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  1. YES! It's here! Just wanted to thank e5frog for yet another amazing game!
  2. CONGRATS! I just need #20 and of course 19(ha)
  3. I'm on a 32 hours shift (firefighter) but when I get home tommorow, I might even have a spare. If not, I will, I just need to check it, been a while since I used them.. always use the multi-cart nowadays so save the originals!
  4. What's real fun about trying to grab the last few cars I need t prices over $200 and when I ask the seller if it's tested "no but it's in good shape". Well, that's awesome, it might make a very nice, expensive paperweight then. ..lol.
  5. So glad to have slipped in under the wire. $$ paypal'd over.
  6. I realize this pops up every few years or so, but this thread made me ask again. Has anyone cracked the GORF 2000 Egg? Get it to work on some type of emulator? I think the best ive ever found was some screenshots someone had and said the best they could do was a silent game that ran at a horribly slow frame rate. The stills sure looked nice though.
  7. If anyone else is bidding on this..I'm out so there's one less for you to bid against. I'm over $200 and this didn't meet the sellers reserve? well then why even bid, since the reserve might be the "buy it now" price for all anyone knows..waste of time for me. P.S. Yes, i'm being salty for once..lol
  8. and no box..geez. Yeah, I almost offered him $200 for it, but figured he'd laugh.
  9. I don't always chime in, but always view. Just wanted to thank everyone in this community for keeping the Fairchild alive and especially these wonderful new home-brews that I keep catching after it's too late..lol.
  10. So I have to pull one out of storage and make sure it still works. As of now the last 2 in box went for over $1200 on eBay. I realize what i want is still WAY over priced but i'm shooting for $600 in take home profit so I can buy a Jack Bros. That's really the only reason I wanted to sell one, I used to have 2 model 1's , 1 for backup but now I use my model 2 for gameplay and save my cherished model 1 (what I had as a kid). Again, i'm well away that price is too damn much, honestly it should be $150 plus shipping but it's hard for me to throw away that much potential profit..lol. I think most of us believe that the current prices are going to crash once COID settles down and people are back to work.
  11. Would she happen to have any old Fairchild paperwork, letters etc? some folks will buy internal game company paperwork. not for much, but every bit helps.
  12. It's gone ridiculous but so has things like PS2 horror games and a few other systems. I don't know what's up, I though all these people out of work on unemployment would have driven prices down!
  13. If these start going for over a grand, i'm selling one of my extra model 1's!..lol
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