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  1. On 11/9/2021 at 6:16 PM, rcamp48 said:

    it was a bad file, it will be up in a few minutes, this is not a working BBS just the setup disk


    Just so we can close this thread out... Single Disk, Altirra, FujiNet, Modem... No version 6.0 No 15 ATR's, just Forem XE pro 5.4 Running at foremxepro.ddns.net port 9001



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  2. 1 hour ago, _The Doctor__ said:

    looks like a number of people need to update their fujinets... I ask if it's updated and they say yes- with the latest... but the at? help screen may not agree... maybe the version number could be help screen or the ati command


    The pull from the github is the most recent firmware. The version number is available in the web admin. Maybe it would be good to know what you are trying to accomplish. If this is for a connect set up to a bbs, you will need the rlistener which may explain why your not seeing the busy bbs message. A number of the AT commands are not necessary as the 850 and R: handler are the same as Altirra. If you are looking to re-write the modem.cpp I can tell you it is definitely needed and believe the FujiNet team would agree. Anyway, the tools ATR is attached which contains RLISTEN.COM if you currently do not have the files. 


  3. 21 hours ago, _The Doctor__ said:



    can we get some probing of the AT commands in the help sense for a complete list of all commands that actually work, It seems AT+ is a things and maybe the AT # $ % &  bits and pieces might be hiding in there as well... perhaps an AT&W to save config.



    The AT, beyond your initial request for AT? commands are listed in modem.h, modem.cpp provides the structure. As for XIO commands, these are standard to the handler and authentic to Atari Basic. All the information you are questioning is directly in the firmware. I have attached to the two files which can be viewed in a text editor or can be reached with Xcode or Microsoft Visual Studio, other integrated development environment to https://github.com/FujiNetWIFI/fujinet-platformio.git



    modem.cpp modem.h

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  4. 17 hours ago, _The Doctor__ said:

    I have entered the labyrinth and went looking for a complete list of FujiNet smartmodem AT commands and can't find them... where are they buried?

    If there is a built in AT? or ATHELP or similar command, can someone take screens shots of them or capture them with the terminal buffer and put them in a use-able locatable place?


    PDF of the AT? screen capture attached - FujiNet AT Commands


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  5. Part of the problem with these various versions, The last released version, 5.4, saw TWO versions of AMP, one for the SIO modem interfaces, the other for the PBI interfaces. 


    AMP9600 is for a MIO - @JohnPolka confirm this if you are aware of the same. 


    MIO emulation is not available on the FujiNet - Only the 850 


    Also - still waiting to hear what file is missing so I can provide you with the file. Now it appears you have another corrupt file. Let us know what you need..


  6. 2 minutes ago, rcamp48 said:

    You guys are riight, itr is unfinished, and I should have said from the beginning that it was missing one file, if some of you could look at what I have and figure out why it is only connecting one way, I would be greatful, I will do the same , basically I will go through the basic code and find the missing file. Also I might see what the difference is between forem 2.6 and forem xe pro, forem 2.6 works.


    What the name of the missing file? 

  7. Hard to help when you keep saying on AA and Facebook, it's done, it's working, and releasing version after version without having a final.


    Just work on it and release it once you have tested and confirmed a working version. This is how we release final product and why we only release final product. 

    At one point you wrote you wanted to charge for the effort. I figured if you wanted to monetize this you had a stable version. 


    Anyone who wants to run a BBS - goto southernamis.com as on the website are plenty of working versions of the Atari A8 bbs's. No Charge..

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  8. 20 hours ago, 8BIT 1337 said:

    I for one was *dying* to try a BBS after I got my FujiNet this summer, but didn't know where to look or how to get it running.  So I think more support is a welcome thing.

    Really good to know! Ill post a video plus on southernamis.com all the simplified instructions plus ATR's for term programs available.. The How To Connect page gives quick connect set of instructions but we are due for a new video, etc.. Ill take this one and get it into the community. Thanks!

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  9. We are getting to the core of the thread and here is my view - Use the FujiNet to its fullest capability. Experiment with the active BBS's and see if this fits with value of time and the user experience. If it's not for you or not valuable, the feedback would be welcomed. A lot has changed in the Atari community and the BBS's have evolved with the tech. Maybe your experience with other BBS's was not useful but Atari only bbs's or Atari run BBS's have a much different culture over other platform BBS's.


    I further suggest the "Things to do with a FujiNet" should provide information for the Atari BBS community. Currently in review of the document new users to the device are provided with Level 29 (ascii) as the example BBS. Glad to support updating the document to enable how to connect, settings, term programs as well as choices to maximize the use of FujiNet to include the BBS listing for the Atari (Atascii) Boards.

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  10. 2 hours ago, mytek said:

    For me it was interesting for maybe an hour or two when I was connecting to various active BBS's, but quickly the novelty wore off, and then all the reasons why I stopped using my A8 to go online focused into realty once more. Personally I think instead of going back into the past with this next generation tech, instead we should be focused on something more modern now that this tech allows for bridging the gap.


    As to what that would be... well I for one would find being able to log into one (or all) of my existing email accounts in either POP or maybe even IMAP, and then send and receive text messages, a very useful app on my A8. This is something that is bridging old with new in a practical and useful way.


