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  1. Here you go - Located for restoration Bob Puff's, Puff BBS. Have not yet restored the platform but looks complete. Have added all ATR's which maybe duplicate for the sake of a complete pack.. Once thought lost but now found as part of the restoration through the Southern Amis projects. If you have questions or start the process of working the files, let us know here and on the BBS - southernamis.ddns.net:23 or email [email protected] for support Couple of other programs now loaded on the BBS and website at southernamis.com download section. This one is a real treasure! PuffBBS.atr.zip
  2. Located Bob Puff's - Puff BBS - once thought lost but now found as part of the restoration through the Southern Amis projects. Have not started the build but the files look complete and included all the ATR's, some maybe duplicate but for the sake of providing a complete set of files have attached everything available. If you have questions or start the process of working the files, let us know here and on southernamis.ddns.net:23 or email [email protected] for support Couple of other programs now loaded on the BBS and website at southernamis.com download section. Yes JP - the full version of BaudVille is up on the bbs and site for your baudy Bits... This one is a real treasure! PuffBBS.atr.zip
  3. Thought Lost but now found Bob Puff's Puff BBS. Needs work but looks complete. Posting here and on BBS Guru's for preservation. Will be working on the program as part of the restorations. Also posted with others on the downloads of southernamis.com If anyone is able to make progress or needs support, feel free to get in touch on southernamis.ddns.net:23 or email [email protected] -Amis PuffBBS.atr.zip
  4. Yes - Southern Amis is Atascii only so if you attempt to log-in with ascii or other, it will message Atascii only and to change your settings
  5. I run MacOS and SyncTerm and have not experienced this issue. Agree with JP maybe reinstall as your version maybe off from the last build
  6. But SyncTerm has Atascii so you get this:
  7. The board also has Busy BBS running which if the board is in use, gives you a fast message and disconnects.
  8. Southernamis.ddns.net:23 is Atari / Atascii only. The restored/New Build of AMIS, Fuji Amis is Atascii and Ascii.. A bit more to the Atascii side.. amis86.ddns.net:9000 Lets not forget it is Atari Message Information System..
  9. #BBSweek - After a month or so of grinding on the code, Fuji Amis is online and undergoing UAT and stability testing.. Modified extensively from the 1986 MACE original code, built for FujiNet or Altirra with variable baud rates, a screen driver, updated features and a bunch of improvements for the sysop, message board navigation and the option to turn on user profile / user passwords. Additional feature to reduce the once complex message compactor, is now an automated feature.. If you have a chance, atascii over to amis86.ddns.net:9000 as this is a nice piece of history and restoration that brings AMIS back after at least 20 years of being off line... Placing this project under the Southern Amis Group of Projects including the parent bbs southernamis.ddns.net:23
  10. Recently brought this version of Amis back to life. Anyone have any background on The Baudvillle? Was a MACE West I believe...
  11. Biker Bob - Let us know when your ready for some marketing
  12. Attaching Forem ST as I haven't seen the files posted. Would be great to see this running again. Tested on emulator and seems to be complete.. -Amis FoRem ST.zip
  13. Yes a very small few. Try JP's board usually pretty good luck with the dial up VOIP - Basement BBS 503-245-5416
  14. Hi Tillek - Your right XL is the current version in process for AWS and/or FujiNet. Has been a real pain and lent some of the code from XE.. All started with wanting to run on real hardware but has changed so your are correct. The XE version has been much easier to work with as the files floating around required much less programing repair.
  15. Lots of documentation for Forem XE and should be contained within the standard package from download - ATR # 3 is all docs: http://www.bbsdocumentary.com/software/ATARI/EIGHTBIT/FOREMXE/ As far as set up with FujiNet - a couple of issue with the RLISTEN need to be worked out otherwise with emulator, everything works fine. Also FujiNet has a packet issue as you will see by logging into the test board Jerry from Mouse Net has set up bbs-mousenet.dynip.online:8889 You will have to wait a long stretch to connect as the RLISTEN routine for some reason ATZ 0 reset followed by ATA for connect - you will see the modem commands after pressing return a few times.. Also - 9600 + Baud is a problem you can look at connecting with basementbbs.ddns.net:9000 and see the lock ups and how 9600 is too fast for FujiNet Southernamis.ddns.net:23 is 2400 baud and works with FujiNet but I can tell based upon the ACK occurring that data flow is not standard such as you see in SyncTerm. Large data packets could cause a lock up or delay. I haven't tried my XE or XL cart with FujiNet but have read it works.. A few returning to our community do have fully functional Forem XE boards progressing on real hardware and emulator. Emulator will come online before native hardware just due to the issue above being worked out. It will be interesting also to see if Forem experiences the same issues as BBS Express Pro and FujiNet..
  16. The bbs list is available at sfhqbbs.org
  17. The version was picked up from original disks. We compared to a few online and all seen the same. Thanks for the offer of your ATR’s and no need as we just tested and have a complete working board. Now it’s up to the sysop to take forward the final details.. Looks like we will have a few forem xl boards coming online.. appreciate the support.
  18. Thanks for checking. We just created a TXT file and it seems to be working. Not sure that will hold as the routine references password indexing.
  19. To the group - a few sysops are trying to solve a problem with ForemXE - Any insight to the PWAPP file? Seems to not be created by the initialization programs or other utilities. This group has worked through a large batch of cleaning up code and optimizing for brining up a few new BBS's. This is the last piece and a bit stuck.. Thanks!
  20. No issue here and log in regularly.
  21. I think about the engineering mind set which came from these types of hack, now called solutions. Combine the self taught knowledge of programming with the critical thinking to at a young age find such solutions and it explains a lot about our community and the Atari 8-bit Sysop generation..
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