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  1. Is this the same as the Atari Flashback X? If isn't, anyone know what's different with it? Wards.com seems to have the "Atari Mini Flashback X" for a high price and I was wondering if his was a new one for this year? Thanks! (Yes I know it's high, but I thought I ask aways LOL)
  2. Okay, after playin around I got it to see my SD card. However it only sees SEGA Gen, and Nintendo NES, and Super NES games. If will not look at anything else like arcade games (yes I was using the special naming scheme used in the 2018 model). So we did to crack the 2019 model to od Arcade. LOL Thanks!
  3. After applying that update I still haven't unlocked the SD Card. All that did was bump my version up a little. Your version is still higher than mine... (See photo) -Lockar
  4. But I think mine does need a Firmware update. Take a look at my version number and yours. You will notice it is lower then the one you have. I have tried other SD cards, and I do have games in the "GAME" folder just like the other one. Thanks!
  5. Here are some more pics of mine: I wonder what the difference there is, and why are Manufacture's are different. Also mine came with a HDMI cable did yours? Thanks!
  6. What is your version of your firmware, you will also notice that my SD Card option is a bright yellow where it's the same color on the 2018.. Here is a pic of my firmware: Thanks!
  7. Okay guys. I just got my hands on the new 2019 version of the Legends, and yes it does have an SD slot.. The menu does have SD Card, but it's grayed out regardless if if there is an SD card in there or not. So I am guessing it needs to be flashed.. Anyone flash this year's model yet. I thought I would ask.. I noticed there are ColecoVision games on it and man does this look rough compared to the 2018 version. Some of the same games on the unit look washed out.. 😕 Thanks!
  8. I will have to try this once I get a Y USB cable. Thanks Bill!!!
  9. I hear you! I keep looking at that and thinking the same thing.. LOL
  10. Well I did an early thing and bought it from a USA retailer that is selling for list. Yes I know.. BAD BAD BAD BAD.... If you must know it was :::cough::: MontgomeryWard :::: cough :::: (I know please don't tease me badly.. LOL) You will notice from the pics that my edition came with a HDMI cable which I was surprised to find.. (Yes I know they are cheap these days but still, I was surprised to find it in the box.) Thanks!
  11. Oh sure Bill now they do that after I got the Atari Flashback X... LOL (no worries I wasn't planning on trading in my 9 LOL) Thanks!
  12. Well I took one for the team and went and got an Atari Flashback X, at the time of this writing I have not opened it yet.. But here are some pics of the box. I will upload some pics of the the unboxing when I get a chance to.. Thanks!
  13. Okay, I am a little confused. I have the Atari Flashback 9 now and was wondering if there is a good reason to upgrade to the Deluxe other then the remote controllers? There are a very very very select retailers online right now selling the Atari Flashback X and as of right now this isn't hackable, what does this fix other the looks and an updated Stella version.. I've been reading the threads, but I'm all confused.. 😕 Thanks! -Lockar
  14. That's what I kinda figured, but I thought I would ask. I have the Legends Flashback was thinking of getting the Genesis Flashback 2018, but wasn't sure if there was a reason to get it other then the cart slot. Which Unless it can use the 32X (I know it can't) I'm not interested.)
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