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  1. Someone ought to make a Game Genie-type gizmo that goes between the cartridge and the port, then people can come up with whatever cheats they want for whatever cartridge, present and future. I don't know how viable that is with the hardware/software compared to an NES but it's an interesting thought.
  2. Here's a bunch of really cool mods: http://www.mainbyte.com/ti99/upgrades.asp
  3. Pity it's probably not the same as Pit Fighter, that game might have finally been useful for something other than a door stop 😛
  4. Since I deemed it so! So nah nah! OK seriously, you're right this is starting to turn into a thread hijack, I'll refrain from discussing other games aside from MM.
  5. Yep I haunt KLOV regularly Got the same avatar there too! God I hope you're right about Bouncer at least being in the hands of a collector, personally I had pretty much written that one off as extinct given all the work Chris at Turbosub.com has done trying with no luck to track one down. I implore the owner if he's out there to PLEASE back those ROMs up if you haven't already and if you don't plan to release them please release some decent video of the game play (even anonymously), us preservation fanatics would be VERY happy to know it still exists! I had heard about the Vertigo but wasn't sure if it was true or not, I make the same plea to him too, though at least it can be said it lives on to some degree with Top Gunner being preserved. Ms. Dynamite turning up was a shocker to me, I saw it nonchalantly pass by on camera in one of Jason Arcade's videos and just about fell out of my chair! I was like "WHAT?? WTF??????" before backing up on the video
  6. Truth be told as much as I still consider it the holiest of lost ROM holy grails, Bouncer looks like a game that I would have probably gotten sick of pretty fast, games where you're getting attacked from all sides and it's a perpetual balancing act racing from one spot to another just barely in time get on my nerves, Birdiy is a good example of that game type. Gremlins except for the car scene frankly doesn't look like my kind of game either, looks very boring in fact, but that said it still depresses me they're probably both lost forever.
  7. That's what I've heard too, but it's only part of it and really isn't useful for anything.
  8. Do bother enduring that movie, here's a promotional video: I really hope I'm wrong, but I get the impression that game is gone for good , at least one guy has been doing pretty in depth research on it and has even spoken with former employees but still hasn't so much as found the ROMs, he has a webpage about it at www.turbosub.com
  9. Bouncer from Entertainment Sciences is a pretty sad example of what was probably a ground breaking game going extinct because of financial problems rather than issues with the game, it tested good wherever they showed it and I bet would have been a huge hit if it was released, it's just that because of the hardware needed each unit was going to cost in excess of $4,000 when most games were going for around $2,000.
  10. Very true, some of them look interesting but are probably terrible as far as actual play, Tattoo Assassins being a good example in my opinion. I bet if Spy Hunter II hadn't been released and all we had was a few photos to go on people would be bouncing off the walls for it to get dumped, but we'd all be in for a rude awakening when it did And games like Crazy Otto are really nothing but versions of an already available game, just with different graphics and a few minor tweaks. Regardless I think ALL games deserved to be protected, though Marble Man to me anyway looks like a genuinely fun game.
  11. Yeah I guess that's true and I really do take a lot of satisfaction with games knowing if nothing else it's in safe hands and not going to be forever lost like too many prototypes (cough cough... BOUNCER and VERTIGO), I look at these games as people's works of art and hate the idea of them simply being GONE. But hopefully now we get to PLAY this one! I always loved Marble Madness and no doubt this one would also have consumed an embarrassing amount of quarters from me if it had made the rounds at arcades! I can't believe it was dropped for instead releasing a generic steaming pile like Guardians of the Hood!!
  12. This is a great development, MMII is close to the top of my list of games known to still exist getting dumped!
  13. How about an "Oh Shit" key? That's something PCs have been in desperate need of since their invention! Jokes aside, I'd go with the arrow keys, I think most people would rather just plug in a regular mouse than use the joystick as it'll be awkward to use the buttons like that.
  14. I like your thinking! Will that really work though? Won't the mapping be messed up as Jedi's board is expecting to convert a regular PC keyboard's output? Even if that's the case it's probably not much that would need to be tweaked in the code.
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