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  1. HAHAHHAHAHAHA love you guys! lol As I said from the beginning, (I didn't say this bit really - Yes I have a shop), im just a reseller, well actually by saying that I wanted to sell of my gaming collection, I thought about it, why dont I buy and sell still and also make a shop outta it, as I used to do markets and etc because of collecting items myself back in the days. I came across this 1 guy who was selling his collection off, mind me never an Atari fan, so i bought it at a good price and selling it off now, I was a collector before but not anymore. Easy and simple guys. All I was asking for advice when I first posted here was that how much are things worth. if I got prompt responses then I couldve just sold on the forums here, everyone made me look like a dick so I started to ebay, and im ebaying em and im let the world do the bidding. I aint shill bidding or anything like that, im happy to provide verification details as I go along but again I show those of you who may care and the rest who still doesnt. Anyways ill be off this forums sometime soon or Ill just keep my account still after a while. who knows I may have another big collection of Atari jaguar stuff lol still got another 50+games to go. By the way I dont know Orion, neither do I know his stuff.
  2. Helllllllllll yEaaaaaaaaaaaaa. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/ULTRA-RARE-ORIONS-JAGUAR-COLLECTION-1-20-ATARI-JAGUAR-AS-NEW-POST-WORLDWIDE-/172134961147?ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT Went for big $$$ much more than battlesphere which I didnt think it will happen. Buyer has paid already 100%.
  3. of course I dont know, cuz im a reseller, doesnt matter anymore, every game is going up for auction 1 by 1.
  4. Atari Jaguar Battlesphere is up on ebay now! http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/-/181998923640? eBay item number: 181998923640 Good luck and watch out for more games slowly slowly being listed.
  5. Well Its come down to that point now that very very soon they will be listed on ebay, Dont believe it. well its going up soon. look it doesnt matter who or where I got it from, in the end, if your a collector and you need a specific item or 2 in your collection then youd check ur pockets and if enuff then to buy it. I bought it for such price, and im selling it. this isnt a show off as such, Collectors want money for bulk lots at once so they ask resellers as always. what price they want is what they ask, and up to the buyer to agree with that price or haggle. I have a full SMS conversation between me and the seller but there is no need to provide that information when im just here for a valuation, so if your after battlesphere and its worth XXXXXXXX then i just wanted to know rather me selling it for XX and kill myself or XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX over price it, because if ur wanting it for ur collection, u may be very well interested to spend the right amount for it because example, its ur LAST piece or near there..... All I asked for is some help really, I know my nintendo stuff as always but just atari isnt that common. Good luck everyone, and items may be listed soon or in a week or 2 time.
  6. Hey, possible sounds right, His the one prob because his a atari jaguar collector. Well he wanted money too and he wasnt playing them much often and wanted to sell up. To be honest ive never dealt with ataris much but I had a nintendo collectiojn and other stuff so 1 day I decidded to sell up too, this was only 1 year ago and a bit, then after as im selling few items only I decided well let me know own my game shop and share amongst community and make money too as I buy and sell packages and individuals from ebay or the australian fb groups or gumtree etc.
  7. Hey ^^ Yes this is one of the 4 games in the beginning being sold on ebay. You prob have a later release by someone else that you bought from. not from Orion directly. Yes this is one of the special message built in for the buyer. I actually managed to get in contact with Orion asking him about this - more info, and this is what he replied me with just yesterday, Hello, Yes I made 4 cartridges of Alice's mom's Rescue, one for me, and 3 that I auctioned on Ebay. Those 3 cartridges have been signed on the back and numbered. Also, each of this 3 cartridges have a special boot screen that was personalized for the auction winner. So they have a special message that the winner of the auction told me to show on screen while the game is loading. At the end of the year 2015, someone made another run of alice's mom's rescue cartridges (about 110 copy) but these have not been signed, nor numbered, they don't have a special message and the box/sticker is completely different. Regards, SO in a way, we all know this is rare but thats why im here asking values, and I appreciate your $200 suggestion because that could be it.
  8. That was the 2 items that were signed by Orion, which I had asked first before this post. So they need to come down, and Rayik im asking for values, thats right, thats why im here on this forum and asking away so I can sell the whole entire collection off on ebay.
  9. So some of you guys are still not believing me, what If I showed you txt messages from few days ago as proof between me and the seller negotiating and selling off his collection to me. I paid cheap as, If you want to know then I can show you the photos stating from start to end which isnt much. The problem is Yes im a reseller, as in I own a Retro Game Shop myself down here, so with me reselling these items as I hear day in day out ive got nice items, expensive ones etc then thats where I would RATHER sit on the items on ebay as a buy it now, have OFFER Available option on so incase im listing battlesphere for 800 USD which is right oin the dot, then I could hear ppls offer out and someone may offer nearby my price example 750 USD which ill then consider, if I do bidding then it can go low in price then that sucks so thats why i rather buy it now. my current ebay account has got items on it and some items are highly priced but I sit down and wait for offers because when the time is right I get the perfect offer ive wanted all the time. Well the seller wanted to sell it all in a heartbeat so doesnt matter what you guys reckon, doesnt matter how awesome the collection is, the seller wanted to sell it.
