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  1. Can't wait to hear about the boxes!!!
  2. Yes sir, it was a complete CIB game with manual!! Very nice all the way around
  3. This is why I stated that is how "I" took it. Different people have different views! And yes Eduardo is right, all that needs to be said has been!!
  4. Tommy, I have to be honest, I was originally interested in Amico because I liked the way you wanted it to be the "family" system. But coming here and basically attacking Eduardo (yes I tried to read your responses as non confrontational, but I still felt like it was condescending) does nothing but cause conflict in our retro community and has soured me personally on giving Amico any further consideration (not that it matters I guess). The mere fact you brought up licensing (not going to get into that) tells me there is animosity or at least some negative feelings. We are a small niche of a small crowd. OMNI may sell a few hundred units, if it happens, in a market that people will probably not want to buy every single game. So like Eduardo said, there may be a game where there is 100 sold. I am at a loss as to why you felt the need to even respond since anyone can view your systems specs and there is no chance anyone here, whether for or against your system, will impact sales or reputation. I personally like old tech and seeing how people can further push the limits of the tech, it just is appealing to me. I think with people "homebrewing" new systems helps keep the scene alive and draws more interest in it. Coming in and swooping down with your 11 million dollar marketing budget bs feels dramatic to me. This scene already has had enough drama from the Chameleon debacle to a NJ rapper gone rogue with a brand name, we don't want or need anymore. Eduardo has and will continue to have our support with these projects, your goals are much bigger than this arena, maybe stick to what you are good at. My opinion only.
  5. ok cool, I was getting worried I hadn't heard anything, and with how my email has been lately I certainly didn't want to not get in on this!! I emailed last night about a box, so thank you for the updates Eduardo!
  6. That is truly great news!!! I cannot wait to get the game!!! Thank you for all you do!!
  7. Bad ass JF!!!!! I am soooo psyched to get this!!! Absolutely amazing!!! Cannot wait!!!!
  8. I would LOVE to see more Arcade conversions and original games!! So many possibilities on the Colecovision where arcade games would port over very well to the CV and also with the power of Phoenix, I know there are games that would be "Arcade Perfect"!!
  9. I cannot wait!! So stoked for this to arrive. Got a line up of games ready to play, including a few I bought and havent played yet in anticipation of playing them on Phoenix!! Thank you JF, Brian, Toby and all of Collectorvision for making this a reality. It is awesome!
  10. Yeah, I have a laptop and desktop that are fairly new, so if there is something I can easily get up and running I would do it, sadly I havent found an emulator that was fairly simple to use and set up (I am not tech stupid but not completely tech savvy either)!!
  11. No I haven't. I have only tried using what retropie has on emulation station for the Pi. All that did was frustrate and confuse me so I ultimately gave up.
  12. I looked back on some threads and couldn't find an answer to this, so wanted to ask (if I missed the question and response I apologize), with the Phoenix being out and it having some up and coming cores announced or included, is there talk of, a posssibility of or actual plans to release an Atari 5200 core? I feel that would be something people may like/want since it goes along with the time period for the main core. Anyway, was a thought I had as I haven't had much success in the emulation scene, and my actual system works but getting controllers that work, is another issue all together!!!
  13. Just went back and read, thank you. Not even sure how I missed that post. Awesome news, thank you!!
  14. Awesome news, thank you! Going to order one now!!
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