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  1. No, I totally understand your side of things as well. I get steamed when I see proto repros on ebay for 100.00 and up. Not cool. Macrorie is a stand up guy, a goodfella, and a doctor! Inside joke. He offers a lot of great services for this community. He will follow thru with his commitments even if it's a little longer than expected. I've had a lot of dealings with him and has never given bad service once. Then again, so are you Ninjabba. I'm happy to know all of you and hope you will all help me someday soon as I'd love to use some of the prototypes and maybe make something out of them even if it ends up a programming project from scratch. I want to accept that challenge. And believe me, I'll be needing the entire community's help at that point!
  2. Sorry Doc! All good! Do what you need to! All good! And its only been a year on the first batch. The second huge batch wasn't until the fall. Like you didn't know that... ha
  3. Hello Mr Macrorie, Just wondering when you are going to release the original 8 or so prototype roms that you originally purchased and said you would release one you made your money back or one year went by. It's been a little over that time and can't wait to tear into them and see whats doing. Wasn't sure if you already did so and I missed it or if it's on your website etc. Still enjoying the physical copies!! Thank you again for all you've done with these so far. Patiently awaiting.
  4. That was really tough to try to beat the second level! Kept smashing my head on fireballs immediately... lol
  5. I guess to each their own on that one. Since I'm not a millionaire, I cannot afford to buy real protos so that was an affordable way for someone like myself to actually play a copy of it on physical hardware and own a copy of a piece of gaming history, even if it is going to be released in rom form. So much so when I had the opportunity money came flying out of my wallet so fast it caught on fire. Nevertheless, and looking at the calendar, May 26th marks one week and a year after the day MacRorie said he would release the first batch of 8 or 9 protos he acquired. Hoping he keeps his word on that one because then I can start looking at some of the codes on different versions of these games, see if I can combine all into a better version as I don't have a way to dump them myself. Macrorie did you release somewhere else by chance? Your website etc? I just don't want to miss it.
  6. Funny! Like the idea. Creative, yet true to life. Lol
  7. PS, if you're more into physical vs emulators, AL here at AA in the store sells a really cool flash cart that is easy to load roms on and play on the real hardware. I bought one and would seriously consider that as a purchase. I believe they are in stock too.
  8. Check out some of the prototypes that the brewing academy has too. He sells pretty inexpensive carts for the lynx as well. Though not complete, he has two or three RPG titles that never made the day of light. One is a different version of Daemonsgate and another is Guardians, Storm over Doria. He also has Eye of the Beholder, but we haven't confirmed if that version is completed as the save game function isn't quite working yet. https://thebrewingacademy.com/collections/atari-lynx
  9. Lord Kraken is absolutely correct. One quick note on Eye of the Beholder is the 2 versions that were physically released several years ago are complete and the battery backup save function does work. Pretty sure the rom floating around is one of those two versions and is complete so if you are using in an emulator, you can use the emulators save feature to play through. If you are looking for a physical on that one, may take a while as they rarely hit the bay. If you like those style games, you should also check out Wveryn Tales that was physically released and I believe Songbird will be releasing soon as well as Songbirds new title called Unnamed which is a cool little RPG adventure. Here is a link: https://songbird-productions.com/product/unnamed/ That'll keep you busy for a while.
  10. That's a very plausible idea! I like that.
  11. That was one of the best D&D board games made to date. Still play today.
  12. Which titles weren't commercially released here in the usa?
  13. Still picking my jaw up off the floor. I cannot believe how you pulled off the huge scaling graphics. I mean just can't believe my eyes! I thought this was a 7800 review.
  14. I must be dyslexic. I saw this and said, no way did they get permission to have Bugs Bunny in this game.
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