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  1. Got mine today and love it! The nutcracker was really unexpected, but it's perfect since all my nutcracker decorations broke years ago. I like the Rip Spin Warriors, too, they remind me of Beyblades from my childhood. Thanks, SS!
  2. Right on the first page. These catalogs were before my time, but they look like a lot of fun to flip through.
  3. Most Kickstarters that are close to funded get a boost in backers in the final few hours. It needs less than $8000, it'll definitely make it. I backed for a boxed copy, it looks amazing!
  4. Still waiting on one item to be delivered before I can ship out my secret Santa. C'mon, postal service!
  5. I don't understand the hype for the NES Classic Mini. For the prices it's going at, people could get an actual NES and some games for cheaper.
  6. "Console tested and light doesn't turn on" What light? 4-switchers don't have lights on them.
  7. Here are some current eBay listings. Atari 2600 Woodgrain Console for $700: "Used Atari no controllers but everything else can include some games" Missile Command for $699.99 that the seller is trying to trick people into thinking came from the Alamogordo landfill: "Here's a wonderful opportunity to own a small piece of gaming history!!! Up for auction is an Atari 2600 Missile Command, same as the ones pulled from the infamous Alamogordo dump! This has no certificates or authenticity included, but looks way better than some that are pulled from there. And it works!!" This seller is also trying to pull the same thing with Defender for $899.99, Centipede for $599.99, and Asteroids for $999.99. Donkey Kong for the 2600 for $800 4-Switch 2600 for $300: "No major damages to Atari. Just normal, used wear. Atari works great. Completely playable. Not sure if all games work but most do. We've mostly just played Pacman. It is being sold with the piece that connects to a regular tv so that you can play it on one. Comes with Pacman, Donkey Kong, River Raid, Pole Position, Battle Zone, Haunted House, Space Invaders, Berserk, Armor Ambush, and more. Has four controllers." ET for the 2600 for $250
  8. I can't believe I missed this, I browse Kickstarter all the time. Does he know about AA? I'd be up for getting a copy of this.
  9. I actually got into Atari through the Angry Video Game Nerd. I've watched his videos since I was in middle/high school, but about a year ago I became really interested in the ones where he ranted about Atari stuff. I started looking into the 2600 more, mainly by watching reviews from Lord Karnage and MetalJesusRocks, found AtariAge, saw how many people were still into it, and decided to take the plunge and get a system.
  10. I love playing my 2600 games, but I'm terrible at most of them.
  11. The key to confidence is walking into a room and assume that everyone already likes you.

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    2. Ransom


      Self-perception is incredibly important to how the world perceives us.

    3. Bryan


      and then acting incredibly confused when all these people who like you treat you like dirt!

    4. DuggerVideoGames


      Who cares if the idiots in a boardroom like you when you have 4,000 "FRIENDS" on Facebook? [Zoidberg] HOORAY! [/Zoidberg]

  12. Gifts ordered! Now just waiting on them to get here so I can wrap them up all fancy-like.
  13. Donkey Kong for the 2600: a steal at only $800! https://web.archive.org/web/20161125003445/http://www.ebay.com/itm/Donkey-Kong-Atari-2600-1982-/112206475367?hash=item1a2006f067:g:FF8AAOSwo4pYLJTU
  14. As long as we're shipping live things, I'll take some of these. No need for them to all be the same color or breed, I'm not picky!
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