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  1. I CANNOT WAIT!!! lol ty for keeping us up to date!!!
  2. I would be interested for sure, if it were to come to fruition of course!
  3. I didn't see one in this thread, and maybe I missed it, but have you looked at doing a Galaxian controller?? One of my all time favorite games and one of my favorite and go to Colecovision games so was just curious! With what you do with everything else, I can only imagine how you would make it look!!
  4. Man, you do absolutely AMAZING quality work!!!
  5. Oh ok no worries, thank you!! Love the emulator regardless!! Thank you!!!
  6. Curious, and I didn't see this in the thread anywhere (although I may have over looked it). But I am not getting voice from Wizard Of Wor for the android version. Is there known issues with that game not working with speech with the emulator or am I missing a function within the options (I have the SGM checked). Thank you!
  7. I find it sad you went out of your way to disparage anyone for how they choose to play. For the record, and even if I don't need to justify my actions, I have my original CV from 1983 hooked up to an old 20 inch CRT and play it regularly. I also have an ADAM, also hooked up and used regularly to a CRT. My Phoenix is currently used in my family room hooked up to a 65 inch LED. I also enjoy using my raspberry pi in my man cave and playing CV games that way. Often, when down time at work, or on a lunch or maybe an overnight work event, yes I use my phone to emulate. I completely fail to see, or grasp what the issue is or why anyone would go out of their way to comment to someone in a negative way as to how or why they choose to play a game the way they do. Makes no sense to me, but I guess its the internet and anyone can say anything apparently with little to no negative effects. I hope however, you enjoy your games your way, because I'll continue to enjoy my games my way, in all forms and in all ways!!!!
  8. Awesome news!! Cannot wait to put it on my phone to play!! Thank you for all you guys are doing!!!!
  9. I got home from work lastnight and played for a while, got 250k lol I think Ill have some time this weekend to put some work in lol We REALLY need a place to be able to plst and talk about the game(s) lol
  10. Well, Mr. Pix, glad I am not your "target" audience. But I, like many others, simply don't appreciate the tone, apparent attitude and outright attacks toward Eduardo, Opcode or the SGM. You are literally offering nothing to the CV community. So you want to add features to the SGM? Cool, but due to you basically bashing the ones who produce titles for the SGM, I doubt any feature you add would be used in any new homebrew. I mentioned the Juicebox because the POS that made that condundrum, came off much the same way you are. Brash, rude, arrogant and just acting like a jack ass in general. There was no reason, in my opinion, to start the thread the way you did. So, if you produce this, and sell the handful you may actually sell, I hope you feel like you accomplished something, while the rest of us go on with our lives and enjoy what Opcode produces for us!!!!
  11. Yeah not really thinking this will do well. The juicebox bullshit created enough drama, we don't need more. Your attitude honestly seems in line with the person who made the juicebox. Not sure how many you think you will sell but most of us, I think, are up to paying more for a known, trusted and quality product like Eduardos SGM than give any money to someone spewing venom and pretending they do it "for the community". You may want to try your hand at another product. Just my opinion.
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