    Personally I see the topic in the same objective with the addition of software preservation. BBS's today are part past and new innovation bridging continuous, evolving/emerging tech which happens to be delivered by legacy computing. The foundation is the A8, or other, and examples such as using the AWS cloud as BBS connectivity to network, FujiNet, Wimodem232, the development of hardware, software, applications, and the expanding community of users, programers, who provide continuous enhancement.


    The generation engaging with BBS's has shifted and the growth of BBS's continues surprisingly. IPTIA (http://www.ipingthereforeiam.com) shows continuous growth in the number of boards being deployed monthly agnostic of platform. The convergence of retro and modern has a place for BBS's but not interesting for all.


    Appreciate the perspective as an enthusiast, I would like to understand FujiNets impact in this area as it has been mentioned over 2000 units have sold but it appears very few use the full functionality of the device. The answer may simply be to your point, for some or most, connecting to a bbs is not all that interesting. Others it's time, and a population of users who are unaware of the existence, value, or how to connect to a BBS.


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  11. 2 hours ago, Xebec said:

    Great topic!  I've been thinking about connecting to BBSes again lately with my 800..  I actually have two Fujis.. 


    I haven't "jumped right in" because I was thinking I'd go back to my Atari 850 + Wifi232 (forget exact name) device and use the 850 Express terminal which I used as a kid on the 8bit.  I know BobTerm is a little more advanced and would be interested in trying that.


    I see the guide and appreciate that.  I will try tonight!   I guess two questions - 1. Can I use 850 Express with Fujinet?  and 2.  Not that it super matters - but what baud rates does Fujinet support?


    (And Bonus question - are there any 80 column BBS softwares working on VBXE yet?  have been looking for excuses to buy one) 

    You can use any terminal program to connect with FujiNet or the Wimodem. Set up as you did back in the day, Atascii, 2400,4800 baud and use the ATDT command but instead of a phone number, use the address and port: southernamis.ddns.net:23 from there, everything is as it was when you last used your modem to dial out..


    Baud Rates for FujiNet - 300-4800 does goto 9600 but with some character loss.

    80 Column - MouseNet is an A8 80 Column BBS - You can find the full BBS listings at http://sfhqbbs.org/ataribbslist.php

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  12. I have to say with all the Things You Can Do with a FujiNet, seem Connecting to a BBS is not used by most of the FujiNet Community. Currently running, and while highly active, given the number of FujiNet devices now in active use, this part of the functionality is either overlooked, not interesting, or more information on how to connect is needed. A short and simple How-To guide is available on southernamis.com (How to connect) as well as the ATR downloads for BobTerm and Amodem. Maybe to the surprise of some FujiNet users, 13 Active BBS's are online, AMIS, FoRem, BBS Express, BBS Express Pro, RatSoft, BBS Express ST, Oasis, etc. have been restored and in active status for years.


    Would like to understand if this is not of interest, needs more support, or other..



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  13. 20 hours ago, rcamp48 said:

     I am actually  The Master-SPy, and just started frequenting the Atari BBS's , I ran Spy Visits Spy BBS for years , just getting back into it, I have a tutorial for setting up Forem XE on either real hardware or on Altirra...... I used to call John Polka's boards quite a bit but with running a 16 node BBS under Christ Followers BBS for over 2 years, I have been busy. Still I intend to call more often..... Russ



    I think all of this is marketing. Not sure what your selling or for what reason, but i'm not buying it..  

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  14. 1 hour ago, rcamp48 said:

    As soon as I get my 130 XE and 1050 Happy drive I will be putting up Forem XE on Spy Visits Spy BBS.....I can use the address of christfollowersbbs.ca on port 1985 when it goes online.....



     I don’t recognize your handle or recall having seen you on my BBS’s or the other Atari boards each of us support daily. Have you been contributing to the Atari BBS’s on the list? What handle do you go by? Which of the boards do you call?

  15. 7 hours ago, oo7 said:

    Thanks, not all listed. Mine isnt there and echo isnt there. I started on a8 then moved to st and ran from 91 to 97


    Echo was so popular i dunno why its not listed anywhere. Ppl as far as germany knew it back in the day, it was also the first a8 bbs i remember that networked its forum. The sysop of that board and the wall and myself also knew in real life eric march fansi author


    dont know if he remembers me. Last time i saw him i was at the walls home playing playstation with them. Like 4 lifetimes ago lol

    Maybe now focus on the Active Atari BBS’s - heres the list



  16. 20 hours ago, DarkLord said:

    Well, let's hope that all the stuff going on for the last bit dies

    down by then and everyone who wants to, can make it.


    This my first time - /excitement building!    :)


    All in, All Set, See you this weekend!



  17. 4 hours ago, rickcollette said:

    I never had an ST when they were coming out.  I have worked on them in music studios.. but never owned one.

    I picked up an early version 520STFM - upgraded to rainbow TOS, upgraded the floppy disk to a gotek (waiting for my oleds to show up so i can add that to the drive), and ordered the 4MB kit + proper cabling.  Ah.. and the UltraSatan.  I also had picked up a WiModem for this purpose.


    So - on to BBS software.. whats good and working properly on the 520 with the wimodem?


    I like to mod things - so if it is a bbs that has source code - thats a plus to me.

    even better is the ability to handle doors, and includes a door game toolkit or instructions/docs on creating external games.



    Here you Go - FoReM ST from Matt Singer, his demo BBS.. Have a few other BBS's on southernamis.com download page and a couple on the southernamis.ddns.net:23 BBS


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