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  1. Sawweeet! March 1st is only a couple days away! Hoping to be playing the following weekend!
  2. About time! When does the preorder start? Put me down for a couple...
  3. You all, including myself, fell for the most obvious of trolling... I just figured it out.. Duh! It's BETA phase... they just weren't ready for release and are taking several extra years to polish up the game. Have some patience!! We all know AAA titles that were in developmental hell for more than seven years and still came out like crap...
  4. Awesome! Can't wait to play the final. And yes, you asked on your website which would be preferred, physical or rom purchase. I'd be interested in both!
  5. Do you have an Atari Lynx demo you could post? I think it looks great on all systems its been ported to.
  6. Now I just need to come up with a place to put it and 2k. Will keep you posted...
  7. I always hoped someone would code that game or the larger Mattel Electroincs D&D game labyrinth to the 2600...
  8. Should have named it Mattel Electronics Dungeons and Dragons Computer Fantasy Game... Love It!!
  9. Cool hack OOG, just got a chance to play! Loving it so far.
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