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  1. I use a SCART cable going to a SCART RGB to HDMI converter and it looks perfect on my 32 inch lcd. Not a framemeister converter either. Just a 30 dollar converter off Amazon. If i use that same cable and a component converter (same converter pictured above), it looks fine on a CRT. I have never tried it on a flatscreen like that though.. The HDMI converter I use: CiBest HDMI to SCART Converter
  2. I just want to apologize for this post. It looks like an update email got lost in the web.. I have been contacted and the issue has been kindly resolved. I would like to thank the people that put all their work into creating these things and getting them to market. Sorry for venting on here. These guys really are trying their hardest to make a great product and no less. That is why I don't have one yet. They didn't want to use less than satisfactory parts building the remaining units. Thank you and sorry for the mix up.
  3. 4th run?! I ordered in the third run along with Gradius and never received either.. My order on atariage still says preorder not available and I ordered back in June 2016,, Received the email saying it would ship soon in November. Then nothing. I contact Atariage, I get nothing.. What is going on??
  4. I for sure am sold on this. Put me down for one as well!! Here is a crazy idea.. Not sure if it is even possible. is it possible to build in a sort of High Score program that saves and loads scores via a floppy disk? One floppy disk for all games kind of thing. I figure it would only work with a game that save a high score in game, such as Donkey Kong. I don't know all the implications, it sounds near impossible to me. Super cool though if accomplished. You were knowledgeable enough to create this and the prior cart, I don't under estimate your ability a bit..Figured I would throw that insanely complicated sounding option out there. Maybe a button on the cart that could grab the score from within the game and save it type of thing would work as well..
  5. Sounds like Arkanoid with a twist. Ordered!
  6. An all in one device that stores and loads all Carts and Disks, with 32k expansion in an all in one unit no PEB required.. Good luck with that I know.. You said ultimate though.
  7. Thanks. I wouldn't share anything I change since they are all from here.. Thanks for all your hard work converting these things guys! Is it pretty straight forward how to do it once the rom is loaded in the editor?
  8. Is there an easy way to change the names that show up in the menu on flash rom 99?
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