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  1. One copy limited edition, lowest # possible. Thanks.
  2. I found the fix in another post so I am all set. The fix worked great!
  3. Hi, I down loaded the Skeleton Plus rom from the rarity section of Atari Age. I loaded it onto my harmony cart and I can't get it to work. I deleted it and reloaded it and it still did not work. I even loaded the original Skeleton onto my harmony and that did not work either. I get the sounds but no picture (both games). Has anyone been able to get this game to work on their harmony? All of my other roms have worked perfectly.
  4. My harmony came with Jammed, Hunchy 2, Swoops, Thrust V1.26, 2005 Minigame Multi, Gingerbread man, Bifrost, Cold War, Stay Frosty, Medieval Mayhem and Pirate.
  5. Hi, as I mentioned in another post, I just recently purchased a harmony cart. It came loaded with several homebrews. I can't find manuals for them. Does anyone know if they are available and where? The games may be simple but I like to read the manuals to know all of the nuances. Thanks in advance for your help.
  6. First of all I would like to thank you guys for your quick response and excellent help! I adjusted the brightness and contrast. The flicker is gone from lady bug and it looks great (I also changed the right difficulty). Medieval also looks great now. The distortion is gone. I am also glad to hear that the lines on the left side of the screen are normal. I have seen them with other games and I thought there was something wrong with my Atari. Thanks again!
  7. Hi, I recently purchased a harmony cartridge. It came with Medieval Mayhem and I loaded lady bug on it. Lady bug flickers like crazy. The walls flicker/flash the entire time I play it. I thought maybe that is how the game was programmed but I watched a video on you tube and it looked a lot better. Medieval Mayhem looks distorted on the left side and has lines in the margin on the left side of the screen. I have played several other games and they look fine. Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated. The Lady bug rom I have is the final ntsc version (I live in Connecticut). Thanks in advance!
  8. I was tough making a top ten but this is what I came up with. 1. Adventure 2. Haunted House 3. Star Master 4. Space Shuttle 5. Ice Hockey 6. Pitfall! 7. Robot Tank 8. Atlantis 9. HERO 10 Spider Fighter
  9. I just got the ROM and after one play through I really like what I see. Thunder castle is one of my favorite games on the system but like most people I find it very difficult. I really like the four difficulty levels in this game. I tried the easiest level and got significantly further than I ever have. I like that I can work my way into the more difficult levels. I definitely found it more fun than the original. Thanks David, nice job!
  10. Can't wait to listen to the new episode! I just recently got caught up.
  11. I had my flashback turned into the ultimate flashback and I am thrilled with it. The picture and sound quality are great. It is awesome to be able to use this on my new tv with an hdmi cable. If you are thinking about doing it I would highly recommend it. The service was very fast and Byte Knight was very quick to respond to my email questions.
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