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  1. Please don't be put off by this Matashen. I hope it's obvious from this thread if and when you finish this game there'll be plenty of folk looking to buy a proper copy. Hope life calms down your end!
  2. The quality, and for that matter volume, of Lynx releases now are better than they were back in the day! Its amazing and for all of you who are writing games thank you. This looks superb. ROM image or cart count me in.
  3. I'd be happy to see it locked too - this one thread has created more bad feeling than anything else on here put together.
  4. Yep! Love the screenshot - another game to look forward to
  5. My copy took ages to arrive through the US then UK postal system but thats not SFTs fault though was a little stressful. Ive not had chance to play the game yet or rather am waiting until Ive got time to sit and enjoy it for an hour - but the packaging and manual are better than anything Atari ever produced originally. Its a beautiful game before it even gets put in the Lynx. And while the wait was painful, I get the upfront payment... if I was producing games for an older console like this likewise I would do exactly the same. Thanks again Brandon. I suspect this is sadly the only Lynx release that will come from the SFT stable but it is looking like Der Luchs is continuing the delivery of quality Lynx releases. Isnt it amazing the games are being released for the Lynx still today that are better than many of the originals? Those who have the ability to develop keep up the good work.
  6. Like many here I have a SainT card so my preference is a digital copy please! Ill invest either way but no point making me a cartridge when I dont need one 😊
  7. Congratulations! I'd like to say it is easier second time round but that would be a lie :-) I'm sure I speak for pretty much everyone here when I say we all appreciate your efforts giving us new Lynx games. I'm sure no one will have the slightest issue with waiting a few weeks and the communications are much appreciated - we were starting to worry about you! Take care, enjoy the new baby and we'll see you again soon.
  8. It's Quadromania I want but I will well and truly be getting that from Der Luchs - there is someone who is a fine example of how to interact with potential and existing customers never mind the quality of his product.
  9. Copy it and paste into your browser. Oddly although the URL is correct it doesn't work directly from the link.
  10. I'm on holiday so to be fair it may be sat on my doormat waiting to be put in my Lynx (I hope so!). It was still showing as processing on my Der Luchs account so I thought I'd ask. And for you Der Luchs, I am *so* glad you're issuing Quadromania - I saw the YouTube video a while back then searched hard for the game and was sad I couldn't find it as it looks great. It's massively ironic 2017 will be one of the best ever years for the Lynx all these years after it stopped being sold!
  11. Hi Der Luchs - when will Alpine Games start shipping? Thanks! Dan
  12. 49.75% now The wait will be painful but can't wait to play Zaku
  13. Reassuring to know, I was wondering whether I had bad memory on the SD card or a dodgy ROM. I'll try and find the right one. ** update ** I can't find a version other than the CES one - if anyone does have a link or could email the 'clean' version that would be very much appreciated!
  14. Fully understood and I don't blame you Rygar. I'm loving my SD card reader and it would of course be good to have all my games on it. That said a limited edition Rygar cartridge is also great What an exciting year 2017 looks like it will be for the Lynx!
  15. I'd be interested too. Would cheerfully buy a ROM file to use on my SainT card (which you can lock down to me to the extent your care to - e.g. My name on load screen etc) but either way I'm in :-)
  16. In which case it is Quadromania I was talking about and I can't wait for this one to be released. Thanks LX.NET.
  17. *** original reply deleted as having seen vid was referring to the wrong game! ***
  18. This is a good point. When I used mine for the first time and it said INSERT GAME I got about as far as "oh for fu..." before I then realised all was very much well. Interestingly most variants of Lynx / Atari / SD card bring up this very thread on Google!
  19. Obviously I should start off with an idea likewise: Great Giana Sisters C64 port. Not an entirely original idea (as it wasn't for them either) but if anything this is better than Mario and would give the Lynx that killer platformer whilst avoiding Mr Nintendo's lawyers! My £50/$50/50 is waiting :-)
  20. There are clearly some remarkably talented folk on this forum who have the ability to develop new games for the Lynx. One of the big challenges is always going to be coming up with great ideas on what to develop, particularly if you're looking to sell the final result. So, here is your opportunity to be heard. No one is making any guarantees here but maybe, just maybe, one of the dev guys will like your idea enough to build it. Maybe if a load of great suggestions come out of this we could have some sort of poll to judge interest for any prospective developer
  21. Now there's an idea - anyone with the skills to port the C64 version of the Great Giana Sisters to the Lynx?!
  22. This is incredible. If you want the perfect modern day version of your Lynx then McWill screen plus SainT SD card gives you everything. No one who buys this will be anything other than impressed with the build quality either. I have two or three versions of most historical ROMs (presumably they were regional ones?) so I'm still working out which ones work but I had great fun playing with this yesterday. There is also amusement to be had in the fact the 512MB SD card it came with has a couple of hundred games on it and is still only half full - it's amazing what could (and still can) be done with only a few hundred K. Now if only some of the later release owners (Der Luchs, Duranik, Super Fighter Team) could be persuaded to sell soft versions of their games :-) Thanks again for doing this and making it available SainT.
  23. Shame - but thanks for confirming BP
  24. DanJayUK

    PSU warning!

    But surely it shouldn't be "normal" for the original Lynx one? I tried it with 1M resistor across it and it only dropped 0.3v. When the Lynx is off it still draws current but only a little which means even if when on it does get down near 9v it still has one hell of a voltage shock when it's switched on. Either way I thought it was worth mentioning so others can consider the risk themselves. My Lynx is in mint condition and has a McWill screen fitted - I could really do without it going bang for the sake of a new power adapter.
  25. Great news! Is there any chance there'll be any more Alpine Games carts produced?
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