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  1. running at foremxepro.ddns.net:9001
  2. From the album: BBS Screenshots

    Southern Amis Projects Restoration of Forem XE pro 2022 southernamis.com
  3. From the album: BBS Screenshots

    Southern Amis projects restoration of Forem XE pro 2022 southernamis.com
  4. Just so we can close this thread out... Single Disk, Altirra, FujiNet, Modem... No version 6.0 No 15 ATR's, just Forem XE pro 5.4 Running at foremxepro.ddns.net port 9001
  5. From the album: BBS Screenshots

    Atascii Welcome Screen AMIS XE BBS Recreation from days of old...
  6. Amis

    Hutch BBS

    From the album: BBS Screenshots

    Restoration of Hutch BBS
  7. The pull from the github is the most recent firmware. The version number is available in the web admin. Maybe it would be good to know what you are trying to accomplish. If this is for a connect set up to a bbs, you will need the rlistener which may explain why your not seeing the busy bbs message. A number of the AT commands are not necessary as the 850 and R: handler are the same as Altirra. If you are looking to re-write the modem.cpp I can tell you it is definitely needed and believe the FujiNet team would agree. Anyway, the tools ATR is attached which contains RLISTEN.COM if you currently do not have the files. fnc-tools.atr
  8. The AT, beyond your initial request for AT? commands are listed in modem.h, modem.cpp provides the structure. As for XIO commands, these are standard to the handler and authentic to Atari Basic. All the information you are questioning is directly in the firmware. I have attached to the two files which can be viewed in a text editor or can be reached with Xcode or Microsoft Visual Studio, other integrated development environment to https://github.com/FujiNetWIFI/fujinet-platformio.git modem.cpp modem.h
  9. PDF of the AT? screen capture attached - FujiNet AT Commands fuji.pdf
  10. Part of the problem with these various versions, The last released version, 5.4, saw TWO versions of AMP, one for the SIO modem interfaces, the other for the PBI interfaces. AMP9600 is for a MIO - @JohnPolka confirm this if you are aware of the same. MIO emulation is not available on the FujiNet - Only the 850 Also - still waiting to hear what file is missing so I can provide you with the file. Now it appears you have another corrupt file. Let us know what you need..
  11. Because it was free... Always... But donations accepted..
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