  10. By the way if someone knows this person Lee C from Australia/Perth thats who I bought it off, if your his friend or know him or talked to him in the past on this forums or elsewhere well thats where I bought his whole collection. and thats why im here asking all the above topic questions/valuations etc.
  11. Hey everyone and thanks for your responses. I am guaranteeing selling these up. I bought it from a resell point of view. I actually honestly to god dont know what there worth, Yea I have tried ebay but not much luck of course on the rarer titles and thats where I dont know how much they sold for in the past. Yes I know of ebay.com USA one since Australia has not much jaguar items lol For the amount I paid for this lot is real cheap, Yes the seller knows what they were selling it for but in the end they were still okay because they dont have the time to ebay and sell individually and this way he just sold it to me cash in hand on pick up. im not here to start with anyone but then again, as I have NO IDEA/CLUE what an Atari jaguar console does and etc thats why im asking here, I didn't know this site until i googled it. Well whoever is interested I will be slowly listing these 1 by 1 on ebay from the 20th January onwards only a few I will sell local to a friend or 2. I thought I can get some easy answers with values by ppl knowing what theyve been selling for as you guys have been in the atari jaguar for a while but thats fine im happy to do my own research. Well nothing else for me to keep asking for since we will leave it as that but all I have to say is watch ebay, it will be up from the timeframe onwards unless I decide between now and the 10th as im going on holidays then after for a week ish.
  12. Well actually im not the one who bought this from ebay, Someone local to me in (Perth, Australia) bought it for his own collection apparently he knew orion or so. by becoming good friends or whatever, just only this week this guy local to me he messaged me saying his selling up his collection, I talked to him, made a deal went over and bought it, he told me such items are rare, this is what his paid for it and etc...... but thats just a convo, so he knows im going to onsell it and thats why im here for a true valuation and then posting it on ebay in few weeks time, I promise ya's this is NOT a show off at all. Its just I want to sell it, the guy told me its worth alot and he doesnt have the time to list and sell since he wanted cash money so I paid him.
  13. Well I dont mind selling here if I can get my moneys worth. but the question is first I need valuations on each game so I can then offer em out, I am literally selling off this whole entire bundle individually.
  14. Also ebay Australia dont have the reserve price that USA has. www.ebay.com.au so thats why im asking for valuations so when I list I know what to list for =)
  15. I dont like auctioning items because first of all, im from Australia, different time zones, If I try and end it 3pm my time it will be 3am in USA. so there we go, people miss out, vice versa from any country, If I list it buy it now then everyone can see and whoever has the money will buy it, I dont mind sitting on these items for along time, Also as battlesphere can be up to 800 USD well I need to convert that to AUD so right now says $1095, and because I have alot of rare and expensive items that hardly pop up on ebay so therefor I rather list it for say $900 USD and thjen take offers and see what high offer I get or maybe quick money etc. or someone may click buy it now, also my account - ebay i list all items buy it now.
  16. Trooper - question also about battlesphere you said 400-800, is that USD or? Oh guarantee I will be selling em on ebay prob in few weeks time, Im in Australia but will have WorldWide Shipping available. I will not list all the items at once to stop collectors not get what they want, as people may have a certain budget every week or 2 so yea trying to be fair. it will be all individual sales. Also I have some Signed editions btw by Orion himself. Jaguar Collection cartridge 1/20 AMR Original cartridge 3/4 (not the rerelease one)
  17. Hey everyone I have this Jaguar Collection atari jaguar game on cartridge. It has been signed by the maker of this, its the 1st one of 20! wwas there a rerelease of this game or more than 20 copies made in the future? what does someone value this right now? any help will be great.
  18. Hey everyone I have this Alice's Mom's Rescue atari jaguar game on cartridge and CD too. It has been signed by the maker of this, im confused and wanting to know who signed it and made it, like is it Orion or someone else? Im asking because im a total noob of atari jaguar stuff and I came across this from someone local to me which I managed to buy. on the cartridge is says for , well thats the person name that was sent to. so in a way also states 3/4 which means 4 copies out there max if Im correct but then limited edition ones of this AMR was released and sold so wondering the difference, also whats more rarer. what does someone value this right now? also comes with the AMR CD game on jaguar too any help will be great.
  19. Theyve been kept in nice and perfect condition over the years. They are in Box protectors so to avoid damage. I can always show photos of the box, insides, manuals etc etc. Gorf is prob in a different casing. as we can see its green.
  20. Hey everyone, Anyone know where is the best way I can get perfect advice based on rarity and price wise on Atari Jaguar games that are official and homebrews. I got a whole bunch of items I would like to get them valued. Ebay wont be as much help just yet because I have high end rare games and homebrews that many collectors are chasing. Many of these games rarely pop up on ebay as there so hard to get. Heres some photos. I will be ebaying these shortly (could be few weeks from now) like 1 item at a time incase big collectors need time to save up to spend on these as youd know these are pretty expensive when it comes to it. Thanks in Advance
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