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  1. Confirmed. Both Happy D1 & D2 convert at boot and are open for read/writing.
  2. Latest batch https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-HD-bpIW-wiSiHWROJ2Pr4V_7UDdegII/view?usp=sharing
  3. Just tried the SCP GUI with the ignore index for reads selected and using a standard disk B side. One of my drives reads only up to 14 sectors (Teac FD-55GFR), the other reads fine and can be written back ok using a8rawconv (Toshiba ND-04DT). With it enabled I do get an index pulse missing error.
  4. Same experience as BillC with SC Pro I've had a few of these and you have two choices. If non protected and the sector map is not required, copy it onto a normal disk and dump that. The other method is take out the inner disk and cover over all the holes but one and then dump normally (I think last time I cut out the inner ring of a normal disk and taped that on - lining up one hole).
  5. Software wise I use this. Drive needs to be standard speed, un-happy mode, etc. BASIC required - let the drive run for 10 mins or so as the speed will differ slightly when warm. Speed Disk - Page6_24.atr
  6. Protection and Skew re-added to the original dumps in the interim. MECC fixes.7z
  7. I've had formatting issues if there is a problem with the pressure pad above the head, worn, missing etc.
  8. Phantom, 19 sectors and unformatted tracks on the original. Hardware copy only as mentioned.
  9. No, just this file unfortunately. I can get it to load further using AltirraOS for 400/800 but it crashes again when the data stops at sector 96.
  10. I have this, but I don't think it's what you're looking for (crashes for me). Pic Print 2.atr
  11. Just a pristine invoice found inside the game case.
  12. Thank you and Happy New Year! Cleaned up. Cas'd and included an Altirra wav save. Atari Graphics Wizard, The (1984)(English Software).7z Thanks again.
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