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  1. Digital release please, for all us losers that didn't make it to Silly Venture!
  2. Can I use this tool to create those virtual 16MB disk images I've seen around? They are very handy for sio2sd, some of them are themed like 'Infocom Collection' and contains tons of games.
  3. I'm in Rome and it's pretty good retro-wise. I've seen (not purchased though) stuff here I could otherwise only get in Japan. As well as some nice regional exclusive stuff like Italian SG-3000's etc.
  4. If in UK or Europe, I can recommend the ones from eBay-seller zp_manchester.
  5. I use the fat 60GB backwards compatible model for PS2 games only (to save wear and tear), and keep a slim for PS3-gaming.
  6. And installed in my 800 XL, which took MUCH longer to do than the 130 XE. Thanks again.
  7. The Atari 8-bit version is almost as good as the 7800 game.
  8. Unsorted dump, take it or leave it: https://imgur.com/a/RPCuN9U
  9. Finally got mine installed in the 130XE. Thanks for a wonderful product Bryan!
  10. Go on Facebook. Make a charity auction, and donate the money to your favorite charity.
  11. The video Fingolfin linked to is the Mastertronic Rogue. Frankly not a very good port. ( http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-400-800-xl-xe-rogue_4431.html ) Epyx made a much more playable and enjoyable Rogue, but it wasn't released for A8. Imho A-Rogue looks better, and it has an inventory option? ( )
  12. I'd like to order two full plugin boards for: 130XE pal. 800XL pal.
  13. Get the one from zp_manchester on eBay. (I had the one from Lotharek before.)
  14. I never really needed more than 64KB.
  15. I had issues with the sio2sd from Lotharek and my 600Xl. When I got the one from Manchester_zp everything worked great.
  16. I'm sure most studios have one around, just to cover all bases.
  17. Heart of Africa was released by Ariolasoft in West Germany. It had one of those huge LP vinyl covers.
  18. Knight Orc might be text only for Atari 8-bit.
  19. For just that one game, get an Amiga. Or a CD32.
  20. I'm probably the wrong person to give guidance, because I once dumped my GF for Sega Dreamcast. No regrets.
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