allthough just my opinion. From my perspective, he did exactly what he said he would. Get these games, not one but all of them in the hands of lynx fans quickly and relatively inexpensively. I for one can't actually believe I may have my hands on these by next weekend! For that I am extremely and unbelievably happy and satisfied with all of this. Again, think of the alternative... these could be sitting in a closet like that of the original owner for the next 30 years or more, or someone's upcoming projects tab on a website for 20 years with no light at the end if the tunnel. Not picking on anyone impetiular, but it happened, you all know this. Some homebrew authors won't release a Rom until a year after the physical release to curb piracy. Can't say I blame them. Would I like to see these just released in rom form? Sure, but also happy that I can purchase in physical form now. These could easily be lost to time forever given the current status of our planet's situation. Could also be last opportunity to ever see this game. I for one want the opportunity to see what could have been with these unreleased titles. Again, just my 2 cents. And for what it's worth, Thank you, thank you for doing what you said you were going to do. Release these games in a timely and not too expensive fashion and not hoard them so no one can play them ever. Again I was only expecting a character select screen on Guardians given the limited info from the original owner and past rom dump. Come to find out its actually a playable demo. Couldn't be happier with that news...
  6. Any news, screenshots, roms, info yet beyond character selection? I would to tear apart the code and see what's in it and see if any kind of game resides inside.
  7. Omg, well maybe there's hope we will all be able to see and or play at least some of the game. I hope Macrorie releases them to the public.
  8. Slap a sticker on it that says, Battys Adventure... lol
  9. Can we get a title change? Can't get past it...
  10. Didn't you know? They are still getting their hot dog, and relief pitcher games ready for April 2017!
  11. So long guardians... thanks for stopping by...
  12. I sent you a PM. Please let me know how you'd like to handle this and I'll make sure they get in the hands of the community. Meaning roms distributed with no purchase necessary. That sound good to everyone here?
  13. Would be interested in purchasing the lot and also making them available to anyone interested in small lots. These should be available to everyone and not hoarded into a collection for decades more...
  14. It's possible it wasn't sitting right in the system it was glitching on?
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