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  1. Really just looking for pdf.
  2. Hey everyone. I've been searching for three manuals and I have been unable to find them. I am wondering if they even exist? Battle Sphere Gold Double Dragon V - The Shadow Falls Total Carnage Thank you
  3. Don't tell me what to do https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WlP0oVPXZWp9EmwGaSOwLXE4IYJQw2RKKvqIUN57HeA/edit#gid=0
  4. Hello everyone!!! I have been working on an insane project for nearly 10 years now and I am trying to wrap this up as life has taken me in another direction. If anyone has any missing videos snaps, cartridge art, or game/systems manuals missing on this list, I would truly appreciate if you could upload them somewhere. Thank you
  5. This thread is super informative.
  6. Because I am a graphics designer by trade so I can afford, and have the space to store high res images.
  7. I just collect them. I do not reproduce them or anything. You would need an entire scan for that. I just collect game art covers. I am collecting MS DOS currently too and it is a painnnn. I got my list from a rom site and that is just what was next to all of the titles. I usually get my lists from rom sites because lists are hard to find to know what covers I am looking for/needing.
  8. I just got some the other day that were top notch. 800x1000px or so. Scans that are 300xpx do me no good. I do not want scans that are darker than a cellphone image.
  9. Thank you. The reason I asked for an official list is because I want the original release with the original artwork rather than all artwork for every release. It is amazing a system this old has such a sketchy line of what was released. I wonder if a letter to Atari would have this sorted?
  10. That would be great! My Mac also is weird with colors. I have found those before. They are junk haha. Thank you for trying though.
  11. I will have them all released in a pack when I am done with these last few. Releasing a partial set helps so one as it has left me where I am now. Rather than continue to make updates to the pack, I will just gather these last few and have the whole thing available. I am all for sharing
  12. I am a total noob. I actually do not even collect games, I collect game box art. So I want a definitive list of all 2600 titles so that I can start to gather artwork.
  13. What would you say about the link I posted?
  14. I am not looking for the actual games, rather high resolution scans of the box fronts.
  15. That you we really great! I know what you mean about being complicated. I think my hair line has receded since I started this project haha. Another member sent me this list... http://atariage.com/forums/blog/279/entry-5704-how-many-atari-2600-games-are-there-answer-470/
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