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  1. Not a problem. I was hoping that was the case and I know you have a lot to go through. Hey take your time and do what you need. Just more exciting news for the community!
  2. Mac, did you get a chance to check to see if the fullcourt room is truly the prototype of the unreleased Full Court Press prototype? Appears that may be another one as someone else pointed out.
  3. Absolutely gorgeous! I'll take two please!
  4. Does anyone think Jet might be a Blue Lightning proto? Blue Lightning wasn't on the list or pdf... Just a thought.
  5. I know, I kind of figured that. Just bustin chops... 2nd order placed
  6. These two will be up by this evening Me: Checks forums every 5 min for two days straight... lol
  7. My wishlist for the next group: Cabal Pounce Friendly Quest (did I miss what this was?) Eye of the Beholder (if different than previous) Guardians (if different than previous) Daemons (if different than previous) Hyperdrome (if different than previous)
  8. For me?? Awwww! You shouldn't have! Happy Birthday!
  9. Nevermind, read that statement wrong... lol. Thought you were renting atari carts. You meant pinball machines.
  10. Cpuwiz, im so sorry to hear of this. I'm hoping things get better for you! I'm happy I got to hang with you at some of the classic gaming expos over the decades as well as have conversations with you on the boards when I was first hanging out here and needed help with boards etc. You're a great guy and you have everyone here behind you!! Please let us know if there is anything we can do for your or yours... you cannot begin to imagine how much good you've done for this community and you will always be our hero! Godspeed my friend!
  11. Was hoping that was the case as this person fell off the map with his series. Figured that might put some closure on what he was doing with his game. Oh well, mystery continues...
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