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  1. Yeah I just received my copy of Another World about a month ago, took me like 3 months on the waiting list. Really waiting for another release of Alice...cartridge or CD.
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    Interested if cheaper than ebay. Thanks.
  3. Know I mentioned it before but also looking for ANY Jaguar games I dont own! AtariAge, help a newbie out <3
  4. Really cool project and despite the limited time invested you seem to be getting some really good results. Keep it up, people like myself are very interested!
  5. Hello! Long time lurker first time poster! I've always had an infatuation with the early Atari consoles because they were my dads video game systems of choice growing up -- so many fond memories of me playing Dig Dug as a child. However recently I've turned my interest to the Atari Jaguar system that I remember seeing commercials for growing up. Finding an actual Jaguar system locally was no problem -- some of the games are pricey or expensive but I've made it up to 13 cartridges with a few more on the way in the mail. I have also found there is an amazing Homebrew community that I'd love to start collecting for and participating in HOWEVER most of these require a Jaguar CD system. All the common avenues (best electronics, myatari) have dried up with units and ebay is riddled with "sealed" or bundled CD units for $500-1000. I don't need anything fancy, I just need a functional system and any games would be a bonus. Figure this would be the place to ask and even if you don't have a spare system yourselves maybe you know somewhere else to look for one. I also need plenty of Atari Jaguar games (preferably loose to save money) if anyone can help there either. PLEASE HELP, ATARIAGE!!! Thanks -Dan
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