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  1. This provides a good little challenge! I like how the levels were created! Thank you for creating a great game for the LYNXS BDAY!
  2. 4ever2600

    Growing Ties

    Tie shopping at Kohls, the adventure begins! Cool little game you made here! Gets a bit Kaboom frantic after a while... thanks for all your hard work on this.
  3. Great job on this! Can't wait to try on the real hardware!!
  4. Tropsy screenshot... think I'm colorblind now.
  5. You've done an incredible job on this title!! I can't wait to try on real hardware!
  6. Can't wait to try this!!
  7. That's is truly awesome.
  8. Do a search for smurf hacks. Someone in the past hacked into a super Mario game... You could compare differences and find where all gfx changes happen.
  9. I love the scene demos! That was really cool!
  10. Nice work! Btw, love your YouTube videos concerning this as well!
  11. Definitely interested in the cybervirus, champ rally and remnant.
  12. PS, as the box shows, no discs included. Download only through battle.net
  13. I have several brand new shrinkwrapped Destiny 2 games for sale. 5.00 each if you want me to just email you the codes or 8.00 I'll mail it to you if you collect boxes. PayPal only PM me if interested.
  14. Lol nice catch!
  15. Same here. Definitely interested, and I understand you probably can't release a demo of the Rom, but a video would be great...
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