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  1. current version of Super Packer is 6.8 (exomizer 3.0)
  2. unit VBXE, new improvements SetPlayfieldPalette SetOverlayPalette Line PutPixel vbxeCustomPalette.obx vbxeCustomPalette.pas vbxeOverlayLine.obx vbxeOverlayLine.pas
  3. MadPascal (FreePascal), Pi Bench pibench.obx pibench.pas pi_spigot.obx pi_spigot.pas
  4. WaskawyPan_Atari_Epi.g2f
  5. System Clock Doubling For increased processor throughput, the system clock output from TED doubles frequency from 894KHz (NTSC) to 1.788KHz (NTSC), during non−display times. The horizontal position register counts 456 dots, 0 to 455. During counts of 400−344, wile in raster lines 0 to 204, the TED device outputs single clock. During this time TED is doing processor handshaking (counts 400−432), character fetches (counts 432−304), and dynamic RAM refresh (counts 304−344). Outside of this horizontal window TED outputs double clock (1.788KHz). During raster lines 205−261 for NTSC (205−311 for PAL), TED outputs double clock at all times except horizontal counts 304−344 which are single clock to allow for dynamic RAM refresh. If the blanking bit (Register #6) is cleared, the active display is cleared, the screen is filled with border color, and double clock is enabled at all times except refresh.
  6. Tortgenda_Atari_Piesiu.g2f Yoomblazer_Atari_Carrion.g2f
  7. Piccolo2G2F AsianWolf_C64_Rensoupp.g2f ByPalOrange_C64_Rensoupp.g2f EyeOfWar_C64_Rensoupp.g2f Geezer_C64_Rensoupp.g2f Gollum_C64_Rensoupp_Tebe.g2f MunMiri_C64_Rensoupp.g2f POP_C64_Rensoupp.g2f Yoda_C64_Rensoupp.g2f
  8. speed up for b0i := 0 to 7 do begin m := 40 * b0i; for b1i := 0 to 15 do COLORRAM[m+b1i] := (b0i shl 4) + b1i; end;
  9. DOS 2.5 and similar set sector number, only SDX file positions unti SYSTEM procedure Seek(var f: file; a: cardinal); assembler; (* @description: Set file position (SDX only) @param: f - file handle @param: a - new position *) asm { txa:pha mwa f :bp2 ldy #[email protected] lda (:bp2),y tax lda #37 sta iccmd,x ldy #[email protected] lda (:bp2),y sta eax iny lda (:bp2),y sta eax+1 lda #$00 sta eax+2 sta eax+3 mva a ecx mva a+1 ecx+1 mva a+2 ecx+2 mva a+3 ecx+3 jsr imulECX mva eax icax3,x mva eax+1 icax4,x mva eax+2 icax5,x [email protected] ciov sty IOResult pla:tax }; end;
  10. new MP on GitHub, https://github.com/tebe6502/Mad-Pascal
  11. it's like Pascal procedure 'Window' https://www.freepascal.org/docs-html/current/rtl/crt/window.html
  12. do not mix Pascal code with the assembler in the INTERRUPT block, it is very dangerous, leads to unstable program operation Pascal code reused variable :BP, :BP2, :STACKORIGIN+XX, X register
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