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  1. I love the scene demos! That was really cool!
  2. Nice work! Btw, love your YouTube videos concerning this as well!
  3. Definitely interested in the cybervirus, champ rally and remnant.
  4. PS, as the box shows, no discs included. Download only through battle.net
  5. I have several brand new shrinkwrapped Destiny 2 games for sale. 5.00 each if you want me to just email you the codes or 8.00 I'll mail it to you if you collect boxes. PayPal only PM me if interested.
  6. Lol nice catch!
  7. Same here. Definitely interested, and I understand you probably can't release a demo of the Rom, but a video would be great...
  8. Well I applaud you for an original name and not just making it like, 'bats adventure'. But what the hell is a Nabber Rob??? Or am I just getting too old for modern day slang or missing an inside joke?
  9. So it's kind of like a reverse Adventure?
  10. Is this still for sale? I haven't seen SOLD it yet.
  11. I would like to order 20 grey cart shells if possible. Already have the boards...
  12. Hello, having to sell off some of my repro snes games that I purchased in the past. (No I didn't make them, I just play them) 20.00 each free shipping. US shipping only. Labels in great shape. Super Mario World Super Mario All Stars+Super Mario World PM me if interested. I'll list games as sold on a first come first serve basis. Any questions please let me know. Some people ask how to tell the difference with real games... a few ways, first off plastic screws in front as shown in pics. Differences in labels. If you opened cart, board differences. Yes RPG games have save battery and work fine. Games played on US Snes model one and two. Have not tested on any third party game systems, Retron 3 or 5, may or may not work. Please research this first before purchase. Most systems have a compatibility list online. Thank you for looking!
  13. Oh I love paying thousands of dollars for limited run video games... story of my life...
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