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  1. https://github.com/tebe6502/Mad-Pascal/blob/master/lib/md5.pas
  2. ; optimize FAIL (100, test_3.pas), line = 154 inx mwy A :bp2 ldy #$00 mva (:bp2),y :STACKORIGIN,x @printCHAR dex @printEOL listing 'test_3.pas', line = 154 writeln(a); it is clear to me
  3. uses crt, atari; var a: byte; begin lmargin:=0; // left margin POKE(622,1); // E: vertical scroll enabled TextMode(0); // reset E: repeat a:=6+rnd and 1; write(chr(a)); until keypressed; end. screensaver.obx screensaver.pas
  4. Exomizer has changed, current SP version support newest Exomizer (is attached)
  5. impressive, TIX is a secret weapon
  6. v6.8 http://madteam.atari8.info/uzytki/sp.7z
  7. new unit MD5 https://github.com/tebe6502/Mad-Pascal/blob/master/lib/md5.pas md5_bench.pas md5_bench.prg md5_bench.xex FPC: writeln(MD5Print(MD5Buffer(test, 512)));
  8. new switches -target [-t] -zpage [-z] -code [-c] -data [-d] -stack [-s] -define [-d] -ipath [i] mp.exe -t c64 -z 10 generates code for C64 (zpage=$10) https://github.com/tebe6502/Mad-Pascal/tree/master/samples/c64
  9. E: ? maybe S: -> S2:
  10. Rasta Juice, without PMG, only bitmap mode and raster split yoda_rastajuice.mch yoda_rastajuice.xex
  11. it's not true char mode -> rastersplit -> badlines -> disable badlines -> loss of control on the fifth color
  12. disable 'Align PMG pixels to char' p.s. Align pixels is nessesery for 'Fade Effects' (Random box, Box, Left/Right, Plasma)
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