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  1. 6 hours ago, JohnPolka said:


    Not sure how stable it is tonight.... the message base isn't working:


    [1 Min] Command: To Board #1

    Going To Board #1

    Invalid Board Number

    [4 Min] Command:


    And I tried to leave you feedback about it, but the 'F'eedback option didn't work:


    [4 Min] Command: Feedback To Sysop

    Hold On...
    [5 Min] Command:




    Think I messed up increasing your security level.. I’ll check it again.. 

  2. 1 minute ago, _The Doctor__ said:

    This is the kind of stuff that needs to be on the BBS library... call it 'The story of this BBS' or something...

    folks appreciate the backstory these day!

    Agreed and just like most of us these days, many projects and well if it wasn't for the current disruption and so much behind the keyboard time, I would not have ventured this far.. I'm intrigued by the current increase of BBS's overall as the social change from the big platforms to the smaller groups and forums is giving a space back to the people who started all of this with message boards and the excitement of cracking a game.. So many great innovation during the time which have not been published and gave foundation to a generation and built the backbone of the technology today... Legends to us and unknowns to the generations.. The documentaries on the topic don't even touch the surface.. 

  3. 2 hours ago, _The Doctor__ said:

    I am so confused as the BBS is not running on AMIS and in the North East, not in the South... Topsy-turvy !

    Its also not 1984... So nothing literal and mostly for nostalgia.. Here is the story:


    I have always been captivated by building networks, either technology, social, or creative. From the 80's and my first commodore vic-20 to the getting smart and converting to Atari, bigger, faster and the more connected the better.


    We ran southern comfort dial up bbs on a highly modified fast amis program called southern amis created and improved by a local group of sysops. Machine language was added, online slots, blackjack and of course plenty of downloads.. The author was The Griff and freely shared his upgrades and the platform with our group which included South of the Border, sysop Pedro. We all took down our board around 1988 or so along with the Bandits Hideout as other local boards (New York) were disappearing the same as the rest of the country.. Forem, Amis, BBS Express, Oasis, and a bunch of other platforms of course were quickly replaced by the web.. Long forgotten but always packed away well, my 8-bit Atari hardware close by and when the Wi-Modem was created by CB Design, I went to work on brining back some old work.. Seems i'm not alone as 20+ boards are now running via telnet..



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  4. On 6/30/2020 at 9:40 PM, JohnPolka said:

    That worked!

    Thanks and appreciate the notes.. Its been really stable and the security from running in the cloud + other perks working well.. With this said, Im going to take to the next few weeks and stand up a solid Atari BBS.. Lets see how this goes. Its only been 35 years since I was a sysop..


    AWS Cloud EC2 Running Window Server 10

    Public IP with Layer 4 Security 

    Altirria 3.90 X64 set up with 850, 96 modem and 4 Indus GT Drives 

    130XE Stock with OSS XE

    Modified BBS Express 1.0 



  5. Built on a 130XE with 850, SIOSD, WiModem and moved to the AWS cloud running Altirra emulator. BBS Express 2400 APE. 

    Altirra is being run off of AWS instance of Windows Server edition. Emulating 850+standard Hayes modem, public Telnet IP,  and 30GB of space.

  6. currently testing Altirra/X64 running on AWS public IP BBS Express - So far very stock but working on graphics, door games, expanded file base. Running Atascii and Ascii. Message Bases, Uploads/Downloads appear to be working well.. Loaded up some ATR's for testing.


    So far running 10 days 24hrs.. See if you can punch some holes in the platform..

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