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  1. I have to say with all the Things You Can Do with a FujiNet, seem Connecting to a BBS is not used by most of the FujiNet Community. Currently running, and while highly active, given the number of FujiNet devices now in active use, this part of the functionality is either overlooked, not interesting, or more information on how to connect is needed. A short and simple How-To guide is available on southernamis.com (How to connect) as well as the ATR downloads for BobTerm and Amodem. Maybe to the surprise of some FujiNet users, 13 Active BBS's are online, AMIS, FoRem, BBS Express, BBS Express Pro, RatSoft, BBS Express ST, Oasis, etc. have been restored and in active status for years.


    Would like to understand if this is not of interest, needs more support, or other..



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  2. 20 hours ago, rcamp48 said:

     I am actually  The Master-SPy, and just started frequenting the Atari BBS's , I ran Spy Visits Spy BBS for years , just getting back into it, I have a tutorial for setting up Forem XE on either real hardware or on Altirra...... I used to call John Polka's boards quite a bit but with running a 16 node BBS under Christ Followers BBS for over 2 years, I have been busy. Still I intend to call more often..... Russ



    I think all of this is marketing. Not sure what your selling or for what reason, but i'm not buying it..  

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  3. 1 hour ago, rcamp48 said:

    As soon as I get my 130 XE and 1050 Happy drive I will be putting up Forem XE on Spy Visits Spy BBS.....I can use the address of christfollowersbbs.ca on port 1985 when it goes online.....



     I don’t recognize your handle or recall having seen you on my BBS’s or the other Atari boards each of us support daily. Have you been contributing to the Atari BBS’s on the list? What handle do you go by? Which of the boards do you call?

  4. 7 hours ago, oo7 said:

    Thanks, not all listed. Mine isnt there and echo isnt there. I started on a8 then moved to st and ran from 91 to 97


    Echo was so popular i dunno why its not listed anywhere. Ppl as far as germany knew it back in the day, it was also the first a8 bbs i remember that networked its forum. The sysop of that board and the wall and myself also knew in real life eric march fansi author


    dont know if he remembers me. Last time i saw him i was at the walls home playing playstation with them. Like 4 lifetimes ago lol

    Maybe now focus on the Active Atari BBS’s - heres the list



  5. 20 hours ago, DarkLord said:

    Well, let's hope that all the stuff going on for the last bit dies

    down by then and everyone who wants to, can make it.


    This my first time - /excitement building!    :)


    All in, All Set, See you this weekend!



  6. 4 hours ago, rickcollette said:

    I never had an ST when they were coming out.  I have worked on them in music studios.. but never owned one.

    I picked up an early version 520STFM - upgraded to rainbow TOS, upgraded the floppy disk to a gotek (waiting for my oleds to show up so i can add that to the drive), and ordered the 4MB kit + proper cabling.  Ah.. and the UltraSatan.  I also had picked up a WiModem for this purpose.


    So - on to BBS software.. whats good and working properly on the 520 with the wimodem?


    I like to mod things - so if it is a bbs that has source code - thats a plus to me.

    even better is the ability to handle doors, and includes a door game toolkit or instructions/docs on creating external games.



    Here you Go - FoReM ST from Matt Singer, his demo BBS.. Have a few other BBS's on southernamis.com download page and a couple on the southernamis.ddns.net:23 BBS


  7. I tested DarkForce over the last several weeks and most recently this weekend and today with every bit of hardware, emulator, term program.

    Atari A8 - Term programs: BobTerm, Amodem, Express using the Wimodem and Emulator with all standard configurations - Tested Up/Dl and worked without issue as well as the bbs menus, inputs and message boards (RAW)

    Mega ST - Term program used was FLASH, standard Wimodem settings, tested Up/Dl and worked without issue as well as the bbs menus, inputs and message boards

    Also tested with SyncTerm - No issues on BBS including successful Up/Dl's

    Standard Wimodem settings, latest firmware, no special AT commands used or other.. Board Looks and works great!  

  8. Glad to support running another Amis XE bbs. Versions working on Emulator and Real Hardware as JP mentioned as well as wimodem232, FujiNet, or dial up.. Its been a real blast brining AMIS back to life along with all the necessary functions and improvements. Very lightweight, fast, and stable. Some features:


    Sysop control panel with split screen file, time on, user information, etc, remote sysop login utilities

    Sparta-Dos based note/point expanded message base with reply feature, email and high message counter. 100 Messages capabiity

    Up/Down loads perfected for SyncTerm, Wimodem, FujiNet 

    User Id and Password with utilities, member listings, standard security features

    Sub-Menus and Extra features offer main menu

    Log-In Controls for Bot protection

    Re-worked all XIO for modem polling, 300-9600 baud, connection status reset - Currently Amis XE has been running for 3 months with no crashes or need to reset

    Standard Clock, TOUT reset, and access level controls 

    Graffiti Wall, Message of the Day, Sysop Status, User Logs, system status, random quotes, sysop email, voting booth, etc..

