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  1. I don’t recognize your handle or recall having seen you on my BBS’s or the other Atari boards each of us support daily. Have you been contributing to the Atari BBS’s on the list? What handle do you go by? Which of the boards do you call?
  2. Maybe now focus on the Active Atari BBS’s - heres the list http://sfhqbbs.org/ataribbslist.php
  3. All in, All Set, See you this weekend!
  4. Here you Go - FoReM ST from Matt Singer, his demo BBS.. Have a few other BBS's on southernamis.com download page and a couple on the southernamis.ddns.net:23 BBS FORUMST.ZIP
  5. Well, Im all booked - Hotel, Flights and Car so committed for now.. Totally understand and will play this week by week.
  6. I tested DarkForce over the last several weeks and most recently this weekend and today with every bit of hardware, emulator, term program. Atari A8 - Term programs: BobTerm, Amodem, Express using the Wimodem and Emulator with all standard configurations - Tested Up/Dl and worked without issue as well as the bbs menus, inputs and message boards (RAW) Mega ST - Term program used was FLASH, standard Wimodem settings, tested Up/Dl and worked without issue as well as the bbs menus, inputs and message boards Also tested with SyncTerm - No issues on BBS including successful Up/Dl's Standard Wimodem settings, latest firmware, no special AT commands used or other.. Board Looks and works great!
  7. Glad to support running another Amis XE bbs. Versions working on Emulator and Real Hardware as JP mentioned as well as wimodem232, FujiNet, or dial up.. Its been a real blast brining AMIS back to life along with all the necessary functions and improvements. Very lightweight, fast, and stable. Some features: Sysop control panel with split screen file, time on, user information, etc, remote sysop login utilities Sparta-Dos based note/point expanded message base with reply feature, email and high message counter. 100 Messages capabiity Up/Down loads perfected for SyncTerm, Wimodem, FujiNet User Id and Password with utilities, member listings, standard security features Sub-Menus and Extra features offer main menu Log-In Controls for Bot protection Re-worked all XIO for modem polling, 300-9600 baud, connection status reset - Currently Amis XE has been running for 3 months with no crashes or need to reset Standard Clock, TOUT reset, and access level controls Graffiti Wall, Message of the Day, Sysop Status, User Logs, system status, random quotes, sysop email, voting booth, etc.. Simplified code, memory optimized for basic XE, buffer improvements Screen Driver for sysop / user, same view during active user use
  8. The Bin and Rom are up for download on southernamis.ddns.net:23 working well on Altirra and Atari800macx.. Here is the software manual as well. Bit of a heavy project load so behind in porting to an ATR. Anyone have some spare time? Express!.pdf
  9. All, This one is of personal interest. Doug Geiss of this Atari Michigan Atari Computer Enthusiasts, M.A.C.E created the The Protector at the age of 14 as part of games available for download on various AMIS bbs's. Along with the game ATR on DOS 2.5 attached is a quick video of the game, instructions, and this the M.A.C.E article from April 1984. The program started out as an exercise to redefine the character set, from the book Atari Graffics Doug is still active on the Facebook group Atari 8-bit Computers. Would be great to preserve this treasure. Protector .mov Protec.atr
  10. In my experience the stock settings (besides wifi set up) work without issue. Not much to change in the default settings as the BBS init string is going to control most of these settings anyway.. Some decisions such as Telnet VS Raw but otherwise, you should be in a position to test for any issues without much effort.
  11. Well found the utility on a SpartaDOS toolkit disk 1987 in ATX format. See the attached.. SpartaDOS Toolkit (1987)(ICD)(US)[b].atx
  12. wimodem has a well written manual https://www.cbmstuff.com/downloads/wimodem/wimodem232_manual.pdf Just look over the commands section 3 The address book is agnostic of software as it writes to the drive on the wimodem and is called up by ATDS command
  13. Applause - Applause - Applause /s
  14. Well not exactly.. Version for OSX has a screen flicker in Atascii.. See ticket and video at https://sourceforge.net/p/syncterm/tickets/62/
  15. Welcome back! Im sure the R&R on the ST plus your never surrender grit got it done!
  16. oh there are many.. amis86.ddns.net:9000,13leader.net:8023, and more.. you have to find what you seek on the walls and in the random quotes
  17. don't think you have ever been on southernamis.ddns.net:23
  18. and a bunch on the other boards as well.. lots or MazzSpeed easter eggs...
  19. I read this as his desire to stop selling direct in Poland as I have seen comments to his concern about Poland customers returns being very high. I didn't take this as discontinuing direct sales to North America.. The distribution model in any event would be good for such a business as it becomes predicable of how much product to manufacture and the distributors responsible to handle all the sales. Focus on products VS shipping
  20. FYI - dialed up amis86 yesterday with Obi200 VOIP using US Robotics. BobTerm on AtariMac800. Dialed through the modem pool in ascii with a connect and switch to atascii with 100% success - video ip address:amis86.ddns.net port 9000 dial up modem pool number used: 949-325-9040 user id and password amis86
  21. I added a two layer connect - Standard first to confirm enter without setting the translation, second Enter or Return is for the Translation. This was put into place specific to address this term program change of emulation. Pretty standard for BBS Express and FoReM but not really AMIS in the connect. Should provide enough flex to change emulation or change the emulation from ascii to Atascii at the main menu.
  22. Thanks Doc for checking it out. Curious, did Atascii on the dial up work for you or did you have to use Ascii? Going to See if I can get an XM301 working today to test as well - 300 Baud should be the most authentic of dial up
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