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  1. Just thought I'd give this a nudge and see if there's anything new going on? Hope all is well over there? I've been playing around with Sprint Layout a lot lately and making gerbers of some rare arcade related stuff and I'm starting to get tempted to do one of the motherboard and make some mods of my own, mainly just making the board in two sections so it'll fit in smaller cases and maybe changing some of the connectors, though I don't know if I'm up to the task of incorporating upgrades like internal 32k and such. Is there a gerber for the original motherboard available anywhere?
  2. I have absolutely no first hand knowledge of any of it but I wouldn't be surprised if they worked out a deal with the copyright owners and are cutting them in for some royalties, which would make sense as it wasn't making them any money just sitting in oblivion like it was and if they want to do something else with it in the future this will garner some attention, after all it's a game which outside the collector's community few know even exists. As far as the hardware they're simply converting existing boards they purchased so there's really no copyrights involved in that as they're just reusing existing boards they own and in a way that isn't infringing on the original board's game copyright. I imagine it's like buying new cars, doing major enhancements on them then reselling, that may sound like splitting hairs but I'm willing to bet that's how it shakes out. As far as CRTs? Maybe they found a stash of new old stock somewhere or they're just using rebuilt ones, as long as they're not pretending they are brand new there's nothing wrong with it.
  3. SP2 was such a blown opportunity, if they had just kept the original top-down game play and had made it two player with different special weapons, more variety to the roads, maybe the flying level they wanted to do in the first and more enemies I think it had the potential to be a huge hit. But instead they had to get cute, try to show off and reinvent the wheel then ended up putting out something completely unplayable, if it had been up to me I wouldn't have bothered releasing it and made them start over from scratch, the original code would have become a grail for MAME of unreleased ROM curiosities.
  4. With having now seen but not played it I can guarantee you this much, it's no Spy Hunter II that's for sure, which frankly was the Star Wars Holiday Special of video game sequels. If it had been in my local arcade would I have played it? Again with only the videos to go by I'd say yeah probably, it's unlikely it would have been addictive to me like some games and I doubt I would have liked the joysticks, but at first blush it looks like it has potential and I could have seen myself sticking with it until I got through all the levels.
  5. Also alternately known as "IRS Simulator" By the way, the speech on the title screen just about had me fall out of my chair!
  6. My god, imagine if a Bouncer ever turns up? People will be in the streets attacking each other with swords. I've probably already said this here but personally I take some satisfaction just knowing the game is safely preserved, sure I hope to play it someday and would love to see the ROMs and repro/modified boards put out but there are some decent play through videos where I get to see what the game's really all about, so it takes most of the mystery out of it for me. Spellsinger... Gremlins... probably Bouncer and maybe Vertigo, too many great games are simply lost forever and that bums me out far more than never being able to play something that is otherwise safely preserved. Re: Interest in head-to-head Missile Command II, isn't that game extremely buggy and the ROMs found from relatively early in its development? Still wouldn't mind playing it and again I'm glad it still exists but at least MM was pretty much completely finished and ready for production, I get the impression MC2 is more a curiosity than much of a playable game.
  7. The cool thing is that I believe halfway decent pics of the original artwork are out there so if someone wanted to recreate it for repro cabs it should be possible, if the ROMs get released someone might even be able to talk the owner of the original cab into letting them scan it and do up a blueprint of the cab itself.
  8. Nice! I'm going to have to check that out, I can think of a ton of games that would be interesting to add spinners and trackballs to! Where's the controls forum? Is that on atariage somewhere?
  9. Crystal Castles with a JOYSTICK?? Yikes, I don't even want to know what it felt like trying to play that version! Fortunately if I understood them right it sounds like they're almost done re-adding trackball support to MMII and just need to tweak it a bit, which just goes to show how smart the people working on this are, to be able to even attempt to do that.
  10. HOLY S**T!!!!!! X 1,000,000!!!! Check out John's Arcade latest video!! Particularly at 2:12:10 !!
  11. Ditto, worry about the important things right now, the rest can wait for as long as necessary.
  12. Meltdown definitely benefited from being compiled, I always liked the game but it seemed very bogged down.
  13. Not to be a pest here, but when you say $500, are you talking total price to get the PCBs and to populate them? Or is that just for the set of blank PCBs? Personally I was hoping to just get the blank PCBs and any custom components initially and slowly populate the rest as money because available and I find other things to cannibalize.
  14. Tornadoboy/Andy starts drooling....
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