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  1. They're illegal to own actually, but if you turn it over to me I promise I'll never tell anyone you had it.
  2. If you want to add some enhancements to Kung Fu Master you might want to check out this unreleased prototype sequel to the original, it might give you some ideas: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Efr9EQkbCSQ&t=198s For the record nope it hasn't been dumped for MAME yet.
  3. Frankly if I didn't already know this was a new port of the game if someone showed me this video I would have thought it was an actual arcade PCB running with some sound and background issues perhaps due to some bad ICs, you're really nailing the look of the original game! Oh and more annoying suggestions for me Spy Hunter is another one while already having a good CV port would be FANTASTIC enhanced for the new hardware, and given the game play there's a gazillion new things you could add to it to make it even better! New enemy cars, new weapons, new roads, the possibilities are endless. It did get a sequel in the arcade but Spyhunter 2 has gone down in history as easily the worst sequel to a popular game, they could hardly have made it worse if they tried, so SH is in need of some lovin!
  4. The ideas I was working on were basically to keep the game play like the original but add a whole lot of new characters and scenarios, like going into caverns with falling stalactites you have to shoot and low ceilings you have to be careful not to hit when jumping, also instead of going uphill you go downhill at one point and have to backwards jumps over boulders rolling down the other way, also having level bosses of some kind would be cool. It's all ideas that of course could be implemented in the original but with all the additional things I was thinking of it might as well be a sequel, not to mention you have the excuse to make serious changes to the background. Back to Galaga - How about a bonus round where you take on a formation of the Space Invader aliens? Or to be funny have one where you're in the game Carnival and shooting the targets with the Galaga ship?
  5. Maybe have them spawn out of the center of the screen, some facing and heading upwards and others downwards, or even have the same ones randomly change direction? That way both players would be doing their own battles against the aliens while having to worry about getting shot from the opposing player. If you want an idea for a whole new game I suggest a sequel to Moon Patrol, perhaps called "Mars Patrol" or something, I've always thought that game deserved a direct follow up! I once played around making one myself using Yo Yo Game's Gamemaker program and got a little ways into it but gave it up because I didn't have the spare time.
  6. Well, since you're asking for ideas... - For DK 2-player mode, how about having a mode where one player would be able to control Donkey Kong himself? Perhaps rolling and throwing the barrels at will? - Perhaps this would be too tough to implement, but for two-player Moon Patrol how about having a "race" feature, where it's split screen with the upper half showing one player's course and the lower showing the other's? - For Zaxxon how about sort of an obstacle course, where one has to navigate narrow passages and such, rather like a 3-D version of what Scramble does at one stage? - For a Galaga two-player option, how about a competitive/war mode, with one player at the top of the screen shooting down and the other on the bottom?
  7. How about this: http://nivelleringslikaren.eu/ti994a_basic/ It should be able to handle basic and XB at least.
  8. My two cents... Arcade: - Frenzy - Crazy Climber - Exidy games Venture, Mouse Trap, Pepper II and Fire One. - Bump 'N' Jump - Mr. Do and Mr. Do's Castle - Elevator Action - Ikari Warriors - Qix - Spy Hunter - Looping - Demolition Derby (Midway) Other computer / console: - Rogue (PC Dos) - Astro Smash (Intellivision) - Yar's Revenge (Atari 2600) - Hard Hat Mac (PC) - Squish'em Sam (Colecovision) Sequels / enhanced versions of existing TI games: - Slymoids - Microsurgeon - Chisholm Trail - Protector II
  9. I've seen that around too, although I'm not getting my hopes up because I see cool projects like that show up on the internet all the time and far too often they wither and die on the vine or the creator just makes one for himself and never sells and/or releases the board patterns and parts placements for them. Hopefully that's not the case with that particular board as it would be AWESOME to have a plug & play Vectrex board for Asteroids cabs, I've always thought a lot of the games were more than arcade worthy and hopefully it'll spark the creation of new ones designed for coin-op cabs. I'm tempted to get a Vectrex32 module and take a crack at making my own too, but I've already got a gazillion other projects far ahead of that one. But since I'm already going to take half the parts off my logic board for IC sockets and recapping it's not a huge leap for me to strip it entirely for a scan, I've done it for other boards, but again I won't take the risk or waste the time if it's already out there somewhere.
  10. I've seen that around, and it's certainly useful for IC location and general parts placement, but it doesn't really help with the foil pattern.
  11. Whichever one works the best! Mine is like a 3GE, my ultimate goal is to make a Vectrex arcade cabinet using a Battlezone monitor I have, but I'd rather not cannibalize an original Vectrex if I can at all avoid it, the one I have is in rather nice shape aside from needing the buzz kit and a recapping.
  12. Is there a picture or scan of the logic board's bare foil pattern available somewhere? I've got to take mine out to replace all the caps and IC sockets, and I was thinking while I'm at it of stripping it entirely, taking some scans of the bare board then reassembling it so the PCB pattern is available to reproduce, experiment with etc, but I won't bother if it's already been done.
  13. Would it be a big task to also add RGB output to it of the type compatible with arcade monitors? I've often thought about using a 994/a as a hardware platform for making a custom coin operated arcade game, which in theory shouldn't be too tough since things like the coin input switches and stuff could just be wired to keyboard keys, and given the speed of this upcoming FPGA it would work all the better for games akin to the ones of the 80's. Also while it wouldn't be coin operated I've always thought Microsurgeon would be great to play in a Robotron-style cabinet with two joysticks.
  14. Just thought I'd give this thread a quick nudge, I'm anxiously awaiting for this to pan out! Any updates?
  15. I seem to vaguely remember a text game simply called "Sex Maniac", but I don't remember the particulars. The one for the PC that always cracked me up was Astrotit, which was like the game Astrosmash except with a dick for the player and various obscene objects coming down like boobs and vibrators (which batteries fell out of when shot) instead of asteroids, it was pretty well made for it's time and I've wished someone would make an updated version.
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