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  1. Looks amazing! I wish I could figure out how to load this to an 8mb AtariMax cart and give it a try. Any help?
  2. Thanks! I selected the 1050 option on the config screen! That seems to have solved the problem!
  3. After all these months I got a chance to try this out. I loaded it up in my new SDrive Max! Dimo's Quest plays fine until I clear level 3, then it crashes. Dim's Dungeon crashed after the fist level. Tried this on my Atari 400 and 130xe with same problem. Strange, so far no other games have crashed like this... Has anyone else had this problem?
  4. Where are said stereo RMT files and how can I play them?
  5. Wow, I'm excited! I just got the woofer in. Going to be trying out all this stereo stuff! Blast out the neighbors with Atari sound!
  6. Awesome, I'll have to check them out! I have Laura on my list too.. Too bad I cant' get it to play, pretty sure my NTSC machine hates it. Wasn't that released in 2016?
  7. I would like to suggest some games if this is still going! 1. Ys - The Vanished Omens (1987) Ys is my favorite game of all time. It's a great action RPG game that was released on many formats. But no Atari...... My favorite version of course was the TurboGrafx 16 CD version. The Sega Master System version here seems like it could port over to 8-bit... Someone already did some Pokey cover music! 2. Peter Pack Rat (1984 arcade) This is a childhood favorite from the arcade. Fantastic platformer! Here is the C64 port of it... 3. Bubble Bobble (everyone wants this including me, so add my vote.)
  8. Greetings Atari 8-bit fans. I had my Atari 130XE upgraded to stereo sound (duel Pokeys). I am very pleased with the sound, but I am having trouble locating much software that supports it. Especially software that will run on my NTSC machine. Perhaps there are a lot of homebrew releases that support stereo sound, but I have found it's hard to find what does. Has anyone made a list? If there isn't one, Let's get one going in this thread. Stereo Pokey just sounds great to my ears! Stereo games tested with success on my NSTC 130XE so far are: Yoomp! (2007) Space Harrier (2018) Train (BAHA soft 2018) Games that I think support stereo but I can't get working are... Laura (2016) Stunt Car Racer (2018) I am sure there is a lot more out there.....
  9. Yeah I am wondering the same! I'll try the public beta's for now!
  10. Thanks! I didn't realize I had to convert it to an ATR then program the entire cartridge with that .ATR. Now it's done and I am playing it! I was actually playing the PC Engine version of Space Harrier today before trying this out. I gotta say I am really impressed with this port. The framrate is really good and graphics amazing to see on Atari 8-bit. I am most pleased with the sound. The vocal samples are nice and clear. They sound very poor in comparison on the PC Engine. It's nice hear something else that uses duel Pokeys, that also will run on my NTSC 130XE!
  11. I tired to use the .BIN with atarimax studio.. it doesn't like the file. How do I get this to work?
  12. Everything else is cake, but no idea how to "strip the car header off." How does one go about doing this? Kyle22, I didn't know about Uflash, I'l check it out! Sheddy, thanks for the .bin version, I go get it now!
  13. Nice, now if I could only figure out how to get it loaded onto my AtariMax cart! Anyone have something other than a .car file of this? .xex maybe ?
  14. This version of Space Harrier is mind boggling. How it was done so well on our Atari 8-bit computer I'll never understand. I am hoping to see more! A man's work is never done right? Does this release support duel pokeys by chance? That would be neat! I am trying to get the .car file onto an AtariMax cart, but it won't except a .car file? Any help?
  15. I flashed this to an AtariMax 8mbit cart, and fired it up on my NTSC 130xe. Worked great! Final picture looked awesome, so no complaints here.
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