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  1. Happy Birthday Dreamcast! Man, I'm feeling the years... I worked at Sega.com in SF for a brief period of time while it was king. They were also trying to create SEGANET which was also way ahead of it's time & not quite ready for prime time in that most people (including myself) still had slow ass dial up. Love the t-shirt post! I got drunk out of my mind along with a bunch of other people the day they laid us off shortly after they stopped making the system. It was a beautiful system/piece of hardware and we all got free ones when we worked there. I actually had two and I gave them both to relatives. In retrospect I wish I had held onto them. It seems like the prices/value has climbed up quite a bit after all these years. It did have some gorgeous looking titles. The water/beach always looked so pretty in Sonic Adventure. Jet Grind Radio was pretty super awesome and my niece/nephews couldn't stop playing Powerstone & Rush 2049 on that system. Shenmue was gorgeous & cool... Plus, Crazy Taxi was a hoot to play too. It would be super cool if they did a Sega Dreamcast Mini in honor of the system. Happy 20th Anniversary Dreamcast!!!!
  2. I thought they did a great arcade like port. It does seem rather strange mixed in with original Atari titles. I do really like the original Atari 2600 Space Invaders. It was great for the time. The Atari 8 bit port is really nice looking/fun too. And YES those Parker Brothers ads were awesome. Some ports to systems where better than others. I remember loving my ColecoVision at the time and I thought Parker Brothers did a good job with Q-Bert for it. Atarisoft had some decent ports to the old ColecoVision too.
  3. I bought mine about a month ago for $30 from the local Gamestop. I was impressed by the look of the device and I REALLY like how easy it is to use. I've tried to use Vice on a hacked Wii and it always seemed like a pain to load the file, change joystick ports & play properly. I agree with others that the joystick isn't all that precise. Makes me long for the old Atari joystick to play games. I do have an old USB Gravis gamepad PRO I've plugged in that is working rather nicely. The joystick port thing is a bit annoying & I'd always run into that with Vice on the Wii too. Sounds like the easiest solution is plugging in two joysticks. I will have to buy a USB port expander. Overall I am a happy camper & I find myself playing it quite a bit. Some of these games were super hard & having an easy way to do save states is beyond AWESOME! Nice to see such a thorough discussion about this product on this forum.
  4. A VERY nice/good friend bought me a Switch for my 50th birthday along with this cartridge and it's been great. Probably THE best gift someone has given me in years. So very generous of him. The Switch is a beautiful piece of hardware and Nintendo was very smart to make it so mobile and easy to play. I guess he knew that while I'm not a great gamer I do have an appreciation for hardware & videogames. I think like so many of the people on here we grew up during the golden age when these digital beauties came out of nowhere & just ignited our childhood imaginations.
  5. Curse you Slickdeals and my spontaneous purchase of a refurbished Wii U from Gamestop. So hope it's in halfway decent shape.

  6. This is so goddamn impressive! I just downloaded this to an Uno cartridge that I just bought. Holy smoke what a great version of the game for the Atari 2600! This truly is a labor of love and it is very much appreciated. Wow, it even has the intermissions!!!! Who would have imagined the Atari 2600 could look so good. I'm a fan of the Atari 8bit version of Pacman which I still dearly love, but this one blows that one out of the water. It's wild to see new versions of our beloved classics still being ported to this system. Thank You!
  7. This is REALLY impressive for the Atari 2600! Would be cool to even have a sequel cart with different levels/mazes.
  8. I LOVED all the Supercharger games I owned. I wasn't a huge Defender fan, but I thought this was a decent game.
  9. Goodwill is one of my least favorite thrift stores. I have on occasion bought items there though. Got my iCade cabinet there for like $15. I was on my bike so I had to buy a $5 backpack to get it home.
  10. I'm pushing 50 and I've always been fairly mediocre at games. Back in the day I did finish Montezuma Revenge, but for the life of me (even with save states/cheats now) I can't seem to complete Montezuma's Return. I did just recently get really far in a few GB/GBC games Frogger 2 & Lock N Chase comes to mind. I think more than anything just like the look and graphics. I'm a sucker for nostalgia and the care free days of the 1980's.
  11. Great suggestion... you would think Qix would VERY much lend itself to an Atari 2600 version.
  12. Coolness, I too have had my share of Superjoy I've bought from the thrift store. LOTS of NES titles and weird clones. But ya there usually was 1 or 2 games that made you smile/seemed quite original. I remember seeing these at the flea market too. Sometimes for $20 or $40 bucks. I like the compactness of this one. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Wow, that is an impressive setup! Thanks for bringing the ADAM Computer back out. That poor computer was much maligned when it came out and yes it had production issues. I also heard it just about sunk Coleco Industries. Back in the day we were impressed that you could get so much for the money (whoo hoo Dot Matrix quality printer & computer). Dang the printer was loud. My friend & I also mistakenly thought it was going to be compatible with the Apple IIe. I think it's because they talked about the BASIC that was on board/included being similar to the one in Apple computers. There was a super cool flyer I clipped from a magazine that I had hanging on the wall that my friend and I would always eyeball. We both finally could afford it when it went on clearance. I enjoyed mine the 2 or 3 years that I had it. Eventually, the printer began to sound like a machine gun when it turned on & the tape drive started erasing tapes. So cool you have the disk drive too. Thanks for posting! Coleco ADAM forever!
  14. Yes, many GREAT games. I'd play my C64 and Amiga for hours. I still enjoy them via emulation. Cool, that you still have the originals. Also, in re-looking at your pics what a GREAT deal on your Turbo Grafx 16.
  15. Ah, I'm glad to read that. Probably after about 2 years my ADAM printer started having major problems. I pretty quickly moved on to using my C64 almost exclusively and out went the ADAM. Still gives me some warm fuzzy to see it photos though. My friend and I were so hyped to want/buy that system. We LOVED our ColecoVisions so we looked at this like a super system and it seemed like such a good deal price wise. Of course we could only afford it once it finally went on clearance after being plagued by production problems. I will say I just went on Ebay and I'm shocked by how much they're going for these days. I guess I should have held onto it a couple more decades. Anyway, I LOVE LOVE what you've done with your room. I wish I could be so organized. The wood tables are VERY cool too.
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