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  1. Bryan is the man! One of the Rev D posts mentions a pot change, is that change possible on Rev C board, would it make a difference?
  2. I always get in trouble with my verbiage (just trying to be concise, English is my second language), no offense intended, sorry if it's not appropriate. My machine has some faint lines on half of the screen and it'd be nice if I could get rid of it by modifying the old board without the need to get a whole new board that is only marginally different.
  3. Does it mean that we (suckers that got Rev C board) got screwed? Can we at least get instructions on how to mod Rev C board to Rev D?
  4. Finished installing into my 130XE yesterday, decided to keep the shield, so had to assemble the board myself... stupidly soldered in the socket legs first and had a really hard time soldering in the pin cradle after that. Should have just ordered a fully assembled board and same myself some hassle. My LCD TV doesn't have an SV input, so I can only see composite video at the moment. Picture is much better than it was before, the left third of the screen is completely free of vertical banding, on the right 2/3 of the screen I see some really faint banding that doesn't appear on the camera if I take a picture of it. The word READY and the cursor rectangle shows a greenish line on the left and a reddish line on the right - is it the famous artifacting and considered normal? Disclaimer: I'm afraid the composite cable that this unit came from is the crappiest possible.
  5. Same here, I'm pretty much waiting for the 130XE step by step instructions before I even take the board parts out of the wrappers.
  6. Received mine in the mail today, thanks!
  7. From our previous conversations it looks like in order to try to keep the shield on 130XE the best option is to order a basic board kit (that includes all the parts of a full board), so that I can first try and if it doesn't work out I can build the full board from the included parts. With your approval of the plan, I'd like to switch my previous full board order to basic board kit, thank you.
  8. What is the installation procedure for the full board on 130XE if I don't care about keeping the shield? Is 4050 supposed to be de-soldered and socketed?
  9. Bryan, I earlier requested a full board for my 130XE, but in that "kept updated" post it says that 130XE requires a basic board to keep the shielding intact. Would your recommendation be to order a basic board for 130XE owners?
  10. I need 1 full board for 130XE (NTSC?), shipping to US. What's the expected payment method?
  11. I need this mod. The 130XE that I got for my son shows vertical lines. The ebay seller mentioned that RAM chips were replaced with good NEC chips and socketed. From some other Bryan's posts I get that the vertical lines are caused by the digital noise generated by RAM chips, because 130XE power lines are shared with the video circuits. I read through the thread with RCA1802's vertical lines issues where a suggestion was attempted to cut power around L5 and throw wires from the power switch that didn't result in an improvement. This makes me wonder, how does this board solve this issue? Where is it supposed to get its power, from the power switch? Does it have a built-in noise filters for the power lines? Is the true nature of the vertical lines different from the RAM noise, so the board have to do something special?
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