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  1. Cool! You mean he gave up trying to sell pirated software? That's good news.
  2. No shit Sherlock. 🙄 Just like your 2MB rip off, actually. But at least, I gave credit where it was due. And mine runs on 512K.
  3. Just for the record, this is my own hack attempt from way back in 2008, spread free of charge (of course) and I DON'T want ParanoidLittleMan/Ppera/Whatever his nickname is, to use it for his own financial benefit.
  4. Original version: English/International version: That's why there is a 1 file difference between versions.
  5. Interesting. How did you patch the replay rout? Do you have some sources? And I guess it's the censored version?
  6. Of course the 4 MB RAM bug is not related to TOS v2, but both 4 MB + TOS 2.0x is the least compatible setup you can get when it comes to games.
  7. Does the floppy version run without any hard drive attached? And which version (cracked or original)? Also, as a general rule, 4 MB + TOS 2.0x is the worst possible combination when it comes to games: some will crash because of too much RAM, others because of that particular TOS version. But not that game, it should run on both.
  8. Those are ST games that weren't released on the Amiga. But yes, most were released on other platforms.
  9. HypView needs Windialog to be installed in your AUTO folder, or a multitasking OS line MagiC or FreeMint in order to run.
  10. Indeed. If I remember correctly the game loads the sound data from side B, that data is not in files (BAT works the same way).
  11. Well no but if there is a DOS EGA version, you can use its data files with the ST prg as they are the same. The interface would have to be translated to Italian.
  12. Not from all known cracks... Get your facts straight. 🙄 Spanish/english/french DMA soundtrack versions attached. fut_es_a.zip fut_es_b.zip fut_es_c.zip futsnd_a.zip futsnd_b.zip futsnd_c.zip voysnd_a.zip voysnd_b.zip voysnd_c.zip
  13. You have to turn on Mouse capture , as it is off by default in later versions (options/keyboard mouse/).
  14. Of course there is one: ORCS. Download it at Homepage Thorsten Otto - Downloads (tho-otto.de) However there is no Mac version, only native TOS and Win32/64.
  15. If you're refering to the version with the tits pic, the original file is on the disk as well. And here's another crack you can add to your list. billp_b.zip billp_a.zip
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