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  1. OMG I got this in the mail today. It's the friggin' coolest thing ever. It's a Hong Kong model and it's in incredible shape. The screen is the tiniest bit shaky, but it's tolerable. The graphics are so much better than I figured they would be. I couldn't be happier.
  2. Well, you all convinced me. Vectrex arriving Thursday!
  3. Hi, I'm a perspective Vectrex owner. I have a lot of systems, but this one has always put me off with the price. That being said, I think I'm about to get one because it ain't getting any better. Here's the problem--I've never seen one. What I have seen, though, are dedicated vector arcade cabs. Are the graphics on Vectrex similar to those in terms of the awesome brightness and clarity? I just think these things are so marvelously unique. How noticeable is flicker? Thanks guys.
  4. Well, I FINALLY got somewhere with this project. The Model 2 is functioning, the whole laser assembly was sitting too low. I'm determined to get the Model 1 working. I replaced the laser and I think the replacement laser is dead--it doesn't do anything and the pot where the laser strength control is is reading 0 ohms and adjustments do nothing. Do you guys know of a reliable place to get these lasers? I know they all come from China. Additionally, mine shipped without the so-called "solder blob." The system is so painfully close to working.
  5. Yeah, I see your point and maybe I've been fantastically lucky, but Sega CD is basically the end of my collection. I've already fought with the Astrocade and the Amiga and won the battle. Super lucky with all the rest. I don't think it's either of these things because when I put the disc in it takes me to the "cd player" screen, but unable to do anything. I'm hoping the new laser on the model 1 works out.
  6. Well, I got frustrated and bought a Model 2. Disc won't spin. Have laser on order for the model 1, I'm determined to get one or both of these @#@# working!!!!!!!!!! If anyone knows anything about the model 2 issue, please let me know! This is the most frustrating system I own!
  7. So I kind of got in there and figure out a lot of how it's put together. I did a bunch of research on the pots and messed with that with my (admittedly crappy) multimeter. I only managed to make it read slightly worse haha. I tried and tried to raise that spindle, and I've seen someone else do it, but I just couldn't make it budge without feeling like a million sega cd pieces may explode all over the place. Very frustrating. I'll try some trial and error with the pot and go from there...might just need a new laser I really don't know if that would help or not at this point.
  8. Well, I tried and I wasn't really able to raise or lower it...guess I don't know what I'm doing. The top black part moves up and down, the middle part seems fixed as does the silver part which I'm guessing is part of the motor. I don't want to force anything. This is MADDENING as it's so close and everything else seems in order. I've tried it with another genesis unit as well....can you maybe tell me what part I should be pulling on? I'm thinking it's the silver part but it's really solid.
  9. I'll try this. Thanks for your help!
  10. Is this a pretty intuitive thing to do? I've also heard of adjusting one of the pots but to me that gets in dangerous territory. I think you may be onto something here that may be an ez fix.
  11. I've been intending to do this. It's just so frustrating (I should post a photo) because this thing is so PRISTINE inside and out, and so CLOSE to working. Nothing else even seems to be slightly off (the tray is the tiniest bit fickle, but still working well). I have a feeling the laser isn't reading the disk right, but I hate to do all the recap and still have the same problem (I've never done a recap, managed to escape that so far with all my systems fingers crossed).
  12. Fantastic...I don't think I have the skill to do this myself LOL.
  13. I'm trying to get all the help I can here, so I'm posting both here and in Sega 16. I got a rather pristine Sega CD model 1 for CHEAP. It powers on, tray works, and it will play audio cd's--but with intermittent skipping. It will not play games at all, backup or original. It doesn't recognize the disks at all. Does this sound like it needs a new laser? I've read all sorts of conflicting info on this issue all over the web and am trying to see if there are any updated answers. I don't have a ton of technical skill but I do believe I can successfully replace the laser or adjust pots if I know what to do.
  14. I've done the Dreamcast replacement and socket install--it's pretty easy and gets rid of the annoying date issue. On my Saturn I just place to copy everything to a save cart then replace the battery periodically. I am not hearing that people really have had issues with the 3DO battery, but I just wanted to make sure. I appreciate these responses. I just HATE losing major progress in things. Maybe I'll open it up and replace before getting too involved. I've thought of getting a Sega CD and see they have the same issue...and many more apparently. Very happy with my 3DO, but I think I got lucky and bought one untested that appears to be essentially never used.
  15. I guess I don't know at what point systems started using, I suppose, "flash memory" like PS1 or Dreamcast. I know there's a battery, but I don't know if it functions like, say, a Saturn (saves) or Dreamcast (clock).
  16. Hi there, still new owner here. Wondering about internal memory--does this require a cr2032 battery, and should I replace it? I haven't had any issues yet, but I hate to start Lucienne's Quest or something and have saves zapped. I can't really get a straight answer about it by searching. I know this is an issue with Sega CD and Saturn but not Dreamcast so.....input much appreciated!
  17. As I wait for my shiny new/old FZ1 to come in the mail, I'm wondering...are there any "hidden gem" Japanese games? Obviously, for me they'd have to be low on text...but I'm definitely interested in any suggestions since it's an odd system to begin with!
  18. Ah, so that makes it a 1-button safe gamepad....I'd call that good news!
  19. Quick question, can't find definitive answer...it's well established that Genesis controllers are a no-no on C64...but what about SMS controllers? Do they have the same +5 or what have you that fries CIA chips with keyboard combined? I recently acquired some controllers so I'm curious...
  20. As info, I did the whole flash of an action replay and also bought a memory card. Damn, what a fine setup. Love it.
  21. Thank you all for the input here. I'm long past the idea of selling it. I have a mem card and a Action Replay on the way now, which I'll flash. That seems like it will be sufficient to keep me busy for.......y e a r s...........this hobby is such an addiction.
  22. I've been warned about the port sucking hard...is that something I should really worry about with swapping carts?
  23. Keepdreamin, I get it. I like how you revised it to don't sell it haha! Anyone like me who is an Astrocade owner pretty much is required to be responsible! I'm ordering the action replay and will flash it myself. After all the research, at this time it seems to be the best solution/cost effective for me! I'm still trying to figure out saves and keeping them intact as I'm an RPG fan. I'm hoping that you can change the battery while it's on and not lose the data, I'll just replace the battery every year that way then and it should be all right.
  24. I did not find that on Google; bizarre. I did see the bios. I'm behind a firewall at the moment and can't see that new pseudosaturn, but that's def. the asnwer I'd think. Thank you for the advice here, I appreciate you all.
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