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  1. I put in an earlier comment requesting 1-3, but didn't follow up with a later answer once there was a more concrete solicitation. I'll try to follow this to see if you open up the run. I'd like 2, one for a 1200XL and one for an 800XL - depending on price, which I haven't seen a rough estimate of yet. Am I overlooking this? Thank you.
  2. I purchased an U1MB for install in the 800XL I've had since I was 14. Then in a box of 8 bit stuff I've been moving from home to home for 25+ years, I found a NOS 1200XL keyboard, still in the bag - and fell in love. Must have bought it at Radio Shack for like $5. Wow it's nice. It was suggested to me I install the U1MB into the system with the best keyboard and I couldn't get that 1200XL KB out of my mind. So I went and bought a couple nice 1200XLs in their boxes, with working keyboards. I've read of the problems some are having with the mod, but I'm determined and in no rush. Probably more important I prioritize migrating the floppies to backed up hard disk / flash. I'll update this thread as I get the project underway, perhaps next week.
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