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  1. Hello! meanwhile I've made some more Overlays and I'm happy with the results. Not perfect but better than nothing! Now another question: Do you know where I can the graphic of the game "Debris" The overlay looks inpressing, but it was very rare and I couldn't find a shop where I can get it. You have an idea, or eventually a scan of the Overlay?
  2. Great! Thank you a lot for the Files! The hint with Vectrexians is useful, too!
  3. Tedadar

    Xmas Cart 2015

    Thank you for the games! This was a wonderful christmas present!
  4. Hello vtek, no problem, the topic of the thread are selfmade overlays, and its useful for me to get your inspiration. Meanwhile, I've made another try with two printed sheets, which I'm laminated. I'm very pleased about this tries: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10208399475091071&set=ms.c.eJwzNDAysDC2tDQxNzWwNDQwN9QzRIiYmhsCmQB%7E%3BSQcZ.bps.a.10208376214989583.1073741827.1431533920&type=3 By the way: Have someone of you a scan of YASI and/or Protector for me? My friend and me wants baldly an overlay for those great games. Thank you a lot!
  5. Thanks to you all for your answers! Very impressing ideas and results. The way to use more than one printed sheet is a good idea. I will soon try it myself. By the way, do you know whre I can get a image of the Yasi-Overlay? I wasn't lucky when I've searched in Google about it...
  6. Hello! since a short time, I have a Vectrex. I think it's an inpressing gaming experience to play with it. I have a Vecmulti-Card also, but the problem is the missing overlays, so I decided to try to make overlays myself. My results and the documetation of how I made it you can see here: https://www.facebook.com/sspoecker/media_set?set=a.10208376214989583.1073741827.1431533920&type=3 (Sorry, the comments are in german) My results are okay, but the colors are a little bit weaker than from an original Overlay when you play with it. And the Overlays are thinner than the original ones, but that doesn't matter when its fixed on the Vectrex screen. Did someone of you have experience in making overlays? Any suggestions for me how to make them better? When you want somting to know about my trys, please let me know! Greetings, Tedadar
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