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  1. This might help from my backup guide when writing ATX files with 20-21 sector tracks. You can also do this to a specific track only by adding -t. a8rawconv p.atx scp0:96tpi -p 96 -t 5 Atari Disk Preservation and Restore Guide.pdf -p (50-200) - When writing an ATX and tracks larger than 19s are present you will need to add the -p command which adjusts the timing, otherwise sectors will be missing and you will see the message below. The general rule I’ve discovered is -p 96 for 20s and -p 91 for 21s. Ex - a8rawconv p.atx scp0:96tpi -p 96 Adjusting the timings can also have beneficial effects on some older disks, which will only normally run on an 810 drive. By using -p 100+ I’ve found you can sometimes create a copy which will run fine on a 1050. There are limits though, anything below 81 and too high will not produce a readable track. This means that you cannot write ATX files with very large tracks. Writing the raw SCP file is the only way to produce these.
  2. Here you go Thom. Pinball Construction Set.zip
  3. Floppy disk lovers, For those of us who still worship the sacred 5.25" magnetic media. I have found what can only be, the finest disk holder ever created. Clearly designed in partnership by both Rolls Royce and NASA for a previously unknown ancient Atarian God called Inmac. Rumored to be constructed from the last Donkey Kong barrel, the lid slides back with the whisper quiet precision of a multi-coloured scoller. Also, to prevent unholy Commodore access; a golden key and lock blessed by King Nolan Bushnell has been finely installed. Destined to hold original disks only, menu disks begone! Behold.
  4. Collection 6 Small collection including some Originals and the Vulcan Software disks. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ML124cnMC12VJFdQ-iWPBicOs5mmCE1M/view?usp=sharing Previous Collections https://drive.google.com/file/d/17T4aQH24eVfOf9ncSlng_4E8OihKXMHK/view?usp=sharing
  5. No problem, spotted these in a collection from the US and saw this post. Especially interested as it had the catalog. I'll be posting the full collection once completed.
  6. Vulcan Software 8-Bit Catalog 90.01 (Side A)[BASIC] Vulcan Software 8-Bit Catalog 90.01 (Side B) Vulcan Software - AP-8 - Text Pro 2.5r (Side A) Vulcan Software - AP-8 - Text Pro 2.5r (Side B) Vulcan Software - AP-18 - Car Help - Automobile Data Base [BASIC] Vulcan Software - GA-14 - Binary Games 2 (Labyrinth, Parallax, Triad, Bumperball, Moonbase) Vulcan Software - GA-17 - Basic & Binary 6 (Trek 3, Derby Downs, Xagon, R.O.T.O.) Vulcan Software - GR-59 - A Night at the Movies 5 (A Day at the Circus) Vulcan Software - GR-66 - Super Demos (Side A) Vulcan Software - GR-66 - Super Demos (Side B) Vulcan Software - MS-21 - AMS 16 (Side A) Vulcan Software - MS-21 - AMS 16 (Side B) Vulcan Software - MS-22 - AMS 17 (Side A) Vulcan Software - MS-22 - AMS 17 (Side B) Vulcan Software - T-27 - Bob Term 1.10 Vulcan Software - TU-1 - DOS 2.5 Reference Guide [BASIC] Vulcan Software - U-1 - Translator (Side A) Vulcan Software - U-1 - Translator (Side B) Vulcan Software - U-15 - DOS 2.5 Vulcan Software - U-21 - CopyMate 4.3 Vulcan Software.zip
  7. Tried on one of my MegaSpeedy as Drive 2, loading Ian K via APE. 130XE (Didn't want to load from floppy for some reason) Ian K. DD disk image from US Doubler - Ian K DD.atr US Doubler - Yes Happy - No Super Archiver - Yes 1050 Duplicator - Yes SuperMax - No IS Plate - No 1050 Turbo - No Speedy's - No
  8. Cool, although all the collections I've imaged have contained a chunk of cracked/menu games. Most of which are the same popular titles which are probably no use to anyone. eg. Dropzone on a menu. I've always included them for people to check in case there is something special and as they are normally just small atr's. But if I see something like the example above in future, I'll probably leave it. I think also there's a little bit of nostalgia, as I remember my own little collection fondly and then I get to image someone else's (albeit mostly junk now).
  9. No problem. Noted. In future I'll check and filter the menu & verified images.
  10. Small collection of around 50 disks from eBay. (Number 5) https://drive.google.com/file/d/10HsEVFY7j5NCEc2rlsCCkwoq1l03UD5U/view?usp=sharing Previous 1-4 collections below. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-8fc5DaKpGu8p3X-Kr6sYeLKuy6iyuk4/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tKblyMfg5r6hBJh-kataGkEI_m64RvHJ/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/11g0ZrMlX9mnPofoHcEke4c5pdWT6RVIP/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/10EYN8QLHpw02ey9r3JTLdBVfworIdlKH/view?usp=sharing
  11. Same collection on an unlabeled disk. Happy Compactor v3.8.zip
  12. FYI. Happy v4.0 & 5.1/5.2. Look original, not sure. https://atariage.com/forums/topic/257578-happy-810-resources/?do=findComment&comment=4293068
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