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  1. I got home from work lastnight and played for a while, got 250k lol I think Ill have some time this weekend to put some work in lol We REALLY need a place to be able to plst and talk about the game(s) lol
  2. Well, Mr. Pix, glad I am not your "target" audience. But I, like many others, simply don't appreciate the tone, apparent attitude and outright attacks toward Eduardo, Opcode or the SGM. You are literally offering nothing to the CV community. So you want to add features to the SGM? Cool, but due to you basically bashing the ones who produce titles for the SGM, I doubt any feature you add would be used in any new homebrew. I mentioned the Juicebox because the POS that made that condundrum, came off much the same way you are. Brash, rude, arrogant and just acting like a jack ass in general. There was no reason, in my opinion, to start the thread the way you did. So, if you produce this, and sell the handful you may actually sell, I hope you feel like you accomplished something, while the rest of us go on with our lives and enjoy what Opcode produces for us!!!!
  3. Yeah not really thinking this will do well. The juicebox bullshit created enough drama, we don't need more. Your attitude honestly seems in line with the person who made the juicebox. Not sure how many you think you will sell but most of us, I think, are up to paying more for a known, trusted and quality product like Eduardos SGM than give any money to someone spewing venom and pretending they do it "for the community". You may want to try your hand at another product. Just my opinion.
  4. Oh dear god, the Juice Box part Deux.........
  5. Ok Collectorvision....I LOVE the secret game, like it was a game very high up on my want list as a kid for the system, and to finally have it!! WOW!!! Very well worth it, I love it...my jaw dropped when I saw it. I literally just stared at it for around 10 minutes!!! Thank you guys for your work in keeping the CV alive.
  6. Is this something, say , someone with zero programming experience can purchase and learn to program from? Or is a basic understanding of programming needed?
  7. Oh ok gotcha!!! Just thought I would ask!! Again, thank you for all you do!! Cannot wait to see how these all turn out!
  8. Would a game like Pole Position be possible using your new tools? I don't know if that game would be too taxing on the Colecovision hardware but, just curious. Your line up of projects looks awesome and cannot wait to be able to purchase them!!! Thank you for all you do!
  9. Awesome!!!! Thank you for the update and also for the hard work!! Cannot wait!!!
  10. Awesome news, I needed some good news and you have lifted my spirits...ty JF, Toby and all of Collectorvision.
  11. Holy crap, this is awesome to hear!!! Can't wait to see how these turn out. Def will want to buy Moon Cresta!!!
  12. Definitely would be interested in a box!! Mine got damaged beyond recognition in a move.
  13. A wannabe Italian singing Que lo Que (it's Dominican)? LOL I lasted about 10 seconds into the video (which was too long) before it had to be shut off!!
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