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  1. Well, Buck Rogers Super Game as well as Zaxxon Super Game did......
  2. Is there a way to look at an FPGA option?
  3. I think (maybe I am wrong) that you can still preorder...just have to sign up for the Opcode Newsletter!! https://opcodegames.us9.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=ef7be83c593bc1d831a827842&id=8ed2c58e0f
  4. I think a game that may not be too well known but is a fun arcade game would be Snake Pit!! Was released in 1984, was a less known arcade fitting in with some of the Colecovision titles that were created for the system from lesser known arcades of the time!!!
  5. I didn't blast him. If calling him out is blasting him then we have far different definitions of what that means. He has, through his history on these forums, been very calous and condescending to many many people who have contributed far more to this community than he has. I call it like I see it and I can assure you I was very mild in my responses to him. I even posted screen shots of him doing everything counter to what he previously stated. His only response to that was to say he changed his mind. So if the admins want to punish me for speaking my mind, so be it. The forum isnt mine and they have the right. But please spare me the "lawdawg was allowed to blast him without penalty" junk!!!
  6. Seems there was a proto with sound....
  7. To be honest, I really feel that is why he did what he did. I may be wrong, but through all of the posts he has ever made on the forums, that is the type of personality he seemed to be, very spiteful. My only regret is I let my frustration over the situation to show here.
  8. Not a pity at all, in my opinion. He was a very rude individual, and even if he were developing things, his demenour towards people and his calous attitude are off putting and makes it so no one would want to do any business with him. My opinion only. But I would rather deal with someone who comes at things genuinely than be deceptive such as how he was with the MOTU proto situation.🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
  9. He called me out becuase I pointed out his hypicrosy? And then says blame me and Swami when it isn't released? 😂😂😂😂 anyway, hopefully he leaves, since he seems like a parasite similar to juice, and we can all move on to better things relating to Colecovision!!!
  10. Not attacking and not trying to accomplish anything other than show your hypocracy!!! You are free to do anything you want. I just personally don't see you as someone good for the community. Have fun in your endeavours, whatever they may be
  11. You say no one told you but Collectorvision said they were trying to get it in another thread. You also said you wouldnt pay more than 2k which was also clearly false. So please, spare me the bs and lies. You have zero integrity and reading your posts in other threads proves that. Like I said, enjoy your $5000 treasure.
  12. Not hostility at all, simple response!!! I hope you get a handful of supporters. But I also hope the majority see through your BS and blacklist you!! Maybe I seem hostile but I support the homerewers in this community (OPCODE, Pixelboy and Collectorvision etc) becuse they have a genuine desire to help the community. You sir, do not represent those qualities in my honest opinion!! Enjoy your game!!
  13. Screw your games dude!!! Sorry, this all smells very fishy!! I personally won't play any of your garbage games and certainly wouldn't pay $100 for some game you package. Too bad you did this but not surprised, watching you in the forum guess it was obvious what you were all about!!
  14. No one cares dude!! Enjoy your $5000 "treasure"!!!
  15. Honestly I cannot personally complain, I have several controllers for both my Analogue Super NT, Mega SG and AVS...as well as raspberry pi and mini consoles. They all work flawlessly as far as I have been able to tell especially on the games I am very familiar and "sensitive" to!!
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