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  1. It was in a Facebook group, JF made a comment about it!!!
  2. Well, I am happy to say, no matter what, I am beyond interested in all of this!! Thank you for all you continue to do to keep the CV alive and viable!!!
  3. I believe Collectorvision saw the sale and know who it is, and have stated they will be prohibited from getting ANY games from them ever again (both regular releases and club games)!
  4. Would those Sega super scalers be possible on the SGM 2? Maybe a rephrase....anything is possible, but would they be arcade accurate or close?? Very intrigued by the prospect as those games are all games I have VERY fond memories of and enjoy to this day!!!
  5. lol scrolling!!!
  6. Holy crap!! They all look great, and that scrolling in Gradius.....WOW!!
  7. JF, will they be shipping in May do you think? Asking because I just purchased a new home and my move date is scheduled for June 30th....so just trying to make sure I dont run into some condundrum with the USPS, which sadly always has happened when I have moved lol
  8. Well, Buck Rogers Super Game as well as Zaxxon Super Game did......
  9. Is there a way to look at an FPGA option?
  10. I think (maybe I am wrong) that you can still preorder...just have to sign up for the Opcode Newsletter!! https://opcodegames.us9.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=ef7be83c593bc1d831a827842&id=8ed2c58e0f
  11. I think a game that may not be too well known but is a fun arcade game would be Snake Pit!! Was released in 1984, was a less known arcade fitting in with some of the Colecovision titles that were created for the system from lesser known arcades of the time!!!
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