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  1. I recently tried it through the MESS emulator and I've got to say you absolutely NAILED it! I'm a fan of the Colecovision port and I even own an actual BNJ arcade cab so I know the game well, great work on your part!
  2. Whomever owns the rights to MM2 ought to just release it perhaps not in ROM form but as part of a collection of unreleased atari prototypes that'll run on the PC, XBox, etc, unless the price is sick it would probably be a good seller, just letting the games collect dust isn't going to make them money anyway.
  3. It'll seem strange but I'd pay someone to hack Microsurgeon so it had an attract mode, a 1-coin-per-play function, a high score list and a few other enhancements so I could build it into an arcade game, I always thought it would have been awesome with Robotron-like joysticks. There's a few other games I'd probably give the arcade treatment too as well, I love 80's style video games. As far as hardware? Not sure, maybe get a 99/8 or pay someone to do a run of repros, although it sounds like the upcoming Geneve 2020 will blow that thing out of the water anyway.
  4. I'd like to see some of the last vaporware games see life, like Horse Racing, Dracula, Super Smurf and Skiing as shown on the Colecovision box.
  5. I just remembered another one: "Mr. T" or maybe it was "The Game of Mr. T" which was in extended basic and pretty funny, if I remember it said on the title screen "I pity da fool who plays this game!" I can't remember if there were more levels but there was one where you had to get his head across the screen while avoiding scissors that were trying to cut his mohawk, and another where you had to run back in forth with something like a shopping cart to catch things that were falling, kind of like Atari's Kaboom.
  6. I can't wait for the Geneve 2020 to come out, I want to load that thing up with every piece of software I can find for the 4a and just be able to stroll through the library rediscovering games I've forgotten and trying out new ones!
  7. It seems to me I saw somewhere that it had been done, but I couldn't tell you where to find it.
  8. Just thought I'd take a stroll down memory lane My list off the top of my head in no particular order... Basic - Tick World - Cars and Carcases - Frazzle - Maze of Ariel - TI Trek - Robot Jokes (we used to hack it in school to say all kinds of jokes it was never intended to ) - Mad Libs (same as above) - Jumping Jack - Motorcross - Camel - Chuckaluck (correct name? Yahtzee like game) - Close Encounters of the Simon Kind - Zap-A-Ball Xbasic - Meltdown - Bird Brain - Cavern Quest - Window Washer - Survival - Bladerunner - Mean Streets - Blackbeard's Treasure - Meteor Rescue - Bee Line - Tower
  9. Thought I'd give this thread a kick and see if anything new is going on? COVID-19 is complicating a lot of things to say the least, lockdowns and sickness aside I imagine there are major supply chain disruptions to electronics and PCB fab.
  10. Someone ought to make a Game Genie-type gizmo that goes between the cartridge and the port, then people can come up with whatever cheats they want for whatever cartridge, present and future. I don't know how viable that is with the hardware/software compared to an NES but it's an interesting thought.
  11. Here's a bunch of really cool mods: http://www.mainbyte.com/ti99/upgrades.asp
  12. Pity it's probably not the same as Pit Fighter, that game might have finally been useful for something other than a door stop 😛
  13. Since I deemed it so! So nah nah! OK seriously, you're right this is starting to turn into a thread hijack, I'll refrain from discussing other games aside from MM.
  14. Yep I haunt KLOV regularly Got the same avatar there too! God I hope you're right about Bouncer at least being in the hands of a collector, personally I had pretty much written that one off as extinct given all the work Chris at Turbosub.com has done trying with no luck to track one down. I implore the owner if he's out there to PLEASE back those ROMs up if you haven't already and if you don't plan to release them please release some decent video of the game play (even anonymously), us preservation fanatics would be VERY happy to know it still exists! I had heard about the Vertigo but wasn't sure if it was true or not, I make the same plea to him too, though at least it can be said it lives on to some degree with Top Gunner being preserved. Ms. Dynamite turning up was a shocker to me, I saw it nonchalantly pass by on camera in one of Jason Arcade's videos and just about fell out of my chair! I was like "WHAT?? WTF??????" before backing up on the video
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