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  1. Get the Retro-Bit Sega Genesis 6-button controllers, they are AWESOME! I have 2 I got when I received my Mega SG and it is the best experience playing them! I have original 6 button controllers also, and the Retro Bits are identical in look, feel and gameplay!!
  2. I am a little late here, but with regards to the "era". I would say "The 80's"!! Personally, I am an 80's arcade fanatic and if there was a system that could play arcade perfect ports from back in the day, I would have pooped my pants. It was the one thing I had always hoped for (loved the CV, SMS etc) and it wasn't until the Genesis was released that I felt home consoles could replicate (almost) the feeling of the arcades with looks and sounds. But on top of arcade games, I love RPG and action adventure etc. SO seems like you have a solid lineup of ports coming out that can showcase what the system can do.
  3. Played these on the Mega SG and have had zero issues!
  4. Awesome!! And yes, love the originals!!!
  5. Just a quick question, and you may have answered it I just didn't see, but with enhanced graphics...will that be default setting or will you be able to choose between original graphics mode and enhanced in a menu or options screen???
  6. Thank you for continuing to produce these high quality products!! You guys do a tremendous job on these games and I cannot wait to pick this one up!!
  7. Holy crap....I am tapping out on this one lol wow you guys are rocking
  8. Generally speaking, because Phoenix is FPGA, the 2600 core should actually play and act exactly like a real 2600. So it will be a closer truer experience playing 2600 games and should play all 2600 games, whereas the Retron has issues playing some homebrews and other games. At least that is my take on it.
  9. I sold it for $350 total which included shipping. And thank you, it really is in good shape and works great!!
  10. I am going to have to jump on the wagon and say me too!!!
  11. JF, personally, I am very happy and grateful for the vault. I have been enjoying these games all day. Can't wait to see the update!! Again, thank you and Toby for all of this!!
  12. The Gamester 81 game woulda been cool!! but honestly, thank you Collectorvision, I am literally snowed in my house unable to go anywhere, so I am enjoying the roms to games I didnt already have!!! Really loving these!!
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