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  1. FYI, I've read a bit more information and understood that there's this software: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/259038-atarisid-vi/ If this software works properly on real Atari 800 hardware but fails on the Atari800 emulator without the RMW patch, then that's exactly what I needed to know in order to accept the patch.
  2. Hi all, first of all: Atari800's home has been on GitHub since 2017-08-03 as can be seen for example here: https://atari800.github.io/news.html or here: https://atari800.sf.net/ or here: https://atari800.github.io/ Baktra posted a wrong link to the release, that's a pity. All releases on GitHub are naturally here: https://github.com/atari800/atari800/releases Then, if a patch was submitted but not committed then there's a reason for it. For example the mailing list discussion related to the RMW Pokey contains also my posts that say why it wasn't committed yet: https://sourceforge.net/p/atari800/mailman/message/34239977/ Also, patches in mailing list tend to get lost. GitHub pull request would be great. Even though this is a one liner so I'd have committed it long time ago if only someone else confirmed that the patch does the right thing. I try to accept all useful additions and improvements. If I happen to fail please remind me, I am very busy with the real life so I spend only very limited time on Atari800 nowadays. Thanks, Petr
  3. Thank you! If you check the "home page" http://joy.sophics.cz/dual-joystick-usb-adapter/ you'll see I use and also strongly suggest to use short extension cable - it's for safety of the adapter when you manipulate with your computer or the joystick cables.
  4. It's not a good idea to count CPU cycles when you spend most time by emulating the USB. And there's no space in the flash memory of ATTiny2313 for additional code that would implement the paddles... I'd have to start that project from scratch, with a different MCU.
  5. Yes, but unfortunately I chose ATtiny2313 microcontroller as the heart of the adapter and this MCU does not have analog inputs. So the answer is no.
  6. Give me an example of a paddle controller, please. And please note that even if it worked it would emulate classic four (eight) direction joystick with a single fire button only.
  7. I used two USB end points. This is how it looks in Windows 8.1. Sorry it's in Czech, I didn't know how to switch Windows to English (I'm a full-time Linux user/developer). I try to obtain a screenshot from English Windows at friend's computer. Nevertheless, you see that the adapter provides two separate joysticks.
  8. I'll post it when I come home and reboot to Windows. There are two controllers naturally. This is how it looks in Linux:
  9. I don't know that retrobit cable but from its reviews it seems to have quality issues and is not Linux compatible. Also, no word about Windows 10+ compatibility. My adapter is 100% compatible with Linux (i.e. also Raspberry Pi and similar small computers useful for retro gaming) and is also working great in Windows 10+. And I find my design actually sexier but what's sexy is just a personal opinion.
  10. I'm glad you reported that it's working great. The initial Windows searching for a driver takes incredibly long sometimes but it's just for the first time. I have no idea what Windows do there for so long and it's sad that it can even fail as you say. It's just standard plug&play HID driver for joystick, no reason for searching it like it was hidden somewhere on other side of Moon or so.
  11. Globeron, as expected my dual joystick USB adapter works out-of-the-box with the TI emulator. No configuration was necessary. TI Invaders was great fun - and looked very much like the Atari original!
  12. Internally (in the joystick) there are four directional triggers or small push buttons: left, right, up, down. You can push the stick diagonally but then it simply presses two buttons at once - say left + up. So technically it's indeed 4 directional signalling, 4 bits of information about the position of the stick.
  13. Since the adapter makes the Atari joysticks appear in the system just like ordinary "native" joysticks there's no reason it wouldn't work. Basically whenever an emulator supports host joysticks my adapter will allow to use Atari joysticks instead. I can't test Windows binary at home as I don't have Windows anywhere near me. I can try it on Monday at work, perhaps.
  14. Yes, the Atari joysticks appear in the system just like any other "native" joysticks. I'll add screenshots from Windows game controller setup on the web page on Monday.
  15. nope, it's for 4-directional joystick only (it's written on the web page).
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