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  1. That's a great looking FB2, very clean! If you would like it modded, let me know! Curt loved my mod kit. I happen to have the prototypes that Curt built for the Flashback 2 and the Flashback portable if anyone is interested in pics.
  2. I've got piles of these parts laying around. It's not so much charity as just fun for me. It's not a money maker even though I've sold 100 of them perhaps. If you change your mind and find the money to ship (<$20) then just let me know. Email me at [email protected]
  3. Tell you what. I operate this site: www.flashback2.com If you send me your FB2, I will mod it for you and send it back.
  4. Feel free to! Specifically, post a pic of the back of the PCB (NOT the component side) and let me see it.
  5. I am NOT 100% sure about this. However, if you would like for me to mod your FB+, I would be willing to take it. If I cannot mod it, I will find a really nice FB 2 and mod it for you. Normally it's around $50 to mod someone's Flashback for them. However, I would be happy to do it for the cost of the mod kit $35. That removes your risk. Of course, you can order a mod kit for $35 from me if you want to do the work yourself.
  6. I sell these as kits, the kit includes a template that fits on top of the flash so you can mark where to cut. The cartridge slot with the leads pretinned, the switche(s) calibrated to activate when the cartridge is inserted. My website is here: www.flashback2.com If you'd like one, tell me the color you'd like (most choose black, but I can make about any color), Use paypal friends and family to send $35 to [email protected] and give me your address. Thanks!
  7. I sell mod kits for this. With the switch integrated into the cartridge guide. Here:
  8. Oh wow, I've never seen a clear flashback! Here's the prototype, in all black.
  9. Sorry! I didn't get any notifications about this forum post. Yes, You can find my .stl files here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4917041
  10. I have both the prototype #1 for the flashback 2 as well as the Flashback Portable Prototypes. These are some pix. https://u.pcloud.link/publink/show?code=kZR6CIXZhjhT5Nycwyj9fuxOeBm3oXfguqdy
  11. I designed a pretty good cart mod kit to solve the problem of not having enough cartridge slots around from original Ataris.
  12. Thank you VERY much for the diagram! I've been looking for this.
  13. It might be possible to get the signal to 5 volts, but the real issue is that the portable doesn't have the paddle input lines into the controller. Also, i bet the atgames controller is running on 3.3 volts, 5 volts would likely destroy something. I really don't know of any way to move forward without some schematics and seeing the lines needed. I doubt there are analog lines on the portable.
  14. I don't think paddles are ever going to work, atari paddles (potentiometers) are specified for 5 volts. The portable is using 3.8 volts. Assuming the atgames chip is wired for paddles (no reason to believe it is) then the readout of the analog pots would be skewed. The portable is totally digital, paddles are analog. I don't think paddles will ever work on the portable. Asaki, I found the six connections for the joystick (up, down, left, right, fire, ground). The other (+5v, paddle1, paddle2) don't exist on the portable circuit board. I'm happy to post detailed pictures of how I did the mod..
  15. JimmyIpock

    Atari Portable Joystick Mod

    I modded my portable to include an external joystick port. These are the pics.
  16. JimmyIpock

    Atari Portable Joystick Mod

    Pictures of my atari flashback portable external joystick mod.
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