    Simplified code, memory optimized for basic XE, buffer  improvements 

    Screen Driver for sysop / user, same view during active user use


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  9. All,


    This one is of personal interest. Doug Geiss of this Atari Michigan Atari Computer Enthusiasts, M.A.C.E created the The Protector at the age of 14 as part of games available for download on various AMIS bbs's. Along with the game ATR on DOS 2.5 attached  is a quick video of the game, instructions, and this the M.A.C.E article from April 1984.


    The program started out as an exercise to redefine the character set, from the book Atari Graffics


    Doug is still active on the Facebook group  Atari 8-bit Computers. Would be great to preserve this treasure.




    Protector Ins.jpg

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  10. In my experience the stock settings (besides wifi set up) work without issue. Not much to change in the default settings as the BBS init string is going to control most of these settings anyway.. Some decisions such as Telnet VS Raw but otherwise, you should be in a position to test for any issues without much effort.



  11. 6 hours ago, _The Doctor__ said:


    I forget what the utility was that would pull spartados files from sectors and copy them to another drive spec when the disk directory/boot sectors were damaged... anyone recall it? This could really help out... I don't have the patience to do it by hand anymore....

    SpartaDos DSKRX - hope it works! 

  12. 3 hours ago, Tillek said:

    I really don't think it has anything to do with FujiNet or any other device.  Sure, it's a nice easy way to connect (if you can get around the issues - but all methods can have issues to overcome).


    But we've had easy ways to connect for a very long time.  SIO2xxxx (insert your favorite variant) with APE (and others).  Altirra for the emulator crowd could do this for awhile now.


    I think it's something that's been building for awhile.  It's the whole retro revolution.  It's not just Atari, it's all the BBS's it seems.  Regardless of platform.  SFHQ's new users (the ones that email me to say hi) are more from other platforms lately.  Sure there are some Atari, but a lot of the A8 crowd don't call ST BBS's.  It's why all the systems across the board are going way up in price.


    Moreover, it's the ACTIVE users.  More people actually posting (and if you follow the names, there aren't that many... it doesn't TAKE that many).


    If I had to give a reason... people are fed up with the world of today's internet (or just fed up with the world).  BBSs have a kind of personality that a forum just doesn't.  Even calling something a forum "community" is just BS.  There is no "community".


    But when you log on to a BBS... You're in Mark's little corner of the world.... or Robs... or Ron's... or James' or Andy's....   Even though people are on the other side of the world, we still have that neighborhood closeness from back in the day.


    This ball started rolling awhile ago.  It just needed to grow.  It wasn't any device or platform...  I'd almost say it was just inevitable.  This doesn't mean that devices like FujiNet or the WiModem232 didn't help, but what's happening here goes beyond that.


    Applause - Applause - Applause 


  13. 1 hour ago, Tillek said:

    Looks like we have SFHQ back up.


    Not sure how.....  Not sure how long it will last.... but such is the nature of the beast with this old stuff.


    Welcome back! Im sure the R&R on the ST plus your never surrender grit got it done! 

  14. 51 minutes ago, doctorclu said:


    Well those are two I won't call this weekend.   Hopefully you get the BBSs up again in the near future.


    I tried to call MouseNet for the first time in ages.   It gave me a password that was ... not usable.   Left message for Ralf-Markus, hopefully he is able to sort it out and get back to me.

    don't think you have ever been on southernamis.ddns.net:23 

  15. I read this as his desire to stop selling direct in Poland as I have seen comments to his concern about Poland customers returns being very high. I didn't take this as discontinuing direct sales to North America.. The distribution model in any event would be good for such a business as it becomes predicable of how much product to manufacture and the distributors responsible to handle all the sales. Focus on products VS shipping

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  16. FYI - dialed up amis86 yesterday with Obi200 VOIP using US Robotics. BobTerm on AtariMac800. Dialed through the modem pool in ascii with a connect and switch to atascii with 100% success - video 



    ip address:amis86.ddns.net port 9000

    dial up modem pool number used: 949-325-9040 user id and password amis86


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