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  1. The Music Box BBS Well Well Well, I finally stumbled across this forum. I'm Mr. DJ, sysop of 'The Music Box' BBS, Indianapolis, IN in the 80's. First year operation was 6pm to 6am 7days week. A year latter I went 24 hr/7 days with a dedicated line. Wound up living behind the Sysop of 'The Dog House BBS', who got me into Carina and Carina II. The music Box featured (what else) music files users could download and play, showing off the great musical abilities of the Atari 8 bit system and it's sound chip. I also featured a few on-line games, and wrote the Atari 8 bit on line version of the popular card game Skip-Bo. A user from California designed the opening ATASCII graphics of his vision of a Music Box (a boom box). Really Cool. I ran an Atari 800xl with 256K ram disk, modified my own version of Carin II. The core of the BBS ran entirely from RAM Disk. Lot's of users could not believe a BBS written in Basic could run so fast. 4 DSDD floppy Drives, and a 1200 baud (upgraded to 2400 baud modem. Those were the days.
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