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  1. Would love to see a video of this in action.
  2. Hey guys I got a super rare CIB (not in box) version of Combat going for $7000 but I can give you the Atari Age discount and let it go for $6502.99.
  3. My 2600 doesn't take 5 minutes to boot up so at least there's that
  4. Here is a video of me beating quickman with this thing. It's alright, for $20 you can't go wrong. For those of you who haven't heard, play asia released a bluetooth adapter for NES last week. It's alright !
  5. Too high. Low Balls (lol) = "Hey I'm trying to make a profit don't waste my time". Reseller scum.
  6. Great! thanks ! Do you know of any other console adaptors that will work on this thing? I heard genesis, but the plug didn't fit when I tried
  7. Hi all, I recently acquired an Intellivision II. I am looking for a power supply but not having any luck. Is there an after market product for this?
  8. Hi all, I recently picked up a gamecube and was curious what the most popular method to play homebrew on this is? I googled around and saw there is a smash bros soft mod. Didn't really see much else. What method do you guys use? What homebrew is worth checking out? Is there a method to use the GBA player without the stupid driver disc thing?
  9. My buying guide: 1 TB external hardrive $80 It's a short guide.
  10. The Retro League is my fav retrogaming podcast.
  11. It's pretty cool but pretty useless as a gaming device IMO. The best game for it is the built in Asteroids clone IMO. I recently got the vec multi (great device) and got to play the vectrex library (not so great).It's a super cool relic but I wouldn't say it's the funnest thing I've ever owned or anything like that.
  12. I don't understand why people deal with absolutes when it comes to playing video games. I have original hardware, flash carts, real carts, a crt, an hd tv, emulation on consoles, pcs. It's all good I have my preferences when it comes to configuration though. I rather emulate on an hd tv due to input lag and not so great picture/scaling. At the same time, I have a nvidia gtx 760 bussed into a vga to composite converter that plugs into my 27 inch CRT! I play rage and other "current" games via big picture. I love it, looks great. I use coin ops a lot for emulating games sometimes if I'm too lazy to dig out a controller or adapter for obscure_system_x. Also, I like to use DOLPHIN VR to emulate gamecube games (specifically Zelda Wind Waker) on my oculus rift DK 1
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