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  1. Ditto, worry about the important things right now, the rest can wait for as long as necessary.
  2. Meltdown definitely benefited from being compiled, I always liked the game but it seemed very bogged down.
  3. Not to be a pest here, but when you say $500, are you talking total price to get the PCBs and to populate them? Or is that just for the set of blank PCBs? Personally I was hoping to just get the blank PCBs and any custom components initially and slowly populate the rest as money because available and I find other things to cannibalize.
  4. Tornadoboy/Andy starts drooling....
  5. "Zax-and-Violence?" "Noxxaz?" "Zoxxan?" "Zannax?"
  6. Thought I'd be a pain and give this topic a nudge. Any updates? Spent a few bucks lately on upgrades and hacks for some TI hardware I've put in a larger case but I figure I probably shouldn't go too deep into it if I'm just going to move on to one of these and/or one of the other motherboard projects being worked on.
  7. At this moment, financial I just bought a FinalGROM99 and have a USB keyboard adapter on order, that's about as much as I want to spend on TI stuff at the moment. Got some things coming up that could be costly, though if not things might look a little different.
  8. I suppose again assuming the onboard is truly capable of being turned off the best plan would be to hold out for the TIPI compatible SAMS, although again I suspect there will be some sort of enhanced motherboard replacement or an entirely newer version of the 4a available before I get to that and might be moving over to it instead.
  9. I think I'm going to go for it as far as the onboard 32k, if it's able to be turned off there's really no reason not to since I already have the parts and I can always get the sidecar later which I might with a TIPI, not to mention it adds some nice blinky lights to the front of the chassis What is the SAMS good for? Any software the uses memory that high? Or do people use it like a flash drive? It seems to me I've heard a SAMS is being developed to go with TIPI instead of the standard 32k memory card.
  10. I've got a 4a motherboard built into an old firewall chassis with a PC supply so I can play around with doing mods and building everything in one convenient box, so far it's got an F18a and switchable crystal console speedup, I've got the original keyboard externally wired up quite awkwardly with a cable and have the Jedi USB keyboard adapter on order. Doing the mainbyte.com 32k in console mod itself doesn't scare me, in the big scheme of things it doesn't look all that complicated, but are there any reasons not to do it over the other available options to boost memory? Does it cause problems with some programs or hardware? There are of course other options like one of the modern 32k sidecar boards but I don't have those parts and I'd rather not spend the money not to mention because of the way things are I'd have to run wires to it, I do however have the parts around to do the in console version. I'll probably add something like a TIPI later but that won't be for a while and I'd like to have 32k now as a have a FinalGROM99 coming. Also mainbyte's mod says it can be "switched off" but I'm not sure if I understand was is meant by that. Does switching it off make it so it's no longer there and any external 32k upgrade like a sidecar can be used? If I do the mod I'll probably do the wait state defeat and LEDs too. This may ultimately all be a moot point as there's some pretty cool stuff being worked on by people here that no doubt will end up replacing whatever I build, but again I want something for right now and I already have my TI abomination mostly built.
  11. This inspired me to finally order a FinalGROM99, I was kind of holding out because there's a couple of really cool projects going on involving replacement motherboards and open source multi-board remakes, but I want to be able to run these NOW Now I've just have to populate the 32K sidecar PCB I have so I can use everything, although that said I think I might still have an original sidecar around somewhere.
  12. This is AWESOME! It's like a walk down memory lane too! Glad someone did Maze of Ariel, that game looked good but was incredibly slow, especially with the initial maze set up. Here's my recommendations, although I don't have any of them on hand to post here but maybe naming them will inspire others who also liked them: Cavern Quest - Moonbeam software Cool platformer that already ran pretty good but might benefit from compiling. Meltdown Rather like the Atari game Turmoil, except it really needs a speed up. Window Washer Platformer where obviously you go around washing windows on a building. Zap-A-Ball Two player game where each player controls a laser gun and try to shoot a falling ball so it lands on the other player's side of the screen. Neat concept, but really too slow in original form to be that playable. Meteor Rescue Someone's really good take on the Taito arcade game Lunar Rescue. Meteor(s) Someone might have already done this one as a game called "Meteors" was posted earlier, the one I'm thinking of had the player opening gates on a bridge to let meteors drop through. Beeline Game where you play a honey bee collecting pollen. Chuck-A-Luck Dice game. The Game of Mr. T Extremely funny multi-level game where you play Mr. T! Shoosh Boomers (If I remember the title correctly) Skiing game. Wizard's Dominion 3D maze game. Schmoo Game where you try to calculate the angle and power to shoot a ball of mud at a character at the other end of the screen.
  13. Bouncer is the holiest of holy grails as far as lost games, sadly I'm getting the impression it's gone for good A few others: - Spellsinger - Gremlins - Williams Devastators - Vertigo
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