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  1. By the way, the readme file from the compiled binary archive states the previous ST compiled version was 2.01 beta3, but there definitely was a beta4...jzipstb4.zip
  2. The original game runs fine from hard disk, just copy all the files from your floppy disks to a folder on your hard drive and launch CURSE.PRG. 🙂
  3. Seems to be working even if it says it is currently disabled. Last public post is from yesterday.
  4. Thanks Grazey for this excellent tutorial about both music ripping and (to an extend) Steem boiler! And I hope you will do more tutorials (especially shadow registers).
  5. Only 2 of those disks are available. Would be cool if someone could dump the remaining ones... Dumped files from TOSEC attached. BRE 564 (19xx)(-).zip BRE 899 (19xx)(-).zip
  6. Huh? Are you mentally challenged? Anyway credits go to Kodak80 for being the first to provide a working dump of Tetra Quest.
  7. Funny how you release a fixed version of this game litteraly 24 hours after someone else did exactly the same at AF. But hey, that must be coincidence. Source: http://atari-forum.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=34998
  8. What about fixing your half-assed version of Fate Gates of Dawn ? It's not on your list yet your 'adaptation' (actually, a simple hard drive installation without any kind of testing from your side) still has the protection in place. Oh, and it 'works not' on Falcon VGA either.
  9. Can't you read ? As Orion stated in that AF thread you linked, a fully fixed version of Son Su Shi is currently being worked on. And thankfully not by you.
  10. NP, and when it comes to Eazyrider, you can easily find a v3 in german language, and there is a v4 that is in english, but from my own experience when recompiling with Devpac I got some compilation errors from programs disassembled with Eazyrider v4, while it went just fine with source code from v3. Maybe it was just some incorrect options set up. Also, once you disassemble an executable with Eazyrider don't forget to exit it, then launch the CONVERT.PRG to get something Devpac will recognize.
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