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  1. I agree - I am not sure where the online hate comes for Dan and Terry (the owners). Jealousy perhaps or just lots of second guessing of what the "best thing" to do with it is. I am part of a retogaming group in Hong Kong and met and got to know them at http://retro.hkwhen they showed it off publicly for the first time. They are still in touch with our group and are as genuine as can be. Delightful is a great word to describe them both - completely down to earth, approachable and grateful for the opportunity and experiences the prototype has given them. They had the prototype without knowing really what it was for many years so any kind of suggestion that they deliberately rigged things to get it are absurd. Now they have been clear they want to share it with the rest of the community as much as possible. Doing things like getting Ben Heck to repair it (many people would not even consider touching the internals like this), letting people play with it and hold it is IMHO much better than putting it behind glass and letting it be a static museum piece. We are really lucky they ended up with it than any other people I can think of.
  2. I got the same thing from CyberGadget eventually. I contacted my Hong Kong based retailer and they weren't very helpful (told me I was out of warranty because they bought it from Cyber Gadget more than 1 year ago - even though I bought from them less than 1 year ago and was supposed to be 1 year warranty! Typical for HK unfortunately). Managed to talk them around a little bit and they gave me a good price on a replacement unit which seems to work fine and updated just now to 2.3 without issues. Really disappointed the first unit went bad. I always treated it with kid gloves and it upgrade all the way from 1.0 to 1.5 without issues but got stuck there. Anyway, back happily RetroFreaking and now I can use my RetroFreak Gear Converter GG/MKIII/SG cartridge adapter finally after a kind friend got it from Japan for me (which is what prompted me to upgrade the firmware in the first place!). Thanks to everyone who gave me very helpful suggestions to fix the first one!
  3. Tried a couple more things - still no luck. Found links to download v1.6: http://retrofreak.in/ja?src=17e62166fc8586dfa4d1bc0e1742c08b and v2.0: http://retrofreak.in/ja/?src=072b030ba126b2f4b2374f342be9ed44 and tried updating with those. Same issue "Installation failed - error code: 1000" Also can't seem to find any "factory reset" type option, so I'm running out of things to try :-( Anyone got a direct contact for CyberGadget support which may be able to help?
  4. Thanks entryan and Liqmat - have tried an old plain SD micro SD 1GB card and two more recent SDHC 16GB and 32 GB cards (the 32GB straight fresh from the packet Samsung brand one) No luck. I might see if I can somehow factory reset all settings and see if that helps. Since it's otherwise working fine I have been holding off doing anything too drastic, but seems others not having the same issue so got to try something. Will post back here if I have any luck or learn anything more. Thanks again for trying to help :-)
  5. Firmware 2.3 is available now - see: http://www.cybergadget.co.jp/support/retrofreak/update/ However I am having problems installing it. I have version 1.5 firmware installed and only just now getting time to try to update beyond that. After going through the normal cycle of writing request file to the SD card, uploading it to cybergadget and downloading the firmware update I get the following error message: "Installation failed - error code: 1000" I can't seem to find any reference to this error. Anyone else seen this problem or similar? Things I have tried: - Disconnect the main RetroFreak from the cartridge adapter (and all other adapters) - Multiple Micro-SD cards - Reinstalling 1.5 which seems to work Additional information: - On 1.5 it does not seem to remember my language, acceptance of license agreement or monitor settings. It asks me to set these every time I turn it on. Not had this on previous firmwares - Otherwise everything is working fine - System Information shows: RetroFreak application: v1.5 (build 2764), System software: v0.2.0, Hardware revision: v1.0 Does anyone know a link where I can request an earlier firmware in case its just 2.3 thats the problem? Never had issues before in updating the firmare. Any ideas of other things to try? Thanks in advance!
  6. Oh this is new - Famicom to NES adapter from Cyber Gadget specifically for the Retrorfreak. Coming in July: http://www.cybergadget.co.jp/products/4544859022630.html
  7. I was just coming here to post about the 8bitdo receiver - seems great add on to the RetroFreak - let us know how it works when it arrives! I have the SFC30 controller and really like it. Build quality is great. Hopefully they release the SNES/SFC wireless adapter soon too. I saw the prototype in action at http://retro.hk and it worked well but they still don't seem to sell it.
  8. Have you tried changing the "Display overscan" and/or "Force Original Resolution" and/or "Screen Size" settings under the "A/V Settings" menu for that game? This might help.
  9. Oh and another recent video review (this one a bit better as I think he played more before reviewing and found more features):
  10. If its a standard cartridge it should work. Games which are not in the included database come up with an "Unknown" plus a checksum. Its done this for some bootleg multi-carts I have tried. You can then go into the menu and tell it to write the game database to XML on the SD card. You can then edit the XML on the SD card and change the name from "Unknown" to the actual game name you want. From then on it will use the correct name. I managed to get my hands on 3 addition separate RetroFreak controller adapters here in Hong Kong today so now I have a total of 4 for some authentic multiplayer goodness :-) Also new video RetroFreak review from Gamester81 here:
  11. Did you see this teardown? (teardown starts about halfway through)
  12. Just while people are talking about supported peripherals - I assume you have all seen the official support page noting this (use google translate for English): http://www.cybergadget.co.jp/support/retrofreak/supportlist/8070/ Also list of game specific issues here: http://www.cybergadget.co.jp/support/retrofreak/supportlist/8077/ I have an emulator on the Wii for SFC which supports using the Wiimote for Superscope games which works decently. Would be amazing if Cybergadget could get that kind of emulation going via a bluetooth dongle!
  13. Seem's I'm in the minority here, but I like filters and scan lines (though don't usually use extreme filters). To me my memories of playing these games are from CRT's (including CRT monitors like Commodore 1841) which, though clear, never showed square pixels. Things were a little bit rounded and separated between scan lines. It's what I disliked when I first moved to PC's around the early 90's, games that looked really nice at 320x200 type resolutions on Amiga/Atari ST/console monitor/TVs looked wrong with square pixels on VGA monitors at the same resolution. Hence I feel better with some kind of filtering. I agree the scanline implementation is not best on RetroFreak (probably due to only running at 720p), but it still usually (depending on game) looks more realistic to me. The great thing about the RetroFreak is that its all configurable, so each of us can play how we like! PS: I've never experienced overheating on mine and I play usually with filters and scan lines and leave it on all day sometimes.
  14. Sorry to hear you had this happen. Hopefully you get it replaced quickly and as you said its an isolated problem. I am certainly loving mine and touch wood had no issues so far. I am on the latest firmware which does seem to work well and have some nice usability tweaks. Really looking forward to the extra cartridge adapter being released soon to get even more systems runnning. Also love to see how to put other emulators on the system. Seems like from the videos it has enough power to run some decent 3D emulation.
  15. If anyone happens to be in Hong Kong next Tuesday 15th March at 7pm the Hong Kong Retro Gaming meetup is on and we will be playing with the RetroFreak. See here for details: http://www.meetup.com/RetrogamersHK/ Other events regularly - come join us!
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